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Surprise News

Posted on Saturday, 1 May 2021 - 11:21pm by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Captain Barret Stillwater
Edited on on Sunday, 2 May 2021 - 9:43am

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Location: Ready Room


T’Lanna had been summoned to Stillwater’s ready room, she wasn’t sure why she’d been called, but she would no doubt find out very shortly. At least she was back at work, her abilities functioning as normal, her control was ever more on her mind after what had happened. Arriving at Barret’s ready room door she pressed the chime and waited for an answer.

Stillwater was quick to pull the holographic display at his desk to grant access to the woman outside. He was getting more used to these new technological advancements and upgrades that had come about since his initial retirement. Still, he had a lot to learn and get used to, but being back in the saddle helped.

Walking in T’Lanna offered a polite smile. “You wanted to see me Sir?”

"Yes, lieutenant I did," Barret replied politely. "I wanted to talk to you a bit about your father and the future pertaining to the Vulcans." There was a lot that could be said, and it was still an uncertainty what the future held.

T’Lanna nodded, the mood was still somewhat somber for her where her father was concerned. “I’ll be first to admit I don’t know much about what’s happening. My father was a lot more ... in-depth where Vulcan was concerned.”

"You'll want to study up on Vulcan culture and Federation History," Stillwater said. "Your father held an important role, he was highly valued and appreciated." Captain Stillwater picked up a PaDD and started to hand it over to T'Lanna.

T’Lanna nodded “My father was an Ambassador, he had a position that he spent a lot of years earning.” She looked curiously towards the PADD Barret was holding. She gently took it, her eyes widening with surprise as she looked at it. “What!? Diplomatic Attache!” She looked up at Barret, “They want me to be a Diplomatic Attache!?”

"Apparently, yes," he replied. "It was not entirely on the Vulcans to decide to offer you the....Position? Title? Barret was uncertain how exactly to phrase it so that she did not feel as though it took her away from him and his crew. "opportunity to serve in such an honorific capacity. You will have your normal duties of course, but Vulcan interests should be on your mind when advising myself and the other command officers." The Captain cleared his throat. "Admiralty placed their support end endorsement behind it, and it was strongly noted that your father had wanted you to honor these wishes."

T’Lanna stood looking at Barret in surprise before taking a deep breath, and taking on a more professional air. “If my father thought I was capable, and they’re happy to offer this to me then who am I to refuse?” She nodded before pressing her fingerprint to the acceptance document on the PADD. “I accept.” She handed the PADD back.

"Congratulations," Barret said with a polite nod. She was not quite an ambassador nor envoy, but the role of diplomatic attache was one of worth and respect. He would value having her at his side whenever dealing with the Vulcans. "How are you doing? Being held by the Andorians was no stroll through the forest."

T’Lanna shook her head. “No it wasn’t, but Soral taught me to use my abilities in a way I’ve never used them before. I’ve never astral projected, it was ... odd to say the least. He had me turn my inhibitor back on afterwards, unfortunately the Andorians were ready for his plan.”

"Fortunately, they were not ready for Lieutenant Kingsley, and several Starfleet Special Forces Marines coming on to get the two of you."

T’Lanna smiled. “That I was extremely grateful for. While I was there I came to the conclusion that as much as I’m afraid of what I can do, I’m not me without my abilities. Although I am grateful for the chance I’ve had to learn to rely on my instincts.”

Stillwater nodded. "You have abilities that many of us do not, but your struggle is not one you alone face," Barret said reassuringly.

He looked at her for a moment before continuing, "Even us humans have an unsavoury underlining to our personalities, belittling of our societal advancements and deeply rooted in our primordial makeup. We have the capacity to inflict violence and partake in heinous acts. The leash, no matter how tight we keep it, has the potential to snap...when it does, we are often on our own to either become our own handlers, or become the beasts that we fear the most."

T’Lanna nodded in understanding. “I choose to handle my demons, not be controlled by them.” She smiled. “Like anyone whose lost a loved one I’m still grieving, but I will honour my father’s memory by representing Vulcan to the best of my ability. I will also honour you, and the crew of this ship, you are all my family.”

"Family looks out for one another," Stillwater replied. It was true. He also knew that in saying that, he had to admit this family was fractured, missing two of it's own who had ventured to Ekos, and contact had been lost. He was not sure what their status was.

He looked at T'Lanna. "If you need any of us, don't be afraid to reach out."

T’Lanna nodded. “I’ll do that, I promise.” She offered a warm smile. “I guess I have a lot of hard work and study ahead of me.”

"I suspect you'll soon know more about Vulcan than most of us," Stillwater noted. "In the meantime, I need to become and expert on Ekos and Zeon overnight."

“Well if you need any help just give me a shout” She offered a brief smile, but it wasn’t her usual cheery smile.

"I will be sure to, lieutenant," he said before dismissing her. He noticed that there was something different about her.



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