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With This Ring

Posted on Saturday, 6 June 2020 - 10:37am by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley
Edited on on Saturday, 6 June 2020 - 10:38am

Mission: Operation: Iktomi
Location: USS Standing Bear |Holodeck 1 | Deck 04
Timeline: 2393 - (Following dinner party)


Alone now that the last of the guests had left, Alex had wandered back through the house and explored on her own. Soral had insisted he needed no help clearing up and her curiosity refused to let her sit still when there was so much still to see. Venturing up the staircase, she lost herself in the detail which had gone into each room. No two were the same, and each one as beautifully decorated as the last. The colour schemes ranging from bright and carefree to more muted and calming...

When Soral found her she had reached the master bedroom, the colours here white and palest of blues. The furnishings were stunning, the pale wood carved and adorned with symbols which she did not recognise but served - she was sure - some function. Given Soral’s beliefs in the old Gods of Vulcan she imagined them to be related to that. Her attention though, had been quickly captured by the view outside...

Floor to ceiling windows dominated the far wall, taking advantage of the room’s position at the top of the house. An ornate set of doors, she discovered, opened out onto a balcony. Here more succulent plants were dotted around, but she simply stood in the fading sunlight to admire the view she heard footsteps. “It’s so perfect,” she said with a smile as she heard him approaching.

"I am glad. The actual home is more Vibrant." He stepped up behind her slipping his arms around her waist. "Do you see that structure in the distance?"

She had to hold up a hand to block out some of the sunlight, “yes... a little. What is it?”

"It is the temple of T'Vet. The warrior Goddess." With all their logic the Vulcans dared not tare it down.

He pulled back. "The room is now ours You must tell me what to change."

She turned to face him, frowning, “change? Why? It’s beautiful!” Her expression became mischievous, “of course we haven’t tried out the bed...”

He resisted the urge to laugh but smiled. "Can be rectified." He pulled out the velvet bag. "Do you still wish to have a ring exchange?"

“You have a one track mind,” she accused with a grin before kissing him. “Yes, I do.”

He brought her to a small sofa on the balcony. He pointed in the sky. "Although Vulcan does not have a moon T'Kut, our sister planet sometimes acts like one. I always bring myself to this place. It is...beautiful. It looks as though the sun is setting as the planet moves across the sky. So by the light of this celestial object I shall affirm my commitment to you." He pulled out a ring from the bag. "It is your custom to have an engagement ring so I picked one up." He took her hand. "Alexandra, mistress of my heart do you consent to be my wife?"

“A thousand times yes,” she breathed.

He placed the ring on her finger an then pulled out two more. "These are wedding bands. I ... made them." He held the intricately carved silver bands. He took her hand again and slid the smaller of the bands over her finger, a perfect fit. "I take you Alexandra daughter of Earth as my wife, as my partner, by beloved beating heart."

She had watched as the unveiled the wedding bands he had made, taking her thoughts back briefly to the forge on that first day. She held her breath the entire time as he slid the ring into place, the light glinting off the surface. “They are beautiful,” she said as she smiled up at him, “perfect. Now, husband, it is your turn...”

He handed her the mirroring band giving her his hand.

Holding his hand she began to place the ring on his finger before pausing. She frowned, glancing up at him with a sheepish smile with just a hint of panic, was she supposed to say something specific...? “Soral, with this ring, I give you my heart and soul. I take you as my husband, my partner and my friend.”

He leaned in and kissed her. Placing his forehead against hers he said, "Our wedding on Earth I wish it to be anything you wish. If I could I would collect the stars and present them you."

“Maybe start a little smaller,” she suggested with a grin, “or we are gonna need bigger quarters.”

Soral leaned in and kissed her.

The coms channel lit to life. "Ensign Thompson to Commander Soral can you please come to Tactical."

Soral growled. He took a moment to steady himself. "Soral to Thompson. Can this not wait?"

"No sir. We need your assistance."

He looked a Alex. "On my way." He turned the coms off. "That's the second time," he said referring to the same Ensign that had interrupted them while running the Forge program. "I am starting to think I must reserve an airlock for that particular ensign."

She smiled, cupping the side of his face, “the joy of command. I’ll meet you in our quarters when you are done?”

"I shall meet you there."



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