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Sleeping Beauty

Posted on Monday, 29 March 2021 - 5:17pm by Captain Barret Stillwater & Emerick & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant JG Kay’la

Mission: Operation: Trail of Tears
Location: Sickbay


T’Lanna stirred just as Barret stepped out of the turbolift on the medical deck, she was too ‘out of it’ to even realise where she was or what was going on around her, she was lost in a sea of voices and emotions that right now she was too weak to turn off.

Emerick had the woman in stable condition though she was practically stable when the Captain brought her in. What was wrong with her was already predetermined. She was suffering internally; Her mental capacities overworked and far stretched passed the normal breaking point.

"How is she?" asked Stillwater as he stood near Lieutenant Vali's side as she lay unconscious on the biobed.

Emerick shook his head. "She's a tough patient and I am surprised she's been able to last this long. She's under a sedative right now. Physically, she needed the rest, but that alone isn't going to help her. I had to increase the neural inhibitor and suppress her abilities for the time being."

Stillwater was concerned with the sharp and spiraling decline of the woman's health. "She's exhausted herself and it didn't help matters I refused to let her have the full effect of the inhibitor."

The Emergency Medical Hologram. "Your actions put her at greater risk. Any more of this and she may suffer irreversible neurological damage, a complete loss of her abilities, and the potential for psychosis. Worse case scenario is she ends up comatose. So, I am glad you aren't a Doctor because in this situation I am, and I pull rank."

Stillwater had his fair share of battles with flesh and blood physicians, but never had he before gone toe to toe or pound for pound with a holographic one. "We are leaving this region of space as soon as the shuttle is back in the bay."

Emerick sat a PaDD down and looked at Stillwater. "Good, make sure it's at maximum warp. Staying here any longer is not an option, and you are putting my patient at risk. I have already filed an official report for Starfleet Medical and Starfleet Command, protesting your actions and stating that in my professional opinion that you took unnecessary risks, jeopardizing the safety and wellbeing of this crew."

The Captain nodded. "Send your reports. I take full responsibility for this, and to an extent, you are right. Can she be woken?"

The hologram's simulated blue eyes were piercing. "Yes, but do not stress her. She's been under way too much of it as it is. She may not entirely feel like herself. I have increased the inhibitors tenfold, she may not even be able to sense the difference between you and I."

Stillwater felt a bit of comfort in that. It meant the voices were practically null at this point. "Go ahead," he said to the man. "Wake her, Emerick."

A hypospray was loaded and pressed against the lieutenant's neck. Stillwater looked over her as her eyelids fussed about. Soon, her eyes opened and he looked down at her with a comforting grin. "You gave us quite the scare, T'Lanna."

T’Lanna looked around, last she remembered she was on the bridge now she wasn’t. She recognised Emerick and the connection to her location was made but she couldn’t help but be startled at not having her senses. “I can’t sense you!” She looked at Barret with a frightened glance. “I can’t sense anything!”

"I know," Stillwater replied. "It's temporary. Emerick increased the dosage of inhibitors, a wall from the voices from everything. Just until we leave this region of space, you'll start to sense things again soonish."

Emerick walked over "Approximately two hours and gradually it will fade and you'll be 100%" he explained.

T’Lanna nodded and took a deep breath, “Thank you. Sorry I ... don’t cope well without my senses.” She looked at Stillwater. “I’m sorry if I gave you a fright Sir.” She stifled a yawn. “It’s nice not to hear the voices anymore, I’m not sure I could have withstood that for much longer.”

"Emerick is pretty convincing that you wouldn't have. This was the best course of action in order to avoid harming you further." Stillwater was glad she was okay. "Raith should be back soon. The shuttle was returning. I will have him come by to check on you."

T’Lanna offered a brief smile. “That’s good to know, Thank you Sir.” She offered a warmer smile. “For what it’s worth I’d do it again.”

"I know you would," replied Stillwater. "I know how much I can depend on you."

“I want it ... put on record” T’Lanna looked at Emerick. “That I volunteered for this! It’s not ... Commander Stillwater’s fault.”

Emerick nodded. "Of course, Lieutenant. I'll make note you chose this course of action on your own accord."

“Thank you Emerick” T’Lanna jumped at even the slightest sound as Kay’la went about her duties and other members of the crew came and went. Her usual sense of people approaching was gone. “It’s so ... lonely without my senses. It’s like you’re not even there!”

Stillwater chuckled. "You are one of us now," he said placing a hand on her shoulder. "But only for a short while. Try to rest and enjoy not being able to hear or feel, consider it a brief respite." The Captain smiled. "I will come back by again when I have the chance."

T’Lanna nodded. “This is ... alien to me Captain, I don’t like how it feels.” She sighed and closed her eyes, the sooner she slept the sooner she would be herself again.

"Just rest, try not to think too much about it," Stillwater said. He gave a look to Emerick. It was a silent exchange, but an agreement that she needed to sleep. If needed, Emerick could sedate her again.

T’Lanna barely heard the last words as her tiredness took hold, she had fallen asleep without the need for sedation. A quiet and restful sleep.



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