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Posted on Tuesday, 6 October 2020 - 6:18pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver
Location: Unknown
Timeline: 2393 - Before What goes in must come out


The darkness was...a friend. The lack of sensory input helped dull the aches in his body. He wished to embrace the darkness but a sound seemed to be beckoning him toward a light. A familiar voice.

T'Lanna had woken to find herself somewhere she didn't recognise, she had been lying on a hard flat table which explained the marks Ryan had found on her. As her eyes adjusted to the light of her surroundings she looked around seeing others lying on other tables, rows and rows of tables as far as the eye could see. Focussing on the nearest table she'd seen Soral so she'd slowly and painfully moved off the table and across to him. "Soral ..." She kept her voice low barely a whisper. "Soral ... Wake up! Please wake up!!"

The voice again, beckoning him to consciousness. Fighting towards it had become a struggle. It took many agonising moments but he fought his way to the surface. His eyes, unsteady and fidgety opened slowly. They turned to the voice unfocused.

T’Lanna offered a more relieved smile as Soral opened his eyes. “Soral, can you understand me?” She looked around cautiously, “I need you Soral, I don’t know where we are!”

Her voice brought him further into the present and pain in his body. " here." He moved slowly. "Are you injured?"

T’Lanna massaged her back, “I don’t think so, just sore from lying on these tables.” She looked around. “I guess this explains the marks Ryan found on me.” She looked at Soral. “Are you hurt?”

He took inventory. "Indeed. We best find an out of the way place to take stock." He hated asking for help. "I need your help."

“Of course!” T’Lanna nodded and stepped forward to help Soral walk. “Just take it slow.” She looked around “I guess I know now how I got the marks on my body that Ryan found. What in the hell are we being used for? What do they want with us?” It was only then she felt a change. “Something isn’t right ... whoever they are, they must have been tampering with my implants. I’ll need to get them sorted sooner rather than later!”

"We need to find a place..." He sat up and tried to take few steps. When he saw it was no go he sighed. "You are more mobile then I. ...." There was a sound of footsteps "Go, hide." He pointed to a vent. "In there. I will stay here. Try to find out how many of our crew are here."

“But Soral ... I can’t ...” She saw the look on his face and nodded. Quickly darting across to the vent she pried it open and clambered inside closing it behind her. She knew they’d find her bed empty and that they’d no doubt start searching for her so she quickly moved away from the entrance of the vent and waited to see what would happen with Soral.

Soral lay back and closed his eyes. He kept alert. The voices were getting closer. Vali was part Vulcan and Betazoid...that meant he could speak to her telepathically. ~Can you hear me?~

T’Lanna heard Soral’s telepathic call. ~Yes, I can hear you~

~Excellent. They...are near petty officer Kran. They have not noticed you are missing. I may have to find a way to distract them. How good are you with a computer?~

~I’m an ex-b I can handle computers. What do you want me to do?~ she sat quiet not daring to move incase she accidentally made a noise that drew attention.

~Every ship has a place that is shielded from sensors internal and external. The old NX lines had the catwalk. I need you to find that place and go there. We must get our...~ He stopped as one of the aliens moved toward him. He stilled all motion. Were they telepathic. The seconds ticked by agonizingly slowly as the creature walked.

T’Lanna had realised what Soral had sensed about the aliens, the fact that they were telepathic too. She didn’t waste another moment as she started slowly moving through the vents, she went as quickly as she could without making a noise. She needed to find a computer interface that she could work with to find that space here that was a blank spot where she could hide.

Making her way through the shaft she kept going until she came to a junction, there was a computer access panel where those working could access what they needed. “Here goes nothing ...” it had been a while since she’d put her Borg knowledge to use but she soon had access to the system she needed. A low key system needed no security access and it was all she needed to find out that she was already in a section that wasn’t covered but excess security measures.

~ I don’t know if you can hear me Soral, but I made it! ~

~Mental map please. I'll be heading into the vent soon. I believe in the fight and flight I will have to fight.~

T’Lana concentrated on the schematic infront of her so that Soral could pick it up. ~Just follow the vents, you’ll find me!~ She sat down to rest, She was only just about eight weeks pregnant but she was tiring easily thanks to that and the lack of proper sleep.

~ We need to get our crew there where you are. We can make a stand there. I will....hold! ~ He senses someone moving towards him. His body tensed. He'd make his stand now.

