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Hens and Phone Calls - Part 2

Posted on Wednesday, 23 June 2021 - 6:25pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley
Edited on on Wednesday, 23 June 2021 - 6:25pm

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich
Location: USS Standing Bear | Personal Quarters
Timeline: 2394


"Of course he is not a burden! He has been nothing but polite and helpful," Laura stated firmly.

Soral allowed himself a smile. "I thought as much. He gave me his word as a Romulan, it is not something that is taken lightly. I am beginning to wonder. Perhaps I could impose on your counseling skills."

"For N'Vek?"

"For myself."


Her surprise was evident but only for a moment. "Of course. Always," she replied with a nod. "What is on your mind."

"Do you believe that Severine is right? Am I showing favouritism to N'vek?"

Laura studied him for a moment, "and this is what troubles you? Soral... you were in a difficult situation and acted upon the advice you were given. You did what any good parent would do, listen to what is best and act upon it. While she has a brilliant mind, Severine is still a child. She will understand. In time. But no, I don't think you have favoured N'Vek."

"He reminds me of myself so much. An absent mother, a father that cared not for the child he created, abandoned, alone to face the world." He rubbed the back of his neck showing a rare bit of nervousness. "I feel as though I understand him more then Severine and Soval. Does this make me a... bad parent?"

“Of course not!” Laura admonished him. “You can understand his hardships and pain, yes, but that doesn’t lessen the love and support you give to Severine or Soval.”

"I..." Before he could finish N'vek entered the room a cup of water in his hand. His eyes widened and he ran over to the screen. "Father!"

Soral smiled a little. "Hello N'vek. I was going to call and speak to you and your siblings tomorrow."

N'vek lit up. "Risa is great! The ancient ruins uncle took us to..."

Severine picked the next moment to walk in. Her angry voice carrying. "He is not your uncle nor is Soral your father!"

"Severine!" Soral raised his voice. "That is no way to speak to your brother."

"Fine! You always take his side!"

Soral watched helplessly as Severine walked away and N'vek's face crumbled. "I'm sorry Soral."

Soral sighed. "N'vek you may call me father and my half brother is your uncle. Your sister...and I will talk tomorrow."

N'vek looked from Laura to Soral. "Can I come back with you. I know that Lady Alexandra doesn't like me but I promise to stay out of her way."

Reminding herself it was best to let the girl’s temper cool, Laura frowned as she watched Severine storm off. Fiery temper indeed… Her gaze shifted back to N’Vek, shaking her head, “you belong here, with family and where it is safe. The Standing Bear is not designed to be a home for families. Now, whatever makes you think Alex doesn’t like you?”

He shrugged. "She doesn't, I can tell."

Soral sighed. "I can assure you that it is not true. Alexandra is … young and when we married it was just us and now she has three children. It is not easy to get used to. She is learning about being a mother and like me she worries about being a good parent. It is not directed towards you N'vek."

The boy didn't look convinced. "I'm gonna go." He turns and runs off.

Soral sighed rubbing the bridge of his nose. "I apologize. You should not have to deal with this alone Laura."

"Oh don't worry about me, believe me, your wife gave me plenty of practice dealing with trouble," Laura smiled. "I will sit them all down tomorrow and speak to them again. They will get through this Soral."

"I know that they will with your aid. I also know that this has been difficult for you. The move from Vulcan, the children, giving up work so I hope you will not be angry. I have two confessions to make."

"Only two?" Laura countered, a hint of amusement in her eyes.

"Indeed. One...I have arranged for you to interview there for a temporary position. It will only last six months to a year but they need someone of your skills. Before you think this was a favour to me it was not. They needed someone, I simply sent them your resume."

Laura sat in silence, her brow furrowing in confusion. "How did you ...? You intend for all of us to remain on Risa?"

"Just for a few months, until all this settles and I am sure Vulcan is safe. I have it on good Authority that taking precautions with the Andorians and until those are in place Risa is the safest place to be." His lips twitched..."That brings me to my second confession."

“Please,” Laura nodded, gesturing for him to continue.

"The um.... Ambassador. I kind of played matchmaker there. It is something I have yet to admit to him."

Laura sighed, “this I knew. Soral, this must stop. I am a grown woman and do not need to be guided - career or otherwise. It must stop.”

He gave a nod. "On Vulcan matchmaking is...a part of our personality but I wished you to be happy. You and the ambassador seem like a good match. I hope that my matchmaking will not sour your both on the relationship."

“It won’t,” she assured him.

He gave a nod. "I should go check on Alexandra." He said.

“Always wise, hungover I assume?” Laura smiled.

He sighed. "Indeed, one that translates." He touched his head briefly.

Laura smiled softly, looking far wiser than her years as she reminded him, "would you prefer the alternative?"



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