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Staff Meeting: Dark Nebula

Posted on Monday, 13 April 2020 - 3:07pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Yolen * & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Raith Kolani & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Emerick

Mission: Operation: Overdrive
Location: USS Fontana | Observation Lounge
Timeline: 2393 (Shortly after Away team left)


Soral had been left in command while Victrix and Eyelaya, and Rose were gone on an away mission to hopefully add one more member to their slowly forming family. He sat in the observation lounge. He'd chosen it as it had holo emitters and he needed the doctor there. Tapping his com badge he said, "Soral to J'Loni, Vali, Kolani, Kingsley, Yolen, and Muniz. Report to observation lounge."

He then turned off his com badge. "Computer Activate EMH."

"Well, this ought to be a most enthralling conversation," said the emergency medical hologram when his holo matrix stabilized and he found himself in a room...the observation lounge with Lieutenant Commander Soral of all people. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency?" Emerick said looking at Soral. He did not appear harmed nor injured in any physical sense.

Soral motioned for a chair. "Staff meeting. Please have a seat doctor." He tapped his badge again. "Yeoman Sam Rose please report to Observation Lounge."

"An EMH at a staff meeting?" countered Emerick. "What hell dimension have we slipped into? Now, you're calling a yeoman to the staff meeting? What is this, Commander, the assembly of the B-team?"

"On a starship, doctor, there is no B-team. To see your fellow officers as such only demeans their qualifications. If you see yourself as nothing more then an EMH or if you feel you are not up to your tasks you may request deactivation at anytime." He wasn't going to sugar coat things. He never did. He saw the EMH as part of the team. He sensed that Emerick straddled that line of self-identity and he genuinely wanted to assist the doctor as seeing himself as part of the team.

"Well, Commander, I am not here to argue command philosophy with you as I have no access to the ECH aspects of my programming. They are currently off-limits to me since the synth attack and the aftermath of it" replied Emerick. I do; however, believe there is an appropriate structure. I do not intend to demean the qualifications of any individual, but some have expertise in areas where others simply do not. Why am I here and Doctor Rose is not? If he cannot attend or is not aboard, then yes, I will stay."

"Doctor Rose is on an away mission. You are now CMO."

Entering the Observation Lounge, Kingsley nodded to their XO. "Commander," she said before addressing the only other occupant. "Lt. Alex Kingsley, pleasure to meet you."

"Hello, Lieutenant" Emerick replied to the woman. "I'm the emergency medical hologram, but you may call me Emerick."

"Emerick, got it," Carolyn nodded with a bright smile.

T’Lanna arrived at the staff meeting as she entered the room she smiled and nodded to each of those present. “Hello everyone.” She walked over to a seat and made herself comfortable.

Soral pointed to the replicator. "While we await the others please take something to drink." He himself grabbed a coffee, his weakness.

Yolen entered carrying a coffee he'd just replicated. He found a seat next to Alex. "Hello again."

“Hey flyboy,” she grinned.

Sam quickly made her way to the observation lounge, having no idea why she'd been called. When she walked in to find several officers there, she nodded. "sirs." Then tried to step off to the side.

Soral motioned to the replicator. "Please help yourself."

Raith arrived in the meeting room, already carrying a nice hot Raktajino and a PADD, ready to take on board the parameters of the meeting and also to find out more about the oncoming mission. "Hello," he said to everyone already gathered, recognising several of the officers already seated and arrived. He already found himself excited about the mission ahead and also the chance to meet with the other senior officers.

Soral looked on and greeted the last few people who arrived including a very striking Klingon woman.

Once everyone was there and seated Soral began. He tapped the panel on the table and a map of the system rose in 3-D. "Commander Victrix, Chief Eyelaya, and Doctor Rose have left the ship on errand as you all know. We, however, have been given an opportunity to study the system and gather certain information." He moved his hand bringing up a gaseous patch. "This is called the Dark Nebula. It is called that as we have no information on it. We have the opportunity to map it and all the people in this room will be involved in one way or another."

He cleared his throat. "Since the ship needs repairs and must stay here for when Commander Victrix and her party return a shuttle will go out."

Soral looked out at the crowed "Doctor Emerick you will be in charge of Sickbay until the shuttle or Doctor Rose return. I ask that you stay online for the duration." He looked at the man. "Commander," he said turning to J'Loni. "I need you to rally the engineering group, take people from Ops I want the ship at one hundred per cent when the shuttle returns."

"I will make sure that Sickbay is as Doctor Rose has left it" replied Emerick. "Hopefully, they are not gone for much longer" he added.

"Lieutenant Kingsley you'll take lead on the science side, Lieutenant Kolani, you will assist playing a three-fold role, science assist, as well as keeping an eye on how the equipment and shuttle are working. Lieutenant Yolen you will pilot." He turned to Vali. "Counselor you will be going with us. You have your primary task of studying the file you were given but your senses will come in handy as well. Mr. Muniz you have the science department to finish setting up and finally Mrs. Rose. You have basic medical I assume?"

"Understood" replied Muñiz.

"Yes, basic medical." Sam was completely out of her depth. She wasn't ready, nor did she want to be on an Away Team. She was a yeoman, she did paperwork.

Kingsley glanced at Yolan and grinned before she spoke up, “how soon do we start?” She honestly did try not to sound like a kid left in a candy store but fell short.

"How long until you are ready to leave?" Soral asked

Yolan piped up. "I am ready when needed."

“Same,” Kingsley nodded.

Soral raised an eyebrow. "While I can understand the rush let us prepare for every eventuality." He turned to the rest. "Can everyone be ready by tonight?"

“I'm ready whenever the away team is ready Sir" T'Lanna offered a polite smile.

Raith smiled, enjoying the positivity of the senior staff and their eagerness to get underway as soon as was possible. He realised his job would be a busy one, acting on three fronts and immediately his thoughts were on the shuttle and making sure it was in the best position of preparation possible before the away team left the Fontana.

"if you're looking to be ready to be ready by tonight, then I'll need several Ops officers with me to make sure that the Shuttle is prepared...for anything," he explained before pausing. "As we don't know what we are dealing with, all I can do is prepare the shuttle for every Nebula based eventuality I know of as well as making sure there are backup in place for the core systems such as Sensors, Shields, Life Support to stay the least...and at least that way, the Away Team has a fighting chance of coming back in one piece should any bad happen."

Soral gave a nod. "Make all the preparations you require. Work with Science and Helm to ensure all is functioning." He turned to the Klingon Engineer. "Please ensure that they have everything they need," and then to the room. "This is an important opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the true aim of Starfleet, to explore and seek. I have had a probe sent out into the nebula but the communications stopped at a certain point. If you find that it is unsafe at any time. Abort and return to the ship."

"Understood" replied Raith as he made a list of the Ops Officers he needed for the tasks ahead.

He paused allowing the room to absorb his words. "Any final questions?"

T’Lanna shook her head. She knew all she needed to know for now.

Raith kept his head low as he worked on the list, knowing that he'd asked the only question he had on his mind. He looked up for a moment when the question was asked. "Nothing further from myself sir."


Lt. Cmdr. Soral
Executive Officer

Lt. T’Lanna Vali

Lt. JG Raith Kolani

Yeoman Samantha Rose

Lt. Alex Kingsley
Chief Science Officer

SCPO Muñiz

Emergency Medical Hologram

Lt. JG Yolen
Helms Officer


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