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Heading home

Posted on Thursday, 28 May 2020 - 3:11pm by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: Various
Timeline: 2393 - MD13+


T’Lanna sat in guest quarters aboard her father’s ship, at least this way the trip home to Vulcan would be quicker. She was already missing Raith and her crew mates but she didn’t intend to be gone too long. As much as she should have been resting she was finding it hard to get to sleep so she made her way to the bridge of the Sovereign Class starship, hoping her father wouldn’t mind her visiting for a little while.

The captain of the vessel, a rather tall and handsome man named Sedet stood at her arrival on the bridge. "Lady T'Lanna. How may I be of assistance."

T’Lanna smiled warmly she wasn’t used to being called Lady. “Thank you for the warm welcome Captain. I was getting bored sitting around in my Quarters I was hoping it would be alright if I spent some time on the bridge?”

'Indeed. Your father is within the ready room taking a call but please." He motioned for his seat. "My seat is yours," he said with a bow.

T’Lanna gave Sedet a bewildered look. “There’s no need to give up your seat Captain, I’m happy to sit wherever there’s a free seat or stand if necessary.”

"The seat is yours my Lady."

T’Lanna offered a smile and took the seat as offered so as not to be rude. “Thank you Captain.” She hoped her father wouldn’t mind when he made his reappearance on the bridge.

Sedet stood off to the side studying the lady. The Admiral had not spoken of her much but his office was full of pictures. It was fascinating to meet her.

The door whooshed open and T'Lanna's father walked out. "T'Lanna?" He said questioningly.

“Forgive me Sir” T’Lanna stood to greet her father. “I asked the Captain if he’d mind me being on the bridge for a little while, he gave up his seat for me.” She smiled warmly at Sedet.

"Nothing to forgive." The elder Vulcan shot Sedet a look that clearly said. Walk carefully. "I was going to get tea. Join me." He said to his daughter.

T’Lanna noticed the look but said nothing in front of Sedet. “Of course Father, Thank you again Captain.” She nodded politely and joined her father.

They entered the turbo lift. Her father compressed his lips slightly. "He is attracted to you." He simply said. "I shall speak with him."

“I am capable of speaking for myself father” T’Lanna smiled. “If it wasn’t for Raith then maybe ...” she paused. “I have a man I love and giving up his seat on the bridge isn’t a reason to get your ship’s Captain into trouble. I thought it was very sweet.”

Her father said nothing. "It is more then that." He was debating telling her the whole truth of it.

T’Lanna frowned. “Exactly what does that mean? and please don’t give me the run around.”

"I had originally thought to introduce you two for...marriage. He seemed to always be mesmerized by your photo. I believe your mother would call it matchmaking."

“Oh ...” T’Lanna stood in silence. “I see, thank you for being honest.” She wasn’t sure exactly what to say. She wasn’t used to being put in such an awkward position. “Matchmaking is okay but you have to have things in common for love to work, Raith and I ... we love each other and I’m not going to abandon him.”

"Of course not." He said. They arrived and headed down to the mess. "What kind of tea would you like?"

“Ginger tea please, it helps to settle my stomach.” She offered a smile.

He ordered Ginger tea for her and a Vulcan spice tea for himself. Once back at the table he seated himself.

“It’s been a long time since we did this, last time I remember we sat in silence for the entire time.” She picked up her drink and sipped it before cradling the cup in her hands. “So tell me more about this Captain of yours. I am curious what kind of man you’d have paired me up with.”

"He is Vulcan. One of the eldest families on Vulcan. He is dedicated. A loyal man. Very collected. He is, like yourself, and ex collective member. He has large land on Vulcan and is successful."

“He’s an ex-b?!” T’Lanna looked extremely surprised. “Why didn’t I sense that? Members of the collective usually have a ... kind of sense about one another but I didn’t sense it.” She raised an eyebrow in a typical Vulcan manner “Curious.”

"He was only with then for a couple of years. We were able to remove all this components." He studied his daughter. His concern for her drove him to push the purge of emotions. He was worried about her since she has returned. Worried that the memories were too much.

T’Lanna nodded. “Is that why you pushed so hard for me to purge my emotions? You were worried that I wouldn’t cope with being an individual again?” She studied her father curiously. “For what it’s worth I’m fine. It was a long time ago, I was just a child ...” She massaged her temples. Even after all the years she still hadn’t really faced up to her Borg past, just shut it away in a little box in the back of her mind which was now threatening to break loose.”

"I wished you to be your best, to put the past behind you."

T’Lanna nodded. “Father I have moved on I have my career in Starfleet, a man I love and a baby on the way. What more could I want?"

"Indeed." He sipped his tea. He was not used to speaking with his daughter. It was new to him. It had been the young Vulcan captain that had convinced the Admiral he'd been all wrong.

“You’d still like me to be married to a Vulcan wouldn’t you? To have children by a Vulcan mate?” She sipped her drink.

"It is not all there is. You must make the choice that is best for your life."

“I’ve already made my choice” T’Lanna smiled. “I love Raith, as much as your Captain is a charmer.” She grinned a wry grin.

His lip twitched ever so slightly. "Indeed."

“I saw that twitch” T’Lanna smiled. “He was very polite when I was on the bridge, he just offered me his seat nothing more.”

"If you say so." His lip twitched again.

“Is there something wrong with the way he acted that I’m not understanding? T’Lanna looked at her father curiously.

"Of course not. But Vulcans are not so informal if they are not interested."

“Oh I see” T’Lanna nodded. “I guess I am somewhat naive when it comes to Vulcans and love. I take it I didn’t give him the impression I was interested by taking his seat?”

He was silent and then he shrugged. "Very possibly." He was enjoying teasing her. It had been so long since they had just talked.

“You’re teasing me aren’t you?!” T’Lanna’s eyes lit up as she looked at her father. “You know I’m enjoying this, we haven’t talked in so long!”

He sighed. "That, I am afraid, is my fault."

“It’s both of ours” She gently reached her hand across to her father’s and held it. “I’ve missed you dad.”

He gave a nod. "Indeed." He looked like he had more on his mind.

“How’s about I let you go and sort out whatever it is that’s bothering you?” T’Lanna looked at her father inquisitively. “I may find you somewhat hard to read but I do know how to read body language.” She smiled.

He gave a nod. "I shall see you at a later time."

“I will look forward to it” T’Lanna nodded.



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