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Boarding the Bear

Posted on Wednesday, 1 July 2020 - 12:25pm by Captain Barret Stillwater & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: Jabberwocky
Location: USS Standing Bear - Docked at Starbase 118
Timeline: MD 0

In his Ready Room, Commander Barret Stillwater remained attentive as ever as he worked through the small bit of official business that he had to take care of. His Captain’s logs were filed, his personal logs few and far between, and Admiral Raitchaak had been effectively made apprised of their situation. The USS Standing Bear would be sidelined from the Admiral’s patrol flotilla at least for the time being as the Merian class starship was now docked at Starbase 118 undergoing some cosmetic repairs from their encounter with the D’Kora class marauder and its Breen associates. It was one thing to have his starship taken out of the flotilla per fleet logistics; it was an entirely different matter to be forced on the sidelines for several days for repairs. The USS Standing Bear was an incredibly fast and maneuverable vessel, but in a good ol’ standoff and shootout, she was not going to walk away without some blood loss.

The Standing Bear’s Commanding Officer placed one PaDD aside; it was the one that pertained the Engineering report from Lieutenant Surev on the damage assessment and the parts and materials needed from Starbase 118 in order to get the Standing Bear back out there patrolling those merchant corridors and trade routes that were become populated by marauders, pirates, and anyone willing to exploit the Federation’s current misfortunes. He arose from his seat and made his way around his desk, having picked up another PaDD as he proceeded over towards the replicator to order himself a mug of rooibos tea.

Tea in one hand and PaDD in the other, he was reviewing the personnel changes that were being made to the USS Standing Bear. One of those changes was the addition of another medical officer, a physician aboard to alleviate some stress on the shoulders of Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Ryan Rose. Tensions between Rose and Stillwater were not overtly evident, but Stillwater was not thrilled with how their previous mission went. The informant he had sent Rose to meet ended up dead and the Doctor brought back an Orion slave. It was a no-win scenario after the informant was killed.

Doctor Jarin Alexander Stillwater read aloud as he headed back to his desk. Further reading showed that the man had been aboard the Defiant class starship Hawk which was recently damaged and by the indication Hawk personnel were being made available for reassignment, that was one bird that was going to need a long time to recover. We are getting our asses handed to us out there Stillwater thought while he read more about the man. Stillwater knew the man would be coming aboard while they were docked at Starbase 118; however, what he did not anticipate was that the man was already there and on his way to Stillwater’s Ready Room.

Adjusting his uniform the young Doctor reached over and pressed the chime, requesting permission to enter the ready room. Taking a deep breath and letting it out to relax Jarin smiled and whispered "here we go."

Commander Stillwater reached forward on his desk for it to display the control panel. He granted access to his visitor. He stood from his seat as the doors parted and a man walked in. "Good evening," he said to the man. "How may I help you?" he asked.

Jarin came to somewhat of sloppy attention and introduced himself "Lieutenant Junior Grade Jarin Alexander, reporting for duty sir" he was trying to be as official as possible.

Stillwater was a bit of a prude and old traditions and protocol went a long way with him. "Oddly enough...I have your personnel file right here" said Stillwater raising the PaDD. "Please, have a seat, Doctor" added Stillwater gesturing to a chair across from his desk.

"Thank you!" Jarin smiled as he took the offered chair across from the Commanding Officer and wondered what the Commander thought about his personnel file.

Stillwater, seated at his desk, continued to skim through the man's file. "Served on a medical ship I see," commented Stillwater. "You appear to have a pretty rounded education and practical experience, a bit diverse as well. I see a hospital ship as well as a Defiant class as your previous posting. Would you consider yourself a general practitioner, or do you have a specialty or a research area of interest?"

"More of a general practitioner sir" he paused "well-practiced in surgery and emergency medicine, as I'm sure you could guess from my previous postings."

Commander Stillwater took a sip of his rooibos tea and nodded, setting the mug down and proceeding. "I would say so, Doctor. You certainly get quite a different experience from an Olympic class hospital ship to a Defiant class tactical escort" noted Stillwater. "My Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Rose is a surgical specialist. It will likely be quite the asset to have two capable surgeons aboard" added the Commanding Officer as he continued to read through the man's personnel file. "The USS Hawk provides for a good transition to life aboard the Standing Bear, we're a bit larger, but we do not have the amenities of science vessels or larger starships."

"Any accommodations will be fine sir," Doctor Alexander said with a smile. "Don't usually spend a lot of time in my quarters other than to sleep" Jarin added with a slight smile "I think my skills will be well used here on the Standing Bear" the Doctor didn't know much about the ship or crew but what he had been told it seemed like he would fit in.

Stillwater could definitely agree with that one. "We're a patrol ship, Doc. We are quick, maneuverable, but hell if that stops them from hitting us every so often" Barret replied. "I have a good crew. They have their wits about them, but some are more seasoned than others and some are still relatively green around the edges. It makes for a diverse crew, but you might find yourself putting those surgical skills to good use around here."

"Well, sir I'd consider myself somewhat green around the edges" he sort of smiled "I promise to do everything I can to keep the crew medically fit or stitch them up if need be" he was using an old medical term.

