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A fun Outing - Part II

Posted on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 - 5:03pm by Lieutenant Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Trail of Tears
Location: USS Standing Bear | Holo Deck
Timeline: 2394 Just prior the JP with Stillwater


The holo pixelated to life around the three of them. Almost white sand spanned the floor with crystal clear blue waters innately and rhythmically lapping at its edge. There was a slight breeze but it didn't take away from the warm, Italian summer sun.

Cliffs protected the private beach from eyes, which is what made it such an amazing place for the Baciami's to get away. Adrianna pointed to a small protruding rock, displacing the gentle waves. "If you try to steal my food, I will be there," she giggled.

He smiled. Closing his eyes he inhaled and he could swear that this place smelled like Earth. He looked around taking in the surroundings. "This place is wonderful. I will show you my home one day, my grandmother's home." He manipulated the hover chair inside deeper.

Eyelaya too was taken by the beauty here. "It's lovely." She looked at her friend and said, "You must miss his place a lot."

"It's the one place on Earth I haven't been back to since joining Starfleet," Adrianna replied, "just peaceful and secluded it would be us and guards, that would be it. Safe. Quiet. Mhmm, I miss it." Adrianna walked over to a picnic blanket, "let's eat."

Eyelaya stepped forward. "Let us help you out of the chair."


Eyelaya stepped back at his tone.

Adrianna watched the exchange and calmly said, "shall we make an agreement that unless asked, you're by yourself? Unless your drunk, in which case, we'll drag you home whilst singing some sort of Irish song poorly on voyage."

He sighed. "Sure." He looked at Eyelaya, "Sorry."

She gave a nod. She watched as he struggled but eventually made it to the sand and dragged himself to the blanket. He was tired but he did it.

Adrianna passed the pair a plate and then opened up the basket. There were lots of homemade Italian picnic essentials including ciabatta and pasta salad. There were some other picnic staples just in case too. She looked to Haru, "I made this so it'll be more edible than Mac's stuff. I promise."

"Thank god. Another one of his special meals and I may have to have a stomach transplant."

Adrianna snorted and looked to Eyelaya, "I've cooked for you right? You didn't die."

"Yes and I have had Mac's cooking as his former roommate so...I love the fact that he didn't cook this."

Adrianna snorted," he's cooked for me once and it wasn't that bad. What am I missing?"

Haru smiled. "Nothing. You must have an iron stomach."

"Far from it. Maybe I just got lucky with that one meal?" Adrianna shrugged.

Eyelaya smiled. "Maybe."

Haru looked at Eyelaya. There was definitely something in his eyes that spoke that he was not overly fond of her.

Adrianna noticed. She was intrigued but chose not to question, instead she encouraged. "I'm afraid I'll be taking leave soon to go to Ekos with Leopold. So I'll have to give Eyelaya my recipes."

"I can stomach Maximus' cooking until you return."

Adrianna looked to Eyelaya, hoping she could fill in some blanks later. She then looked back to Haru, "if you're sure. I mean I can even make tonnes so all he has to do is heat it up."

"Perfect!" He smiled at Adrianna as he looked around. "I love how the wind feels on my skin."

Adrianna smiled and closed her eyes a moment. The gentle breeze caressed her face ever so softly. Taking a deep breath, she could feel herself relax. Opening her eyes she agreed, "I'm glad I made this programme. It's nostalgic, positively anyway, and it's just beautiful. I should suggest to Leopold a beach wedding here."

"Wedding?" Haru said. "What the hell? Okay now you talk to me about Sir Leopold."

Adrianna blushed and she seemed to light up in pride. "He proposed a few weeks ago," she replied holding up her ringed hand, "he's a really amazing man that just understands me, past and all. He just sees me as me and has somehow managed to crack me. He's amazing."

Haru sighed. "Isn't this quick? Are you sure about his man? Do you want me to speak with him?"

Adrianna looked to Haru, considering his words, "when you know, you know. I'm sure you understand that, because of Mac."

"Yes, we did have an unusual courtship and start but I knew even when I didn't." He grinned. "So tell me what are the plans? What made you fall in love?"

