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Sour Grapes (Part I)

Posted on Thursday, 24 December 2020 - 8:14pm by Captain Barret Stillwater & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros
Location: Medical Facility
Timeline: Prior to "No Way Rosé" (Part II)

Commander Stillwater's life had been threatened more times than he could recall, his fever broke and his condition was stabilized, but he was the lucky one. The poison used was deadly; however, deadlier to Vulcanoids such as the Admiral. Coincidence? Stillwater had plenty of time 'recovering' to ponder that. He was sparred death, not because he was stronger than the elderly Vulcan, but because an unfortunate past incident.

"Mithridates the V," Stillwater muttered as he gently turned over onto his back and found an looking down at him; Doctor Jarin Alexander, the Bear's Assistant Chief Medical Officer. It had been Doctor Alexander who informed Barret that the Admiral was not as fortunate, that Stillwater had been exposed to the poison before, and that it metabolized in a way that his body retained acute immunity, not enough to prevent him from death though. It was enough to buy him crucial time for Doctor Alexander of the Standing Bear and Doctor Oskar Ruseka of the USS Crazy Horse to save his life.

Stillwater looked up into the man's eyes. "Thank you for giving me some extra time to live a bit longer," teased Stillwater. He couldn't help but chuckle, wincing in pain from it.

"I do what I can sir" the young Doctor replied with a smile "but you need to take it easy sir" he tried to keep the Commander from moving to much.

"I'll be fine," he shot back at the physician. "I request visitation rights be extended. I have ship business to conduct, and I don't foresee you medically clearing me for mission in a few hours."

"Not likely sir" he replied taking another scan of the Commanding Officer with a medical tricorder he was holding.

Stillwater steadied his breathing. "I need Lieutenant Kingsley and Lieutenant Vali, immediately," Stillwater said sternly. "Don't pull any medical shit either. You may supersede me with medical care, but the head of Starfleet Intelligence is dead from a bottle of wine I just gifted to her. I'm holding this briefing from my biobed."

Jarin raised an eyebrow "I" he paused, he didn't think he should challenge Commander Stillwater "I'll send for them immediately sir" he gave a nod to one of the nurses who scampered off to get the two requested officers.

When Doctor Alexander returned, prior to the arrival of the requested officers, Stillwater took the time that he had to converse with his care provider. It was usually Doctor Rose that Stillwater seen, but with Rose away from Earth and the starship docked at Jupiter station, Alexander had been at the forefront of medical care for the time being, including now when the CO's life had hung in the balance.

"I am sorry," Stillwater said to the man expressing sympathy. "I know you did everything you could, you and the rest of the medical personnel here at this facility," added Stillwater. This was where he and the Admiral had been whisked away too. It had the best specialist, best nurses, best everything experimental and otherwise. It had a hell of a lot more than the small Sickbay of his starship. "I know you...everyone tried to save the Admiral," Stillwater said solemnly.

Jarin gave a nod to his Commanding Officer "It's a great loss" he had done everything he could.

"Yes, yes, it is," replied Stillwater. "She was more than just an Admiral. She was an acquaintance to me, but one of the few left in Admiralty whom I felt had the best interest of the Federation and Starfleet at heart, though she would have objected to my use of such an emotional phrasing. As the Head of Starfleet Intelligence, she was a valuable ally to have, especially during such civil unrest among the Federation. Her death even if it was purely by random chance is going to stir up conspiracy theorists."

"I'm sorry I couldn't do more sir" the doctor said with a sad tone, placing a comforting hand on the Commanders shoulder.

"She lived a good long life," replied Stillwater. "She would be the first to remind you not to get emotional over losing her as a patient. You did the best that you could, Doctor. Nobody is going to accuse you of not doing your best."

"Thank you sir" Jarin said with a nod, he was trying very hard not to get emotional as it had been awhile since he had lost a patient.

Stillwater nodded and silently waited for his officers to arrive.


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