Barret chuckled "Ah, just give them a good bit pain reliever if you are going to amputate any limbs," joked Stillwater, though he was somewhat serious from personal experience. On Prairie, medical supplies were bare minimum at times, and they did have to use an old laser scalpel on a young Klingon with an infected leg wound that required amputation. Stillwater checked the PaDD "You're what, Doc? 28...29...30" noted the Commanding Officer. "You may be a bit green, but you've seen more than some of these officers."

"Twenty-nine sir" Jarin gave a nod "I have seen some things that I honestly wish I hadn't sir."

"We all do, son, we all do" replied Stillwater shaking his head. "I served through too many rough times to recount, but I assure you that I do not forget any of what I saw" added Commander Stillwater thinking back to the wars. "I haven't read the official reports yet, but I would like to hear from someone that was there. What happened to the Hawk?"

"The Hawk" Jarin said nervously and sat up in his chair, breaking eye contact with the Commander and kind of looking away. "Well, sir most of the Hawk's missions ended up being set as classified" he looked up and kind of grinned at Commander Stillwater "I can tell you that one patrol we were on our friends from the Tal'shiar decided to try and pick on the Hawk" he shook his head "Captain Henson decided otherwise and did enough damage for us to high tail it out of there."

Stillwater shook his head not in disbelief, but in bewilderment of the remnants of the Romulan Tal'Shiar. "Even with their homeworld destroyed and their empire fallen, they still wither around in the shadows, blaming us for their downfall" noted Stillwater. "Still managing to meddle in affairs" he added.

"Absolutely sir" he got kind of disappointed sounding "took us two months to deal with those pain in the neck Romulan's" that was all he could say as the rest was classified, "you think they would spend their time helping their people" he shrugged his shoulders and thought to himself that's what Starfleet would do.

Stillwater nodded. "Romulans will be Romulans," replied the man shaking his head. "I have had a few encounters with them myself over the years, though primarily my combat experience has been with the Cardassians" added Stillwater.

Lieutenant Junior Grad Alexander was always interested in any stories he could get out of a superior officer or words of advice, really just anything that he could learn from them. "I hear Cardassians are pretty tough," Jarin said with a raised brow looking at the Commander waiting for his next words.

"Ah well that I can definitely attest to," replied Stillwater with a small chuckle. "I married one and I do not dare get into a fight I know I cannot win" added Barret. "Tough as hell they are. I've starred down some Cardassian Guls during the war."

Jarin wasn't sure if he heard the Commanding Officer right, did he say he married a Cardassian. Either way that was really none of his business and he now knew he probably should be pissing the Commander off if he was staring down Cardassian Guls during wartime "that's quite impressive, sir" the Doctor swallowed hard and flash the best smile he could.

Seeking to hear more about the physician, Commander Stillwater sat the PaDD aside. "Tell me a bit about yourself, Doctor. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?" This was that small talk he often struggled with.

"Well" he paused for a split second and added "sir" and gave a quick smile "Believe it or not, I enjoy reading up on the latest information put out by Starfleet Medical in my spare time. You often don't have time for things like that on duty" he shrugged, he didn't mind it as it was very informative every time information was sent out.

"I see," noted Stillwater. "Ever the student you are. I can respect that. Sometimes, I find myself trying to clear my schedule for leisurely reading. I cannot recall the last time I was able to do so" added Stillwater. "Have you had any of your own work published?"

"No sir" Jarin gave a smile "so far in my research en-devours I've only acted as an assistant, which I am perfectly fine with" the young man still had the smile on his face "what about you sir?"

"I'm a career tactical officer with a background in security," replied Stillwater. "I am not known for my hobbies" he noted. "Writing has never been my strong suit. Do you have any questions or concerns about this posting?"

"No sir" he shook his head with a smile "a doctor's duties are pretty much usually the same aboard most starship and I actually hope to stay bored" he knew the Commander would know what he meant.

Barret Stillwater scoffed. "Don't get too complacent with being bored," remarked the Commanding Officer of the Standing Bear. "There's plenty of action to be had aboard the Bear."

"Aye, sir" Jarin gave a respectful reply.

Stillwater whipped out his pocket chronometer. "We arrived an hour or so ago" noted Commander Stillwater. "The Chief Medical Officer is probably on the station now avoiding as much action or drama as he can. You're welcome to get settled into your quarters aboard and have a tour of Sickbay."

"Sounds good sir," Jarin said with a smile "I won't let you down sir" he added standing up from his seat with the smile growing wider.

"Just keep your feet planted on the deck, keep your uniform fresh, and patch my crew up when they need it, and you'll be doing just well by me" stated the Commanding Officer. "Grab a drink on your way out," Stillwater said gesturing to the replicator. "

"Thank you, sir" Jarin gestured with his hand to decline the drink and made his way out the door. He was ready to check out his quarters and then maybe sickbay.


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By Commander Soral on Wednesday, 1 July 2020 - 3:30pm

Nicely done both!

Welcome to you Jarin!