"We met because I didn't run at him being Ekosian and he didn't run at my past. He intrigued me. He understood me when even I didn't," she replied, "as for plans, we're struggling to make any. In my culture, it's my mother that plans everything and I just pick the dress. Since my mother isn't around, I've been struggling."

"That is what your friends are here for," Eyelaya said, having been silent up until now.

Haru studied her. "Yes friends are here to help but not meddle, so you're out on that account."

Eyelaya blushed.

Adrianna looked between the pair, "what happened?"

"What happened was that your friend the meddler there told Maximus to leave me."

Eyelaya bit her lip. "I did not! I just told him to take some time away and rest. Don't you see what you're doing to him?"

Adrianna nodded, "to quote my mother 'it takes two to tango'. It's a miscommunication not a blame game. That said, taking a break may help you both take a breath so you can actually talk through whatever is going on. Our quarters will be free for a few weeks whilst Leopold and I are away if you needed space."

He sighed. "It will be alright. We will work it out." He hoped. "Now, do you need wedding help?"

Adrianna let it go. The option was there for him and there was her opinion on relationships there, "only you know what's right for you. Anyway-- yes. I need help. I don't know where to begin. Can we just fast forward to maybe a week off spent in bed aka a honeymoon?"

"How about this. We can form a wedding committee and then divide the tasks," Eyelaya added. "This way everyone contributes to the wedding."

Adrianna mulled it over, "fine, but just know, I'm Italian and he's Ekosian. That's a culture clash."

Haru smiled. "Trust me I know about those. Okay well I could take care of Venue and I have a priest of sorts in mind....unless you want the captain."

"I'd prefer the cap-ee-tan," she replied, "we met because of the decision to run off with the circus that is Starfleet." She looked to Eyelaya, "could you work with Alex. Bridesmaid dresses for the pair of you."

"Works for me!"

"I'll take care of arraigning the captain and venue with decorations if that's alright," Haru said.

Adrianna nodded, "he proposed in the hydroponics place, so, maybe lots of flowers."

"Sounds good." They ate and talked more of the wedding. Just as the meal wound down Haru sighed and looked at his chair. "I should get back to my quarters. I have... to see the captain about something." He'd put off his resignation long enough.

Adrianna looked Haru over a moment. Something wasn't right. She smiled nonetheless, "I'll walk with you some of the way. I'm only heading back to mine. Nothing else planned today, only packing for Ekos." She stood up and looked to Eyelaya to try and rectify an earlier situation simply, and genuinely, said, "thanks, Eyelaya, for arranging this. We should do it again."

Eyelaya smiled, "I'll clean up here and close the program out."

Haru managed to get himself into the chair this time accepting Adrianna's help.

They left the holodeck and walked. "Thanks for this." He said as they reached the turbo lift.

"This was her idea," Adrianna replied.

He sighed. "I'm not thanking her. That woman has done enough."

Adrianna nodded, "I'm not saying she's right to get involved. But you should know that I think it was taken out of context. I'd tell you to leave too-- but leave in order to take a breath. Anything you say in anger--you'll normally regret."

He sighed, "I know he's trying to help I just...get so frustrated."

"I would," Adrianna shrugged, "I'd imagine he's frustrated too. It will keep being a toxic cycle unless you both take a breather."

"Perhaps. I'll be resigning my commission today, that may help some."

Adrianna nodded, "whatever feels right. Good luck. Does Mac know?"

" is what prompted the latest argument."

"He against it?" Ade asked curious.

"He is. He still believes that I will recover."

"Do you at least have a goal to replace it with? Something to motivate you instead of rotting in a chair?" she asked, gently, knowing the words may have been a little harsh. She offered a slight apologetic look, just in case."

"I don't now anymore. I think I need to do some...soul searching."

Adrianna nodded, "I hope you find what you need. I'd hate to see another friend spiral." She touched his shoulder and the kissed his cheeks out of cultural habit, "to quote my father-- screw other people up, not yourself." She then wandered to her quarters.



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