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Visiting a Friend

Posted on Wednesday, 30 December 2020 - 5:16pm by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros
Location: USS Standing Bear | Sickbay
Timeline: 2393


It has been 24 hours since the unexpected arrival of T’Lanna’s son. Being two months premature he was soon whisked away to neonatal care, though T’Lanna could see him and be with him as much as she needed. The modern miracle of medical technology in the 24th century meant the wounds of her Caesarian section were already healed but the pain still lingered even though she was on painkillers. Plus the necessity of rest after such an operation was still highly important.

Peering around the corner, gift bag in hand, Alex frowned when she saw T'Lanna apparently sound asleep. "I'll leave the gift and we can come by later," she whispered over her shoulder to Soral.


T’Lanna was dozing when familiar voices made her open her eyes. “I’m not asleep” She offered a sleepy smile as she gingerly moved to sit up a little. “I was just resting my eyes that’s all.”

"Sorry, you must be exhausted," Alex offered with an apologetic smile, walking closer to the bed and giving their friend a brief hug. "Congratulations!"

T’Lanna smiled warmly. “Thank you, I have to admit I wasn’t expecting to be a mum so soon. Soral did try and help me with meditation but I still had to have a caesarian. My son is in neonatal care, they bring him up to be near me every now and then or I go visit.”

Soral stood back a little watching the two women talk and then he stepped forward. "I was told that both of you will be well." He didn't really know what to say given the news he'd received a little earlier to coming here.

“Of course you will,” Alex agreed quickly. “And while you are here, your present might help...”

She handed over the bag she brought. “Some aromatherapy oils and just things so you get to spoil you whenever you can.”

T’Lanna looked inside the bag. “Thank you so much! these are wonderful, I’ll put everything to good use.” She looked at Soral. “Thank you for assisting me with my meditation during labour, I appreciate that you helped me.”

"I wish I could have done more." He stepped up beside Alex. "I have one more gift. Perhaps your son is too small but....he will eventually fit into it." He handed her a box of items, toys, clothing.

Looking into the box T’Lanna smiled the biggest smile yet. “These are gorgeous! Thank you both so much! It’s a good job I bought things early, I’ll have to get them out of storage now. I’m not sure how long Jayce will have to stay in neonatal care, I need to speak with doctor Alexander.”

"I am sure it will not be long." He said. "Why do I not leave you two here. I have...something I must do."

“Okay....” Alex agreed, frowning. “Is everything okay?”

"Indeed." He kissed the top of her head not the least bit self conscious about showing her affection. He said his goodbye and then headed to see the child before he left.

T’Lanna smiled it was nice to see Soral showing affection for Alex. “I get the feeling Soral is hiding something. Don’t ask me how I know because I don’t have a clue!”

“Because it is his default setting,” Alex sighed. “I can deal with that later. Is there anything you need from you quarters?”

T’Lanna grinned at her friend’s comment. “Well I do have a maternity bag packed, I wasn’t expecting to be needing to use it so soon though. If you could pick that up I’d appreciate it.”

“Consider it done,” Alex promised. “There isn’t anything else you need?”

One of the nurses breezed in. "I'm sorry," She said to Vali. "I was going to bring your son but...the commander is in there telling him the history of Vulcan." She wrinkled her nose. "When he started to sing I just said nope, nope, my last day on the Standing Bear I don't need to hear a Vulcan sing."

Alex glanced at T’Lanna, “I’ll be right back...”

With that she slipped out of the room and headed down the corridor until she came to the room where T’Lanna’s newborn son was being cared for. Leaning against the wall she simply watched and listened as her husband continued to serenade the baby with what sounded like a lullaby yet she didn’t understand the words.

Soral finished the lullaby. "That was a song of Sarek. One that was sung to him by his own father." He studied the tiny baby. "Welcome to the world." He simply sat there watching the baby. "Another lullaby?" The child looked up at him. "Alright." He began to sing again in h baritone voice. A short song this time. "Well I should leave. I have some reports to finish. "May the Gods of Vulcan protect you." He stood and turned finding his wife leaning against the wall. "Alexandra..."

“Don’t stop on my account,” Alex told him with a teasing smile.

“On either of our accounts” T’Lanna smiled as she appeared behind Alex in a wheelchair. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist hearing you sing, if only from a distance.” She grinned. “Jayce likes the sound of your voice.”

Soral had to fight to stand still, a clear green hue on his cheeks indicating a blush. "I missed so much of Soval and Severine's childhoods." And with the news that he'd been given by the Vulcan doctor. "I should go and finish those reports." He pulled a small box from his pocket. "This is for Jayce. An IDIC medal, for if he wishes to know more of his Vulcan heritage, a protection talisman of sorts." He walked over and handed I to T'Lanna. I will leave you ladies to visit with the baby." He headed out.

“Thank you Soral.” T’Lanna held onto the Talisman a look of concern on her face. “Alex, you need to talk to him. There’s something not right, something feels off about Soral.” She offered a smile. “Sorry I maybe reading too much into this, my emotions are somewhat ... off at the moment thanks to my hormones!”

“I’ll deal with it. I’ll let you two have some time alone and go get your bag,” Alex said after a long moment. “I’ll be back soon.”

T’Lanna nodded and headed in to see her son. She was going to be spending a lot of time here until her son was out of neonatal care.



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