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Below Decks - Ghost Stories

Posted on Thursday, 29 April 2021 - 5:11pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Commander Soral & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Timeline: 2394


Petty Officer Ducart shuffled the deck. The young man didn't look old enough to be a Petty Officer, hell he didn't look old enough to be at the Academy. But he smiled his baby face across the table. "Alrighty folks, what are we playing?" He asked, the dim emergency lighting just enough to light the faces around the table.

"Well, it's dark, creepy, there's nothing else to do," a young woman replied, "I, petty officer Louise Duncan, declare it time for ghost stories... Unless you're chicken."

Yokuki smiled. She loved ghost stories. "Alright, how about we make it interesting? Legends of the senior staff ghost stories that we make up ourselves."

Duncan thought about it, "so, like, if they died... How their ghosts would haunt us? Now that could be good. Which of the senior staff are already the scariest in life?"

Yokuki laughed. "The XO."

Another young officer piped up, "just because he's a Vulcan, it doesn't mean he's scary. I hear he has kids. You want scary? Try working for a psycho like the chief of intelligence! Or the chief Tactical. He's scary! Oh gawd! Or the science chief. She's a redhead, so you just know she'll have a temper!"

Yokuki laughed. "Yes well the chief science is married to the Vulcan so....there we go. As for the tactical chief He's cute. More cute then scary."

Ducart gave an exaggerated shiver. "Cute? No way, I agree, he's scary. I bet his ghost would haunt us all, looking over our shoulder to make sure we were doing whatever we were working on correctly."

"He can haunt me anytime." Yokuki said taking up a cookie. "Anyone for cookies?"

"The first story should definitely be the XO and science chief -- Bonnie and Clyde like," Duncan commented, "as for cookies, yes. Bring forth the cookies and I'll grab some cocoa." The woman got up and soon returned with a large pot of cocoa and then returned with some mugs. Whilst the replicators were disarmed, they did have some normal stuff from storage as a just in case. It was supposed to be for kids, but dammit it was comforting, "here. Help yourself." She poured herself some and then sat on the floor, cross legged.

Ducart snagged two cookies. "I definitely think Kingsley could fly the get away shuttle."

"I'd love a cookie" Jarin smiled.

Duncan looked around the group, "so... Who's first?"

Yokuki raised her hand. "Well I don't have a story but I have an actual big of evidence to show that the ship is haunted."

Duncan looked intrigued, "do tell!"

"Okay well you all know I work in Engineering. The other day I was cleaning the core casing and checking for leaks. I kind of half assed it, I was tired." Yokuki blushed. "Anyway I … I was moving right alone when I got this feeling that I shouldn't be moving so quick. I ignored it and the core casing! It shocked me! Like an electric shock and I swear that in the midst of the swirl of the core I saw...Chief Eyelaya, may she rest in peace."

Duncan raised a brow, "seriously? Let's face it, if Eyelaya was to die, it would be because someone murdered her for talking so damn much." She chuckled.

Ducart let out a soft chuckle. "Duncan has a point there." He glanced over at Yokuki. "Had you been drinking on the job? He asked jovially.

"If she wasnt drunk, then ooo-- ghost of a live person!" Duncan chuckled, "come on, who's next? We need scary!"

"Well it creeped me out."

Duncan rolled her eyes, "we need a proper story. Like-- did you see the report Baciami submitted whilst on a base a few months back? There was an intruder aboard the Standing Bear, so she went to investigate. The woman followed as best she could but this apparition screamed, making her deaf momentarily. When she finally managed to focus, she ran into the XO's office, following after this guy, where he disappeared and she almost shot the XO!"

Yokuki laughed. "I bet the XO loved that. He strikes me as a man who likes things rough."

Duncan chuckled, "eww! That's a scarier thought than a ghost!"

Yokuki laughed. "I guess it is."

"Ok, none of that was actually scary." Ducart chimed back in. "Not that I can talk, I don't know any ghost stories. I'm pretty sure the CMO has cloned himself though. There's no way one man can be in sickbay 24/7. He hasn't asked for anybody's DNA, has he?"

Yokuki laughed. "True...did you also hear that he has a stuffed alligator that comes to life at night and eats the souls of the crew?"

Duncan looked baffled, "how can a man that hot have a cuddly toy? Wait... Is he single?... Never mind... Do you think the pet just collects the souls and gives them to Doctor Rose so he can use them to source his power from?"

Yokuki shrugged. "He is pretty cute. But I hear he's off the market too. Then there is the CO and the Chief Tactical. Seriously I'm starting to think of this ship as the love boat."

"If it's a love boat, it's more like a singles cruise with no good men, for us lower decks," Duncan muttered, "I'd forgotten they were a thing."

"Awwwww we'll find someone for you. We are all single here so we can pair up too!" Eli said, he'd been quiet up until now.

Duncan looked over to Eli, "you're too sweet. We'd break you, my love." She looked to the group, "if we suck at ghost stories, there's always spin the bottle though."

"Oh hell no!" Ducart stood up. "With that I'm out. Last time I played spin the bottle I ended up...well nevermind." Ducart fled, there was no other word for it.

Yokuki laughed. "Okay seriously though nobody has any scary ghost stories?"

Duncan shook her head. She was out. "What about you?" the woman asked, "you got one?"

"Ugh," Eli said. "We're the most boring bunch in the world."


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