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Hens and Phone Calls - Part 1

Posted on Wednesday, 23 June 2021 - 6:25pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich
Location: Personal Quarters | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2394


Midnight had long since come and gone by the time a barefoot Alex Kingsley returned home. Quietly proud of herself for surviving an entire night in the company of Adriana Baciami and still being able to walk. Kind of. Pressing her fingertips to her lips she shushed the doors as they hissed closed but if the woke Soral, there was no sign of it. Then again, he had said that he would possibly take the graveyard shift so he could catch up on work... dropping her shoes on the floor she headed towards the kitchen in search of food, smiling when she found a sandwich already sitting waiting for her along with a glass of water.

He knew her too well.

Taking a bite, she drank up before she stumbled to the couch and sank gratefully into it. Her feet ached but in the best way. It had been a fun night... At some point her eyes had drifted closed, sleep claiming her until she felt something brush against her hand which awoke her with a start.


The puppy excitedly ran around her bouncing. He was now big enough to jump on the sofa with her.

The door hissed open again and Soral walked in reading a data PaDD.

He stopped, looked at Alex, and then walked by into the bathroom returning with another glass of water and two pills. "For your headache." He said, one that he, thanks to the bond, shared now.

She glanced at the water and offered an apologetic smile as she picked up the pills before Bones could get curious. "Sorry," she said quietly. Or she thought she did. It sounded way too loud in her own head.

"I take it that the hen catching party was a success?"

She couldn't help it, a laugh bursting from her lips. "Hen night, Soral... there was no actual hens involved," she assured him as she downed the pills and the water.

"I see." He shrugged. "I am glad that no hens were harmed. It was a bit distasteful and illogical that you would chase hens around before a wedding."

Alex grinned as she stood up, moving to wrap her arms around him, "completely illogical."

"You, my wife, are drunk. " He wrapped his arms around her. "I am glad you are making friends on the ship."

“I am not drunk,” she pouted before conceding, “well, maybe a little. A tiny bit. And you! You… made me a sandwich.”

Standing on her top toes she kissed him, “thank you.”

He smiled a little. "I thought you would be hungry."

“I was. I am. Is it too early for pizza? It is, isn’t it? Never mind, I’d rather spend time with you.”

He sighed. "It is not too early for pizza. What kind would you like, I shall replicate it and draw you a bath."

She grinned, taking pizza for breakfast as a victory. Against who or what she didn't know. "Just a cheese and tomato one is fine," she decided. "Are you staying home for a while?"

"Yes. I have a call coming in shortly."

“From? Or is it crazy classic - class - secret?” Frowning she rested her head on his chest she closed her eyes, “I’m gonna have a nap. Right here. Just for a few minutes.”

Soral sighed. He lifted her in his arms. "Perhaps you better take a nap first."

“Only if you stay,” she murmured, resting her head on his shoulder. “I haven’t seen you since yesterday morning.”

"I will stay. I will join you shortly." He laid her down on the bed. "The call will not take long."

She put a fingertip to his lips, “sssh. It’s a secret…”

He smiled a little. "Perhaps." He settled her in and then headed to the living room area to await Laura's call.

It was not a long wait, the workstation signalling an incoming call less than five minutes later. “Soral,” Laura smiled as her image appeared, “I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time?”

"Of course not. Anytime you require me I will be there. I just put Alex to bed after her...hen chasing party. I am assured that no hens were actually chased."

Much like her daughter, Laura laughed. "Ah, a hen night! Yes, she told me one of her friends was getting married, we were sharing some ideas. Other than you to deal with my drunken daughter, how are things?"

He sighed. "As well as can be expected. Alexandra and I have bonded again. The ship is... a place where the crew seems to be full of stress. I must apologize again," he said. "For the dog I mean, I did not know you were allergic."

Laura waved away the apology. Again. "You've apologised enough and he is no trouble, really..." she paused, studying him. "While this is not the lowest I have seen you, you still seem troubled. The bonding was successful, was it not?"

He gave a nod. "Yes. It was and we are both alright. I just..." He searched for the right word. "I just do not feel like myself. It has been a difficult time."

Laura frowned. "I am always here if you need to talk," she reminded him. "Perhaps some time at home..? And the children would be happy to see you. Even Severine. She just tries to hide it. She has your stubbornness." A kind smile took any possible sting out of her words.

"Indeed, and her mother's temper." He sighed. "Perhaps when we get some time. Have the other two children accepted N'vek or are they still keeping their distance?"

"To an extent," Laura said in a diplomatic tone. "It takes time. It is getting there, a little bit day by day. You must be patient."

He raised an eyebrow. "A Vulcan trait I have yet to master. N'vek called me last night. He … was crying."

Laura's eyes widened. "I knew nothing of it, I will speak to him," she assured him quickly.

"It is alright. I spoke with him. He feels lonely and if he is a burden to his siblings."

"Of course he is not a burden! He has been nothing but polite and helpful," Laura stated firmly.

Soral allowed himself a smile. "I thought as much. He gave me his word as a Romulan, it is not something that is taken lightly. I am beginning to wonder. Perhaps I could impose on your counseling skills."

"For N'Vek?"

"For myself."

To Be Continued...


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