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Broken Hearts and Jazzy Doctors

Posted on Saturday, 1 May 2021 - 7:12pm by Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Location: Starbase 21 | Sickbay
Timeline: 2394 - a Week prior to SB arrival - After Turbo Lift Trials


Hayashi rushed into the sickbay holding Oriana who was gasping for breath. "Medic!"

Hearing the call for help, Dr Kevin Johnstone hurried around the corner, wasting no time as he ushered the newcomers towards the nearest bio-bed. "What happened?" he asked, his deep baritone voice seeming to fill the entire room as waited for an answer with an entirely calm persona. Not the slightest hint that moments before he had been about to sample some rare cheeses his fiancé had 'acquired' while on leave or that he had been pulled from his break and - with it - the chance to listen to some frankly sublime Italian opera.

"We were trapped in a turbolift...she had a panic attack didn't stop," Hayashi said lifting Oriana onto the bio bed.

"I see," Johnstone nodded, beginning his examination as one of the nurses approached. Certainly, the presentation was somewhat classic, yet his instincts were warning him that something more was amiss here. Yet his tone never changed, never waivered as he spoke to his newest patient. "My name is Dr Johnstone, what is your name?"

She looked up at him and through a gasped breath she said, "O...Oriana."

Hayashi stood back watching, feeling like an intruder. "Doctor I will leave her in your hands."

"Perhaps Oriana will appreciate some company," he countered, without missing a beat as he initiated a full body scan, a translucent holographic display appearing over his patient which, if needed, he could manipulate to focus on a specific area or give him a three-dimensional image. When the darn thing worked properly. Innovations were not always the way forward.

"Now, Oriana, you are not trapped in the turbo-lift anymore," he told the woman, leaving her friend to stay or go as he took the PaDD from a nurse and began making notes. "What I need you to do for me, and most importantly for you, is to take some deep breaths. Like this, deep breath in.... hold it... and then out. Just a few at a time or you'll make yourself dizzy. Do you think you can try that for me?"

She tried but it didn't work. Hayashi stepped forward. Her head turned to face Hayashi and she seemed to talk a little.

"Oriana, I need your full name to access your medical records. Are you stationed here?" Johnstone enquired as she remained resolutely studying every facet of information the medical scans were offering.

She shook her head. Hayashi stepped up placing a hand on her shoulder. She seemed to calm a little more. "O..Oriana Skye...Sety. N...Not stationed here...change of plans."

"Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men," Johnstone lamented, breaking from his intense study of anatomy when the nurse finally handed him a PaDD. "Medical records, much better. Mmm. Yes... Well... Quite," he muttered away to himself as he read, occasionally fussing with the display and nodding to himself. "Well, it seems like your plans, Oriana, are going to include some Italian opera. Or perhaps some jazz."

She looked a little confused as she looked at the doctor.

"You have a small heart defect, easily treatable, but it will require surgery. I am, however, the best surgeon on the station and you are in capable hands," Johnstone told her. "And I have a fondness for opera."

"Sadly," the nurse on the other side of the bed sighed under her breath.

Somewhere in between the doctor’s speech Hayashi had slipped out feeling … well not knowing what the feelings were.

Oriana looked around and saddened a little. She looked back at the doctor. She had faced so much of life alone, she could do it again. "A..alright. But...will I be ready in a week. They are just in the process of finalizing my assignment."

“Oh absolutely. A day here for observation and a few more days of rest,” Johnstone assured her with a dismissive smile. “Nothing to worry about.”

Her fists balled tight. She was afraid. "Will I die?"

“Absolutely not,” Johnstone retorted, looking offended by the very idea. “You will be absolutely fine.”

Hayashi had only made it a few steps outside of sickbay when the urge to go back hit. Entering the last part of the conversation filtered through to him. There was something Vulnerable about Oriana, something that spoke of loneliness and struggle, things not unfamiliar to Hayashi. Stepping forward Hayashi said, "The doctor is right."

Oriana looked up startled. "You came back."

Smiling Hayashi shrugged. "Sure, I did. I'll be here when you wake up."

"I'll show you where to wait," another nurse offered as she ushered Hayashi towards a designated waiting area.

"Alright," Dr Johnstone nodded as he made a few final notes, "nurse, get her prepped and I will scrub up. I'm in the mood for jazz I think."

Ignoring the groans from his fellow medical staff he headed away with purpose, his mind on the procedure he was to perform. As he changed and scrubbed in, he ran through the procedure in his minds eye while anticipating any potential complications. The sound of his music filled the air as around him the nurses and technicians prepared the room until, finally, his patient was brought in. He nodded to Dr Eloise, who began the task of sedating their patient. "Now, Oriana, I want you to count backwards from ten and when you wake up, all will be well. Count with me. Ten... nine..."

She hesitated and then began to count, "Ten, nine, eight, seven..." By the time five rolled around she was out.

With their patient sedated and vitals being closely monitored, he set to work. He hummed along to his favourite tunes, entirely at ease and comfortable as he worked. His work was quick, neat, precise and methodical - as if lifted straight from a text book. It was his way. "Alright," he smiled, as he began closing up, "lets get our patient to recovery."

In the recovery unit Hayashi was shown into the room. He looked at the doctor. "Is she alright?"

"Healthier than when she came in," Johnstone declared as he watched the nurse’s fuss over his patient. "She needs some rest but I expect a full recovery."

Hayashi gave a nod. "May I stay with her a little until she wakes up?"

"Just don't get in the nurses’ way, when they say it's time to go, no arguments," the surgeon conceded.

He gave a nod. "Understood."

It was a good two hours before she woke up. "Hi," Hayashi said.

She smiled, "Hello. You're still here."

"As promised. How are you feeling?"

She sighed, "Tired, but alright."

Hayashi gave a nod, "Well they asked me to leave because visiting hours are over. You rest up okay."

She gave a nod. "Thank you for being here when I woke up and for getting me here so fast."

Hayashi smiled. "You're welcome." Hayashi stayed a moment longer as if reluctant to leave and then reached out to move a hair that had fallen across her eye. "Rest up. I hope that we will see one another again."

"If the Gods will it." She said already falling asleep. With one last look Hayashi headed out.



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