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Welcomeing the New Roommate

Posted on Friday, 7 May 2021 - 2:04pm by Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich
Location: USS Standing Bear | Crew Quarters
Timeline: 2394 MD 04


Hamura and Mac headed to the place where he would call home until his fate was decided.

“Tell me again why you aren’t getting your own quarters?”

Hamura sighed, “Soral said that I’m only Temp Chief until a more permanent one is found. This makes logical sense that I would be in shared quarters if I am to be permanent Chief then… well I get my own quarters but for now it’s shared.”

Mac sighed. “I guess.” He hefted the bag he was carrying. “It’s good to get out a little though. I’ve been work and home, work and home.”

Hamura laughed. “Are you saying you’re bored at home with Haru?”


Hamura chuckled again as they entered the quarters. “My roomie won’t be home yet, or so I’ve been told I figure I’d get in we’d get this crap unpacked and then I’d be in Engineering until morning.”

“Avoiding finding out who your roomie is?”

Hamura sighed. “You know I hate roommates so I’m just going to avoid him or her. Going to spend most of my time in Engineering anyway.”

“That’s one way,” Mac said.

They entered the quarters noting that he key code still hasn’t changed which was good. Usually, roommates pick that together.

A quick look found that the empty bedroom had its door open. Hamura and Mac entered and made short work of things. “Alright. You hang my uniforms in the close and lay out the shoes on the bottom I’ll fill the drawers and then we’ll tackle the bed and head out.”


“I don’t have a lot to do and I’d rather be in Engineering.”

Mac shook his head and did as Hamura asked. It took them but an hour to get things sorted and to add a code to the room so the door locked and then they were out.

Mac looked at Hamura, “Bite to eat before you hit the engine work?”

Hamura smiled, “Sure I could always go for a sandwich or something.”

It had been a long time since the two friends had seen one another but they found that they were able to pick up right where they left off. Mac filled Hamura in on the happenings with Soral, with himself and Haru and Hamura filled Mac in on what thing were like and what was new, which was not much really.

They parted after a quick lunch and Hamura was off to see the new Engineering place that would be home. There was always a bit of excitement to new opportunities and new adventures.

Hayashi worked well into the night and came home around midnight. Seeing the quarters all dark Hayashi decided to head for the bedroom and sleep.

A good five hours later Hayashi woke up, hit the gym, came back showered and changed for work and was just sipping his coffee when the sound of the shower died. “Well, it’s time to meet the roommate,” Hayashi said deciding that it was time to stay and say hi. Perhaps this person, whoever it was, was going to turn out to be an okay roommate. There was no need to put it off forever.

Just then the door to the bathroom hissed open and Hayashi looked up. Eyes widening. There was the roommate! Oriana Sety, they’d met on the Star Base and there she stood just mere steps from Hayashi.

Her eyes widened too when she took in who was standing there.

Hayashi, with some amusement, watched as her whole body turned red. She stood there in her bra and underwear that had pictures of cats on them. Her hair neatly pulled in a bun looking very tempting indeed.

“Hello there,” was all that Hayashi got out before she turned and ran to her room. Hayashi laughed. “I guess she wasn’t expecting me. After waiting ten more minutes Hayashi deemed that she wouldn’t be coming out of her room and had to head out to Engineering but not before a surprise was prepared.

Oriana stood by the door in her room mortified. She hadn’t been expecting her roommate to be in until that evening and she hadn’t been expecting it to be Hayashi Hamura!

She’d come out in her underwear and bra! She should have been more careful and what a pair to be caught in! The one with Cat’s She was mortified beyond belief. She threw on her uniform and sat on the bed with her face in her hands.

She couldn’t stop blushing. She looked up and saw that the redness had not gone away.

Time ticked by and about thirty minutes later she got up enough courage to head out and face Hayashi only the quarters were empty except for something on the table. She walked to it and found that breakfast and coffee had been laid out and a hand scrawled note.

Well hello again,

Sorry I missed you, Kitten

Have an amazing day.

She groaned. “Oh crap. Now what are the odds that Hamura is going to forget this….” She groaned again. “Not a chance,” She said as she viewed the note again.



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