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Temporary Home

Posted on Thursday, 28 May 2020 - 10:43am by Lieutenant JG Surev & Lieutenant JG T'Amar

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: Guest Quarters, Beta III Orbital Station
Timeline: MD13 1800

The quarters assigned to them were as sterile as every other set of Starfleet quarters he'd ever been given. As though, to eliminate the possibility of offending anyone, they had removed most sources of beauty and warmth. He recalled that in his last post, the Operations officer had actually apologized for the presence of artwork in their quarters as though the idea of creativity and beauty might actually be an offense to logic and discipline. So many misunderstood what it meant to be Vulcan.

It would be, Surev thought as a blast of cool air stroked his face upon entering their assigned quarters with their travel bags in handpreferable to attempt the positive rather than simply eliminate negatives. Temperature for example. His gaze swept the main room as he carried their travel bags into the bedroom. The Operations officer who had assigned them guest quarters on the station indicated, as though it mattered particularly, that they were given the larger quarters typically allotted to senior staff. Such things meant little to him though he had observed that among some cultures status was important and was sometimes measured by size. Those observations, however accurate, did not help him in framing an answer that would suffice. Which meant of course that he said nothing.

What could he say? There were things that did such as whether or not it was sound-proofed but he had learned long ago that such questions made others uncomfortable. Thanks implied a special favor and this was not the case. Indicating his personal opinion that size didn't matter in the slightest would be construed as 'ungrateful', whatever that meant. It was a minefield he chose not to walk across. He merely waited while the Operations Officer continued to speak until finally he was done and they were set free with directions to their quarters.

The sparsity of their temporary quarters was a welcome aesthetic. Vulcan simplicity was a reflection of an ordered and well-disciplined mind, an ideal T'Amar embraced. The habitation would be adequate for their needs. She turned her head towards Surev and candidly stated, "Evening meditation will be most satisfactory".

Surev, who felt the weight of his Lute tucked under one arm, did not answer. Meditation was essential and while his bond-mate had a preference for minimalist surroundings that eliminated distraction, he did better in a natural environment. To offset that and to help him make peace with flotsam and jetsam of a day spent among non-Vulcans, Surev played his lute. "Do you need privacy for this, k'diwa," he asked, his voice low and soothing, almost a caress.

T'Amar turned towards the familiar tone of k'diwa, one that has remained constant from the day of their first melding. It was reserved for their time together, behind closed doors. There was security, contentment, and solitude in that tone. "Your presence, and musical talent have never been a distraction. They have been...instrumental in reaching hayal." She extended her hand out towards Surev, two fingers extended.

Surev came toward her at once, two long, sensitive fingers touching her own. I am glad. Inserting oneself into the rhythm of a new place is not easy for me, k'diwa. There are times when I think that I can never be truly myself except here, with you, where there is no judgement or preconceptions. His love for her, interwoven into the tendrils of their mental connection, curled about her in offering.

The tension in her body eased away as she felt the mental embrace of Surev. She gingerly placed the opposing hand upon Surve's shoulder, This is my awek'es, the only place I find authenticity and understanding. She guided their conjoined hands between them resting them upon her chest. She leaned in towards him, resting her forehead upon him.

He embraced the closeness of their connection, his strong mental shields enveloped them both, sheltering her for the moment, while their minds merged. Thoughts and perceptions, each one forming a springboard into a new thought and a different perception. Their minds entwined, nestled against each other, touching and touched.

Their methods were unorthodox, but uniquely theirs. T'Amar had been informed as a young girl that the future relationship with her bond-mate would be incomparable and indescribable, but she never imagined the depth and connection that could come from the melding of biology and psychology. In this space, an alternate reality, both were helplessly vulnerable. The two were vigilantly curious and fastidiously intimate with one another, their unique identities only visible to one another.

Surev, who always knew where he was and what needed to be done, savored this time for the treasure that it was. A perfect moment unmarred by the press of duty, shining within him like a bright jewel. Soon there would be dinner to think about, work to review, the evening meditation, and more. The mental schedule that was uniquely his waited with endless patience to be noticed above the bright gleam of their bond.

And for the moment, was ignored.

Interior stillness and emotional serenity were the fruits of their bonded relationship. Even daily meditation failed to provide the detachment necessary for interior organization and compartmentalization of emotion and feeling. Restored, ordered, and connected, T'Amar eased away from the physical embrace, slowly slipping her fingers through his, "I will begin preparations for aru-yem," she informed Surev, "please, do not forgo your musical would be most settling."

Lieutenant JG Surev
Chief Engineer
USS Standing Bear

Lieutenant JG T'Amar
Chief of Operations
USS Standing Bear


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By Commander Soral on Thursday, 28 May 2020 - 2:36pm

Very nicely done!