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Family Matters 1

Posted on Friday, 26 March 2021 - 5:15pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Trail of Tears
Location: USS Standing Bear | Alex and Soral's Quarters
Timeline: 2394


Soral sat on their sofa waiting for Alex to join him. They were about to call Laura and speak with her. "Alexandra?" She had gone to get the hot drinks.

“Coming,” Alex called back as she took a tentative sip of her tea. She had cheated - several times - on the strict diet Haru had laid out. Not intentionally, it had just happened. Old habits when stress had crept in. Not that anything on this ship had been stressful lately. Carrying the drinks she headed back to the sofa, setting down the drinks before she sat.

What would come of this discussion she had no idea. Her mother loved kids, always had a way of being their best friend and confidante/co-conspirator. Yet two children was now three, maybe four? It was giving her a headache. It was too much to ask of her, although Alex suspected it was something her mother would never ever admit to.

Soral placed an arm around her. "It will all work out, I promise you." He initiated the call and waited as it shimmered and formed into a familiar face. Laura, holding Seleya, and Soval and Severine sitting there. "Father!" Severine called out. "Mother!"

It warmed him that the children had taken to calling Alexandra mother.

“Hi!” Alex smiled, waving at the screen. “Hi Mum.”

“Hello you two,” Laura replied with a bright smile as she shifted the infant’s weight in her arms. “Seleya is asleep, finally. Severine and Soval were excited to find out you were both calling.”

"Indeed. How are you studies going?"

Severine launched into a fifteen minute ramble about all she'd learned. Soral was quite amused but he picked up on Soval's silence. "And you?"

"All is well."

"No it's not. He's failing Vulcan history."



They both straightened at his tone. "Vulcan history can be...difficult. I shall make it a weekly task to sit with you and review your homework."

"He also gets into fights."

Soral sighed. "I see. Soval you and I shall speak about this separately."

Soval lowered his head, he knew that he was in trouble.

"Father have you spoke to mother about the temple?"

He sighed. "No, not as of yet."

“Temple?” Alex shot Soral a look. More things he was waiting to tell her? “And for what it’s worth, history was my worst subject too. Now, what don’t I know about a temple?”

Soval gave Alex a little smile.

"I wish to enter the T'vet temple as priestess," Severine announced proudly.

Soral rubbed the bridge of his nose. She had made her wish quite clear on that. Severine was, if he had to pick a word, persistent.

“It sounds very noble, and important,” Alex said after a moment. “I don’t know exactly what it involves but I know you would have been giving it a lot of thought. Let me speak with your father and we can talk about it more later, just us three, okay?”

She hoped that was treading the middle ground well enough.

Severine gave a nod. "Quite logical."

"Alright Severine why do you not take Seleya and lay her in the crib. We will speak with your grandmother and then I shall call you both before you go to bed."

He watched the kids scurry away and then seemed to relax a little.

“No date?” Alex teased her mother.

“Not tonight,” her mother actually blushed and Alex’s jaw dropped in surprise. “So, both of you calling. Is this about Seleya? Such a beautiful baby, so tragic to be an orphan...”

"In part yes," Soral said. "Laura you have found mate?"

Alex had chosen THE worst moment to take a drink, for at Soral’s question she almost choked.

Soral at up gently tapping her back. "Alexandra?"

“I’m okay,” she managed, getting up and fetching a glass of water.

Laura for her part was amused, “human children do not often like to consider the... mating habits of a parent.”

"You are a vibrant beautiful woman. I however have a new responsibility to... what is it that human's say...ah yes put the fear of God in your suitor. If you will kindly provide me with his name I shall figure out how to do this and go about it."

“My lips are sealed. Now,” Laura leaned in closer as Alex sat back down, “what’s going on?”

Soral sighed. "You were right earlier, Seleya is an orphan. Yet another child has come to us. Evesta...or rather Anandrine the mother of Soval and Soral had another son. She has left instructions for me to find her son and take him in my care...We must now decide weather to keep Seleya and N'vek or find homes for them. It is a difficult decision as it affects us all."

