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Cosmo kind of Guy

Posted on Wednesday, 23 December 2020 - 2:21pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros
Location: Various Jupiter Station
Timeline: 2393 - MD5


After a brief discussion with Soral’s doctors, Alex arrived in his room not long after breakfast. “I’m sorry but they said you need to stay another few days,” she told him with an apologetic smile. “On the bright side, I downloaded every back issue of my mother’s favourite magazine to distract you. It’s called Cosmo and I think, personally, you will find out some disturbing things about humanity.”

"I.... do not understand. Last night I was cleared."

“Apparently your favourite nurse personally asked for you to stay longer,” she replied, “something about what a good patient you’ve been..?”

Soral, who was all dressed but his shirt grabbed the shirt off the chair. He slipped his hands into his jacket and zipped it up. "I shall have none of this. We are leaving. "

“But I spent ages highlighting articles,” Alex pouted, glancing down at the PADD she had brought. “And you know, shirt off had advantages...”

"Indeed. I will look at the articles if you wish. It has been a while since I have read any. I read many when we became a couple. Fascinating articles about the preferences of women and how to keep a mate interested. I must admit thus far everything I have tried in our...intimate life has worked. I would interested in learning more but we are getting out of here."

He couldn’t have surprised her more if he tried, and it showed. And for a long moment she was speechless.

"Alexandra?" He asked noting the look on her face. He wondered if he'd said something wrong. "I can assure you I have passed all their quizzes. I have even earned the title 'Cosmo Kind of Guy' based on my last quiz. I have been quite diligent in my research. If you wish I will read more of course."

She couldn’t help the laugh as she stepped up to him and kissed him, “Cosmo kinda guy, huh?”

"Indeed." He warped his arms around her. He was glad to see her laugh but still did not understand what was funny.

She rested her head on his chest. “Even when I was so angry, I missed you so much.”

"And I you." He held on tight. "I am sorry Alexandra. I did not mean for you to get hurt."

She smiled, “I know. We’ll take it a day at a time, okay? We can work on it, together.”

"I want to. Alexandra I do not want to loose you. I wish us to have no more secrets. Absolute candor."

“Except if I ask you if I look good in a dress,” she teased. “And speaking of, when you feel better, I learned some things and - while he wanted you to be kept in the dark - that isn’t how I want our marriage to be. But you are healing and it can wait. Will you trust me to tell you in a day or so? I don’t want to risk you back in here because, honestly, that nurse is kind of terrifying.”

Just before he could say something the doors parted. He looked up keeping an arm around Alex. It was the man he'd helped with his newborn. "Apologies I did not mean to disturb."

“Not at all,” Alex assured him.

"Thank you for arraigning our return to Vulcan." He said to them both. "My wife's body is on board I wished..."

Soral waived his hand. "No thanks is necessary." As if on cue the baby started crying.

Soral's eyes softened. "You now have a family in us. Stay with my house until you are well. My manager's wife Thalia is also with child. She will assist. I also have a friend, Ella Demi her husband and son will be traveling with you. Lean on them. Solitude is not a necessity."

He gave a nod. "Gratitude to you both."

“Have a safe journey home,” Alex offered.

Soral watched them go.

As he left she peered up at Soral, “we should get you home too. You can do some reading. Since you missed out on the early years, perhaps the parenting articles? I’m sure T’Lanna is going to want a baby sitter now and then. I don’t know about you but I know nothing about looking after babies... although, now I think about it, maybe you should skip some of those editions until we are ready to try ...”

He hugged her. "I never want to loose you like that." Pulling back he took her hand "Let us go home. Bones will be happy to see us."

“That depends on how guilty he feels,” Alex Commented as she walked him towards the door, “he ate one of your shoes, and managed to get half your clothes dragged into his favourite spot. He’s clearly missed you.”

"Indeed." They walked out hand in hand. "How goes the investigation?"

“Baciami uncovered some useful intel, Commander Stillwater has copies. Venus was weird, the just seem to throw anything in that place without figuring out how to find it in future. Everything was there and now safe. But someone copied the project data. It’s such a mess. All the while the news is reporting demonstrations across the planet...” she sighed.

"More protests against the Romulans." He guessed.

“Sadly,” Alex confirmed with a nod. She peered up at him, “you know those people do not speak for me, or the majority. Don’t you?”

He put his arm around her. "I know they don't speak for you. I ... about the others there are some who they do speak for and others they do not speak for but are scared into silence." He paused. "I feel like...I have failed. I wish I could do something more."

“Don’t think like that,” she chided. “You have failed no one. You can be stubborn and difficult but in here... You have a heart of gold. You risked your life for people you didn’t know, saving that man and his child. I love that you were so fearless in doing what was right. But fixing the universe... that is not on your shoulders. It’s a weight no man, or woman, could possibly bear.”

He stopped and pulled her into his arms. "With you by my side I can do anything."

“Ah, you read the September 2024 edition,” she teased. “Come on, home. You need to rest.”

"Indeed...but first I need to find out why we are being followed by Solek."

She peered around him, frowning. “He needs to speak with you, when you are well enough. Don’t you, Solek?”

He stepped out of the shadows. "I wished to make sure that the XO was alright."

Soral looked from one to the other. "There is something you two know that I do not." He paused, "When you are ready." He looked at Alex. "I have feeling that Solek will be our shadow until we reach the ship."

"Indeed." He stepped back.

Soral took Alex's hand. "Let us go to our quarters."

She nodded as they resumed the journey, wondering if the shadow they had acquired would be brave enough to speak to Soral or not. “Just remember, out of Sickbay doesn’t mean jumping back into work with both feet. You still need rest.”

"Indeed. Perhaps some time with Bones...and I should check on Haru and Mac...he is, as they say, hanging on by a thread."

“No overdoing it,” she countered firmly, “I mean it.”




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