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A fun Outing - Part I

Posted on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 - 11:52am by Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Trail of Tears
Location: USS Standing Bear | Various
Timeline: 2394


Mackenzie sighed his head in his hands. He was just about to say something but the door chimed. Outside Eyelaya and Adrianna had arrived just at the height of the shouting between Haru and Mac.

The pair stepped in and Adrianna read the room. It was tense to say the least. Either way she broke the ice and offered a smile as if nothing were wrong, "evening everyone." Adrianna reached into a satchel and brought out a bottle of grappa and handed it to Mac rather forcefully. "Haru, are you ready? I cooked some pasta salad, so you know its good."

Mac gratefully accepted the gift of the drink. He sighed. "Thanks."

"I don't need to go on this picnic."

"Yes you do!" Mac said. "I'm tired of your ass sitting here feeling sorry for yourself. That's not the man I fell in love with, that's not you. Frankly I need some space. Go take your picnic I need some time alone to think."

Haru's head snapped up and his eyes filled with sadness and frustration.

Eyeylaya bit her lip and looked to Adrianna.

Adrianna's tone when cold and almost psychopathic," that is enough. Everything that you say in frustration, regardless of honesty, will be the only things you end up regretting." She looked to Haru, and her tone lightened, "Haru, you coming out with us is about us, not you. We want an extra person to hang out with. You're much more personable than him. We'd like you to join us."

Haru sighed. "I think we could both use some time to calm down."

Max said nothing. He walked into the bedroom the door hissing closed. Haru turned and almost reached towards the door before he sighed and turned back to the women. "Let's go."

Adrianna smiled, "excellent! To the holo suite. Lead the way Eyelaya." Adrianna put a gentle had on Haru's shoulder, before helping him to the holo.

Haru sighed. Another fight, another argument, and probably another night alone, Mac would leave and Haru knew that he'd driven him to that. If only he could stop feeling so useless. He was grateful, for once, for the help and allowed Adrianna to push the chair. "So where are we picnicking."

"I've got the perfect programme," Adrianna chirped, "it's a place on Earth, near to wear I grew up. It's a private beach. Clear blue water, warm, just amazing."

He sighed, "I would like that." There was a pause. "I'm sorry you both had to see that. We have been fighting a lot."

"Nothing to apologise for," Adrianna waived him off, "all couples have seasons of fights. At least you have an out for you both to relax before continuing and saying stuff you can't take back."

"I know he tries to help but..." He sighed. "Never mind. It's not important. Tell me more about this place we're going to?"

"As friends, we are here to listen too, you know," Adrianna replied before answering his question, "I used to love it. It was so peaceful. I used to swim out to this rock and eat my lunch there so that my brothers wouldn't steal it."

He laughed. "Your brothers used to steal your lunch?"

"Yes and I have seven of them, so I had to be extreme," she replied with a chuckle. It felt good to be nostalgic.

"I have one sister, and she was always a handful. I love her but you wouldn't believe how many suitors I had to scare off."

Eyelaya chuckled at his comment.

Adrianna looked to Eyelaya, "it's a serious problem. My first kiss almost got shot on site."

Haru's lip twitched. "Your brothers were light. I got my sister's first kiss thrown in the brig."

"Cute," Adrianna chuckled, "my last ex vanished. Gawd I love siblings."

He smiled and looked back at her. "Well they do provide unconditional love."

For some reason, that phrase seemed to sting more than it should. Adrianna’s eyes saddened a bit but her smile remained, as did her chirpy tone, "love them, or hate them, they are still family."

He sighed, "They are." He reached back and took her hand. "Now you have big brothers here too."

"Gawd that sounds like a nightmare," she teased easing her own tension, "you dare go after Leopold and I'll shoot you."

He laughed. "Ohhhh a suitor. I shall get to know him."

Eyelaya smiled. She knew that Adrianna was the right person for the job.



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