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Revalation Part IV

Posted on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 - 1:41pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley
Edited on on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 - 3:06pm

Mission: Operation: Trail of Tears


Soral sighed as he sat across Vali. He tapped his communicator. "Commander Soral to Lieutenant Kingsley. Meet me in holodeck one now please."

There was a brief pause, “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

"Soral to Mackenzie."

"Go ahead sir."

"Bring N'vek to holodeck one."

He stood. "Shall we go?"

T’Lanna nodded and stood ready to leave with Soral. “By all means.”

Vali and Soral were the first to arrive at the holodeck. He entered it and called up the arch where he imputed some data. The arch disappeared and they waited for the rest to join them inside the yellow and black gridded room.

It was a good few minutes before the doors opened to admit Lieutenant Kingsley, her hair tied into an intricate braid and secured to ensure it would not annoy her while she worked in the confines of her biohazard suit. They were uncomfortable enough without a stray hair tormenting you. In truth she had barely suited up before Soral called.

“Sorry,” she apologised. “I was in the lab.”

The door opened again and Mac and N'vek came strolling in. The boy looked around. "What's going on?"

Soral simply said. "Your mother has a message that I think we all need to hear."

Alex stood towards the back of the group, curious to find out what this was about.

T’Lanna offered N’vek a smile as she moved to stand close by, her mothering instincts were in high gear thanks to having recently had Jayce.

"Computer begin."

The hair around them shimmered and a tall slender woman with long hair that reached the back of her knees stood there. She had soft features and green eyes that mirrored N'vek's. She had a soft face and heart shaped lips. She looked about nine months pregnant. She had on a long gown and looked almost divine.

"Mother..." N'vek whispered, his eyes filling with tears.

Soral extended his hand to Alex for her to join him near the front.

There was a brief hesitation before she took his hand, worried about what her husband was planning. The fact he had a hologram of N’Vek’s mother- who just happened to be the mother of Soral’s own two children, meant he knew. And if he knew, he would have made his decision, of that she had no doubt.

The holo smiled. "Hello Soral, if I know you, and I do, you are watching this even though I said it was meant for the kids. In fact I knew that it would push to you watch it all the more. You have an annoying protective instinct and perhaps I'm glad that you do." The holo sighed.

"I knew that you would find our kids and I knew that you would take care of them. Despite your protests about becoming a father and worries about being a bad father I knew you would be the best. I have a confession to make. I know that I hurt you and this ... may hurt even more. I was married Soral. I had a husband, Gaylan N'vek and a son with him. You were an assignment, I was hired to bring you to your grandfather, a good man who was surrounded by evil advisors. I knew, the moment I got to know you, I knew you needed to be kept safe from them. I somehow knew that you would do great things. I have a confession to make, I didn't love you, I had no feelings for you but I came to respect you and I loved Soval and Severine the moment I found out about them. I knew you were in love with me and in a way I used you because I'm about to lay a heavy burden on you."

T’Lanna could see and feel a whole array of emotions coming from N’vek, happiness at seeing his mother, confusion about what he was seeing and hearing, anger at the fact that his mother had a child with another man, yet relief that he wasn’t alone. She wanted to hug him and tell him all would be alright, but it wasn’t her place and she knew N’vek would most likely push her away anyway. This wasn’t easy for Soral, Alex or N’vek.

Alex listened in silence but the tension was rolling off of her in waves. This woman never seemed to fail to turn Soral’s world upside down.

T’Lanna offered Alex a smile, she could feel her emotions too. She could only imagine how complicated life was getting for Alex and Soral.

The hologram continued. "Soral, find my son. Find my husband, Gaylan N'vek. He is not what I want for my son as a father. I loved him, yes but my son will never thrive under his care. What's more there is a hidden side to the man and I know that my son will grow up with hate and anger if he stays with him. I know I hurt you but please save my son. Find him, take him to yourself or if you can't, I know that you may have a family of your own, find a home for him where he will flourish in love and kindness. That is my last hope and wish. My little Mio must be happy, god knows I wasn't the best mother. I know that he will be safe with you or that you will ensure his safety. This...pregnancy is already getting difficult and the doctors have told me that it will not end well for me but I know that you will take care of Severine and Soval. I am sorry for all the pain caused. Tell the children that I love them, all three of them especially my little Mio. I have left some journals and recorded messages for the kids with your sister Livianna, she will take them to Vashti."

"Computer end program." The rest was only for him to see. He had seen the birth of his children and Evesta's strength through it.

N'vek stared at the area where the holo was. There were so many emotions running through him that he could not sort them out.

Soral squeezed Alex's hand and for once he was glad there was no bond because she couldn't share in his pain. His heart ached. He walked over to N'vek and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder.

Alex shot a glance at Mac, inwardly furious. How dare she, after using Soral as she did, make such a demand of him. And of course she knew Soral would oblige.

Mac understood. He was about to say something when Soral spoke. "N'vek, go with the counselor and Mac. You and I will speak later."

The boy looked up at Soral and finally broke down. He began to cry.

Soral knelt by him. He saw the boy was fighting to stop crying. "Do not fight your tears. Allow yourself to mourn. I promise all will be well." He hugged N'vek and was surprised to see the hug returned. "Go now. We will speak again."

“Come on N’vek” T’Lanna gently took N’vek’s hand and offered him a tissue to wipe his eyes. “It’ll be alright.” She nodded to Mac and headed out of the holodeck.

Mac stood a moment and the followed them out.

Soral turned to Alex. He walked back to her and pulled her in his arms. "I will find a place for the boy. There are many families on Vulcan who would be good for him." He wanted to bring N'vek to their home but he had no right to make this decision for Alex or for Laura.

“Is that what you really think?” She said after a moment. “Be honest with me, Soral, because I know what family means to you.”

"Alexandra in the last year you have taken on two children that were not your own and Laura has had to take care of them as well and now with Seleya's father abandoning her and N'vek...I cannot ask this of you and your mother. I will...find a home for them."

“And Severine and Soval? Do you honestly think they will understand their brother living away from them? Or that in time it won’t knaw away at you? Because I’m betting you already think of him as part of the family. And if you do, then discussing it is a moot point. I’m not going to be some evil stepmother making an orphan live away from all he has. On the condition my mother agrees. I won’t speak for her. Since, as you say, she now has an extra child on her hands. Which I learned of from Mac, by the way.”

"I was going to discuss Seleya with you this evening. I was waiting on a report from Fang on where her father was. We did find him." He sighed. "He is dead, by his own hand." He sighed. "Alexandra I will not make a decision without discussing it with you and Laura. We will all talk together and make the decision."

Alex paled at the news, feeling sick to her stomach. “I’m sure Selaya will have her wrapped around her finger. My mother insists it is the best age. Something about me not talking back so much.”

He walked over to his wife again and pulled her into his arms. He just needed to hold her, to feel her warmth. "I am sorry we are going through all this. Evesta has always had the ability to turn up like a bad penny."

“Quite the achievement,” Alex muttered before pulling away, “I need to go, or I will be working until midnight.”

It was true but it was also her sanctuary, somewhere quiet where she could think.

Before she reached the door Soral called out, "My wife,"

“Hm?” Pausing at the door she turned.

"I am sorry it is so difficult being married to me." He turned away. God knows that he'd caused her a lot of grief. He would not be surprised if she wanted to leave. She was young still, beautiful, she deserved a happy life.

“Then it’s a good thing I love you so much,” she countered before she turned on her heels and left him to his thoughts.



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