“That poor boy,” Laura said softly, sadness evident in her eyes as she processed the news. “As their brother, then what choice is there? He belongs here, with them.”

“Mum, I know you would take in every child and animal you could... but this is a lot to ask of you.”

“You take in a turtle and a few cats...” Laura sighed.

“It was three turtles, four rabbits that had to be part Tribble, two docs and at one point a pony,” Alex countered. “This is different. He has lost his parents, he is hurt. He may not even want to leave Soral.”

Laura considered it. “Well, regardless, he has a bedroom here if he wants it. There is more than enough room.”

Alex rolled her eyes in exasperation.

He bowed. "I thank you. What of Seleya....Do you wish me to find a home for her?"

“Oh no, she is no problem at all,” Laura insisted. “Such a content little thing. Quieter than some people at that age...” with that she aimed a pointed look at her daughter which was nevertheless too full of affection to be hurtful.

"My brother has been of help?" He'd sent his half brother there to help guard the family and to help care for the kids...although Soral had to wonder because Soval was getting into fights.

“He has been helping with the manual Labour but mostly keeping to himself,” Laura told him.

"I will speak with him. Laura I cannot express the gratitude I have for all that you are doing. I know that it cannot be easy."

“Please, what is family for?”

Soral reached forward to get his cup. His hand shook and he sat back deciding now was not the time. "I...will return." He stood and headed off to the bathroom leaving the two women to talk.

“I see what you mean,” Laura said after a moment.

“I’m worried, mum..” Alex admitted. “After what Sarah did-“

In the bathroom Soral splashed some water on his face and then stared at his reflection. He sighed and closed his eyes letting the pain roll through him. After a moment of focusing his mind he was able to steady himself enough to come out and join Alex. He put his arm around her. "My apologies Laura. I am a little...under the weather."

“I’m sure all of this does not help. Perhaps some time back here, on Vulcan? I know the children would enjoy that very much.”

“We will see what we can do,” Alex assured her.

“I know, the demands of life in Starfleet.”

"Indeed. As I tell Alexandra all will be well." He looked at Laura. "Laura a question if I may."

“Of course.”

"I have asked the Ambassador to look in on you I hope that he has done so. If you require anything he will be a helpful source."

“Oh he has, I assure you,” Laura replied brightly, “don’t worry about anything here.”

Alex bit her lip to stifle a laugh, “quite.”

Soral looked between the two. "I am missing something. What is it that I am missing my wife?"

“I’ll explain later,” Alex promised.

He gave a nod. "Very well." Soral turned back to Laura. "We will see about coming back to Vulcan soon. I would like to see you all. Now I will let you both speak alone. I am .... feeling unwell and require some meditation. I am grateful for you Laura and for the gift of your Alexandra's hand."

“Feel better,” Laura called after him. When they were alone she frowned, “I think a trip would do the world of good.”


“Mum, I’m sorry about this,” Alex blurted out. “Vulcan was to be a new start. I never thought -“

“Oh I’m fine!” Laura insisted. “And I love it here. And if I can help these children, I will. I love having the twins here, and there is plenty of room. Now, how is you research?”

“Done, almost. Writing up mostly,” Alex assured her as the pair fell into idle conversation. As it ended, Alex stretched out on the sofa, not wishing to disturb Soral’s meditation. As Bones jumped up and curled up beside her, she drifted off to sleep.

In the bedroom, Soral lit the candles and incense sitting down beside the statues of old Vulcan gods and Surak. He closed his eyes willing he fire within him to calm. Almost instantly the fire started to fizzle and he felt a familiar calm settling over him. He could still control it, that was good.

After a good hour had passed he crawled into bed and fell asleep. He hoped Alex would be along shortly. He found that he slept better with her by his side.



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