T’Lanna daren’t respond incase she endangered Soral. She remained quiet and hoped he’d respond to her and that he’d be alright.

Back in the lab several things happened A bark drew his attention. His head whipped up. "Bones!" He sat up drawing the attention of several of the hooded figures. Suddenly a memory came to him. He'd awakened before, he'd fought before. As he looked around his eyes caught Mac's who was just a few beds away and awake. Several other crew members were as well. This would be the final stand. He hoped Vali was safe. He was glad that she was not here in her condtion. ~Several of us are awake we will need to fight. Secure the area you are in.~

~I will Soral, please be careful.~ Securing where she was she settled down where she could hide to await further contact from Soral.

They were grossly outnumbered but Soral had a plan. His strength along with the two other Vulcan officers taken may be of use. He looked at Mac. "Get as many people to Vali rig what you can to keep you safe. Anybody mobile take the non mobile."

Mac hated the orders but knew the logic. He was the only one with a level five computer degree and knew tactical systems inside out. They hadn't invented a tactical system he couldn't break.

It was an agonizing process but Mac was the first one through to Vali followed by several others dragging unconscious colleagues.

Ryan was one being drug in. He was out cold, but even unconscious he appeared to be in pain.

T'Lanna looked towards Ryan she could feel the pain he was in. Whether it was actual pain or a memory of it she wasn't sure yet. "Ryan ..." she knelt beside him. "Ryan can you hear me?"

Ryan blinked awaked, sucking in a hitched breath before struggling to focus on T'Lanna. "T'Lanna." He glanced around, clearly confused. "What's going on?"

"We're ... wherever the aliens took us, it's okay we're safe here for now." She looked at Mac. "Mac ... Where is Soral? he said he'd join us!" She wasn't feeling so good herself, whether it was lack of sleep or something the aliens had done she wasn't sure.

Ryan took another breath, holding his left side. "Any wounded?" He asked both T'Lanna and Mac. He wasn't feeling 100% there, but still his first and main concern was taking care of the crew.

Max stepped in taking charge..."Soral and three Vulcan POs are back there...their strength will keep the aliens busy. I need to secure this area." He looked at the oc. "Doc take some time there are two unconscious that could use your help both your helps. I'll take care of the computer."

T'Lanna nodded. "I'll do my best" she offered Ryan a smile she was so glad to see him again she couldn't even put into words what it meant to her. "You get yourself up to speed I'll check the others." She got up albeit wobbly on her feet and headed over to the other unconscious souls.

Ryan returned T'Lanna's smile and went to interview a nearby crew member, trusting T'Lanna to let him know if the unconscious crew needed his intervention. Learning they had been abducted made his skin crawl, and also explained why his whole left side hurt as if he'd never gotten his ribs replaced.

Just then the shaft opened. Mac took a defensive stance but stopped himself when he saw one of the Vulcan PO's dragging a Vomnin crew member unconscious. Behind him a bark as Bones burst through the door barking. "Report," Mac barked.

"Commander Soral has stayed back to buy us time. Order are to get the crew back, Lieutenant Vali, and Doctor Rose and the Vomnin first if we can."

Mac's eyes narrowed. "What about Soral and the other Vulcan PO?"

"Petty Officer Sebek is dead. Commander Soral has blocked the entrance to the vent...he assumed you can shield this area."

Mac gave a nod. "Temporarily. How good are you at computers?"

The man nodded. "Level five."

"Good we can work together to figure this out." He looked at Rose and Vali. How are you two doing?"

T'Lanna was starting to feel worse for wear, at first she'd felt alright but now something was definitely not right. "I ... I'm not sure." She looked at Mac. "Something doesn't feel right, I just don't know what."

"We'll get you home. I promise." He looked at the Vulcan. "Soral is determined to be last one off isn't he?" The Vulcan said nothing. Mac looked at Vali. "Good job on finding this place."

"I just ... Did what Soral told me to do" T'Lanna sat down she wasn't feeling at all well and she didn't understand why. What had the aliens done to her?

"Yes!" Mac yelled. "Ha! I can open a rift...won't be strong but...Vali first, then we push the Vomnin in and then you doctor Rose. Everyone ready?"

T’Lanna nodded. “I’m ready, I just ... want the hell out of here!”



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