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Semper fidelis

Posted on Friday, 16 April 2021 - 9:33pm by Captain Barret Stillwater & Lieutenant Talarn Zilth & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Location: USS Standing Bear | Deck 07 | Cargo Bay #4

Marines. They were not Captain Stillwater's favorite individuals to have aboard a starship, but their ground combat experience, especially in the Dominion War had helped the Federation from being entirely wiped out overnight. Barret had floated the idea of bringing a small squad aboard to help reinforce the Standing Bear in the event the Andorian situation escalated into boarding parties. Talarn had agreed to it.

Now, Barret and Talarn we're home eading to cargobay four to meet their new assets, several enlisted soldier under the command of a formidable Staff Sargeant. "They arrived overnight," Barret said to Talarn before reaching the cargobay. "While we were asleep apparently. They overnighted them to it. I guess when I asked about getting some marines, they took it as I absolutely needed them to get here overnight."

Talarn was surprised. “That was fast... I didn’t know they could do that with people.” He chuckled. “How many are we talking about? Did we get anything about them?” he asked, keeping pace with Barret.

"I asked Sickbay to send someone down here to meet us," noted Stillwater. "I don't know where these marines have been or how up to date their vaccinations are, but if they are going to be living with us the next few days, I want to reduce the chances of spreading any odd diseases or viruses."

“Good. We’re going there to see them now?” He knew that he had agreed, but now that they were here he was feeling a little anxious.

Barret nodded. "Yes, they are living in the cargo bay. We had cots set up for a small barracks for them,” explained the Captain.

Talarn nodded. “That’s good. I have to honestly, I was not expecting they so quickly.” He chuckled. “What ever you said to get them, they believed you.”

"Ah, Doctor Alexander," Barret Stillwater called out seeing the Assistant Chief Medical Officer. He noticed the man was holding a med kit. "I see you came prepared."

"Of Course Captain" the Assistant Chief Medical Officer gave a nod, he tried to be prepared at all times.

***Cargo Bay Four***

The Marines hadn’t been on the USS Standing Bear for very long, but they had already put up a base of operation with army green tents. The men coming up the new tent city could only see a few men doing the last of their work. One man, a fresh faced human with red hair and a strip of freckles across his nose. He saluted the ship’s Captain. “Staff Sergeant is expecting you, Sirs...”

"Thank you," Stillwater replied. "Can you take us to the Sarge? I'm afraid we have not formally met, and navigating this... setup is not my forté."

“Of course, Sir. I’m Hayes. If you’ll follow me please.” He led the group toward the “Command tent”.

The flaps were up on two sides of the four sided tent. Two men were inside of it, looking at a star chart HUD, marking it with touch. The dark haired of the two noticed their approach. He stepped forward casually, his hands clasped behind his back. “Gentlemen. Thank for the use of your cargo bay. Captain Stillwater?”

"Yes," replied Stillwater. "And this is my Chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Zilth," he said gesturing to the Cardassian. "Our Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alexander," he said getting to the medical officer. "Dr. Alexander came fully equipped with hyposprays and some vaccines we'd like to administer to you and your marines."

Jarin gave a nod and held up the hypo. "This will be painless."

The sergeant nodded to each face that was presented to him, looking each person over. “Yes, Sir. I’ll have them assemble. I also have a PaDD with our jackets. We are here to assist you in any way we can. I heard we have some Andorian problems?”

Captain Stillwater nodded. "We may," Barret responded. "Starfleet Intelligence believes an Andorian attack on Vulcan is a likelihood. Whether that be the case or not, it does seem like the Andorians are pulling from the Federation."

The Staff Sergeant nodded. “We’ve noticed activity that way too. This is the third time in a week. Feel like things are ramping up for a real issue. I don’t like it, Captain. Don’t like it at all.”

Barret sighed. "I know what you mean. It does not sit well with me either, Sarge. Things are ramping up, and if the Andorians do have a secret fleet roaming around out there, the question remains where the hell did they get their resources from because it wasn't the Federation."

“A little from everywhere from what we’ve seen... and some new ideas of their own. It comes at a very tough... time.” His tone said that he knew Starfleet was struggling. “I worry about our future.”

Captain Stillwater could relate to that worry. "Come hell or high water, Sargeant, we will do what needs to be done to keep the Federation together," Barret commented. "I commit myself fully to this uniform, to restoring it's prestige again."

Merrick nodded. “Ooh rah,” he said softly.

Captain Stillwater looked at Doctor Alexander, then at the marines. "The Doctor shouldn't be too long, just going to poke and prod your marines a bit, and get them cleared for duty aboard the Standing Bear."

Merrick saluted. “Thank you, Captain. For better days.” He dropped the salute and stepped away from them. “ALL RIGHT YOU JARHEADS! LINE IT UP!” They came from everywhere for a moment and made a line in front of Merrick. There were nine men and Merrick. “All right, men! This nice Doctor is going to check you out. Do what he says with no back talk. Got me?”

“YES! YES SIR!” They said in tandem.

Merrick bowed to the Doctor. “They’re all yours, Doc. I’ll go first.” He grinned.

Captain Stillwater nodded at the medical officer. "I'll leave you to it," noted the Captain. Barret looked at Talarn. "Now, I believe you and I have some lunch plans."

Talarn grinned. “Oh?” He says innocently, or the best he could do to sound innocent. “Was that next?”

"According to my well detailed schedule, yes," teased Stillwater. They two left the doctor to the marines, and Stillwater began contemplating what to have for lunch.


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