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A Meeting with the Chief Engineer

Posted on Sunday, 27 June 2021 - 5:16pm by Captain Barret Stillwater & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich


Oriana set the data in front of Stillwater. Thus far she'd been good at keeping unnecessary work off his plate. The only thing needed was his signature on the final monthly report, sadly, a tasks she could not get done without him. "This is the last of it, Sir."

"They certainly like making mountains of paperwork out of ant hills," Stillwater commented shaking his head. "Thank you, Oriana, you've been doing a good job at keeping things orderly, and more importantly away from me unless absolutely necessary " added Stillwater as he provided his official coded signature.

She smiled. "Thanks sir."

The door chimed just in that second Oriana thought back to the CO's schedule. There was no meeting scheduled. "Nothing on schedule. I can get rid of them sir, if you wish."

"No," Stillwater replied. "I have and open door policy with the crew. I just have issues with unwanted and unnecessary paperwork, and surprise visits by Admiralty. The crew I will meet with any time they need som we thing."

She smiled, "You, Sir, are Papa Smurf."

"Smurfin'" replied Stillwater shaking his head. "That is smurftastic," he added. "I get the reference, but don't let admiralty know it. The last thing I need is admiralty believing I have gone soft."

She chuckled and let he CO open the door.

"Well, this is a pleasant surprise," Stillwater said. He was intrigued by the visitor.

Oriana's eye widened at Hamura's presence. She blushed. "I'll let you two talk." Oriana hurried out leaving Hamura staring after her and smiling wolfishly. Oriana was one of a kind and Hamura was grateful to know her everyday. Things were moving a bit quickly despite their agreeing to take their time.

Hamura looked back to the Captain. "My apologies for dropping in, Sir but I just wanted to introduce myself. Noting that you haven't had time to come by I thought I would pop by and see you."

"Appeeciated," replied Stillwater. "It has been a bit chaotic lately, but I have the time. Please, have a seat and let me know how things are going."

Hamura dropped into the chair. "So far so good. Your previous engineer was good, freakishly good. I've been reading over her papers and files and she kept things organized. I appreciate that." He studied the captain. "I understand she passed away my condolences on your loss."

"Thank you," Stillwater replied. "Chief Eyelaya was good at what she did, though she unfortunately was only meant as an interim Chief Engineer," added Stillwater. "I can't help but say that there has been a high turnover rate in Engineering. I am a blunt and direct individual."

"Fair game. I think it wise that we both consider it a trail to see if we can get used to one another and me to the ship and crew although I must say so far I'm loving this...not just because my roommate is hot." Grinning Hamura looked at the captain. "You look like you could use a vacation, Sir."

They were not wrong, not wrong at all. Captain Stillwater was in full agreement. He did need a vacation, a long one. Though his idea of a vacation was becoming more aligned with his husband, Talarn’s idea of 'vacation,' and that was both worrying and reassuring. It was no secret that Talarn had wanted no part in returning to service. "Yes," Barret replied to the chief Engineer. "A vacation would be nice."

"Hopefully get that soon. Now let's talk shop. There is still a lot to do on the ship. The replicator systems keep....failing. I haven't found a reason for that but I am close." He looked at the captain. "Feel like a walk to engineering? I could show you a few things by way of update."

Stillwater stood. "Alright, you have my attention and time. Let's do a bit of a tour and you can show me what you'd like along the way."

Hamura grinned. "Let's do it!" Raising an eyebrow Hamura then said, "The tour, you're soooo not my type." Winking Hamura headed towards the door.

"Likewise," he said shaking his head. "You would not be on my radar even if I were single."

"Nor you mine, now that we have that out of the way and before your assistant can distract me further with her mother hen hovering over you the lift." Hamura motioned to the lift that arrived.

Stillwater nodded and followed the engineer.

Hamura looked up. "Why on God's Green Earth! is there music in the lift?"

"I do not know, but at least it is not Klingon opera," replied Stillwater.

Hamura chuckled. "Yes well that explains why Soral wanted ear plugs that block out all sound. I'm shocked he hasn't taken apart the lift."

The doors opened on the Engineering deck. "After you sir. Our first stop, the engine improvements."

"It would be illogical for him to take the lift apart. Traversing the ship by stairwells and jefferies tubes would delay crew from reaching their stations under different alert conditions. It would lower our tactical readiness." Stillwater smirked. "Vulcan logic."

Hamura laughed, "In case you haven't noticed Soral's logic is often ...iffy." Their walk to engineering wasn't long and when they entered the place was a flurry of activity. Hamura lead the captain to where he could see the pulse of energy being fed to the engines. "So. That box over there," Hamura said pointing to the right. "I have named that the Eyelaya Control. That girl had some amazing ideas, a last gift from her duty logs."

"She had ambition, good ideas, but often was leaping before looking," Stillwater said. That did not change the fact that her loss affected him. He was still mourning each day, having avoided engineering mostly. "Soral and his logic are inconsistent. That is for sure."

Hamura studied the Captain. "Sir, can I speak freely?"

"Of course, please do," the Captain replied. He was interested in what they had to say.

"You seem like a good man. I can see by the way your eyes change, the slope in your brow and the tiny, almost unnoticeable lowering of your shoulders, you took this personally. You take loss personally when it comes to your crew and that is a mark of a great Captain but if you cannot maintain that professional distance, if you spiral into the loss you will not only hurt yourself but the man that you love." Hamura smiled a little. "But that's just an old engineer's view of things." Hamura motioned. "Let's get you briefed on the various situations."

"Firgive me if I don't take advice from an Ensign that just got here no much longer than a breath ago," Stillwater replied. "But you are making an observation on who I am based on the present, not the past. Have you known me several years ago, you would have met a very professionally distant man. Things change, Ensign, sometimes that distance causes more problems than you'll realize. Perhaps, in time you'll come to find that yourself."

Hamura sighed, "Perhaps but distance is sometimes the safest. Even Soral says that."

"Soral is Vulcan," Stillwater replied. "Maybe not by the book Vulcan as others, but he's still very Vulcan. I would not say he allows himself to get close to anyone."

"Depends on how you look at it." Before Hamura could say anything Oriana popped around the corner. "Captain. You're needed back in your office."

Stillwater nodded. "I guess I am needed, Ensign," Stillwater said as he made his way toward Oriana. He would see to his work.



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