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A Wedding Amongst the Stars

Posted on Monday, 28 June 2021 - 11:22am by Captain Barret Stillwater & Lieutenant JG Jodon Joral & Crewman Leopold Eberhardt & Commander Soral & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Raith Kolani & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Vice Admiral Veruka Kitan
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Mission: Operation: Neu Reich

With bruising and swelling now gone thanks to Dr Rose's handywork, Adrianna looked into the floor-length mirror before her and smiled a little nervously. The woman never thought she'd marry for love. Nor did she think she'd be walking herself down the aisle.

He hands straightened her gown a little, as if it wasn't straight to begin with. It was an off white and held hints of gold. The satin was delicately covered with a subtle lace pattern that shimmered a little when in motion. The dress itself fitted every curve she had with its trumpet shape, with the sweetheart neckline fading to off the shoulder bands.

Adrianna had kept her hair simple, with its natural curls gracing her exposed shoulders and collar bone. Her makeup, equally as subtle, merely highlighting her natural beauty. Her hands felt a little shake as a realisation of all eyes being on her, flooded through her mind. She only just managed to pull her simple, mantilla style veil over her face. It was a subtle hint at her heritage. Her mother had worn one similar, as had her grandmother. It was a Catholic symbol for the matriarchs in the family.

Picking up her bouquet Adrianna looked it over. A tribute to Emilia Eberhard, subtly embedded itself amongst her white roses, a single edelweiss flower. Adrianna smiled at it and hoped Leopold would appreciate such a subtle nod to his fallen sister and, indeed, his homeland.

Taking a breath she made her way to the aisle. She knew from the day she left Italy that if she ever got to this position, she'd be walking the aisle alone. She'd braced herself, for the lonely walk, but the nearer she got to the aisle, the more Adrianna doubted herself and felt nervous. Not because of getting married, just walking. Her mind wandered, imagining that everything was back to how it was before, as if nothing had happened. Her father would have been at her side, threatening one last time to shoot the guy at alter if he hurt her.

She sighed, pausing at the doors to the holo. She bowed her head and muttered something in her native tongue, a phrase she had heard a lot growing up, by various people that felt the wrath of Baciami: a lonely Baciami is a dangerous Baciami; a lonely Baciami is a dead Baciami.

The doorway to the side of her parted way. The bride to be was greeted with a clean shaven somewhat familiar face in a very unfamiliar look. Dressed to the nines in Starfleets latest dress uniform was Captain Barret Stillwater. He was supposed to be out there already with the guests...with everyone. He was supposed to be marrying the happy couple.

"Don't worry, he's still out there waiting for you. No run away groom to worry about," Stillwater said with a small smile. "I was informed by my aide-de-camp that you were walking the aisle alone?" He shook his head and gestured for Adrianna to take his arm. "I'm sorry your father could not be here to do this, or anyone more familial to you, but no bride is walking the aisle alone on my starship, Petty Officer."

Adrianna looked over the captain a moment, "Barely recognised you, cap-ee-tan." She looked to her bouquet then back to him, "I appreciate the gesture. Thought I could do it alone, but I guess I'm still not ready to be alone, in any capacity." She linked his arm and lightened the mood a little, "if Leopold has run in between time, he will find himself out of an airlock."

"I don't think you'd airlock him," replied Stillwater. "Freeze him in something perhaps, keep him as a wall piece for decoration maybe," added the captain. He looked at the woman. They had a few minutes at least. "I am a terrible person to say anything about not wanting to be alone is an okay thing. I isolated myself for many years and I still do it, but I have Talarn. You can have Leopold and do the same, but there is no shame in not wanting nor being able to walk the aisle alone. You shouldn't have to be alone for a time like this."

Adrianna smiled and took a breath, "when Starfleet got me out, I knew that regardless of what happened, I would be doing this alone. That said, it was a good thing in many respects - - a Baciami wedding was never complete without bloodshed. I'd imagine it would have been Leopold's."

"There was no way that we were going to leave the two of you on Ekos, especially in their prison system," replied Stillwater shaking his head. "It just took a bit longer than we had intended."

Adrianna nodded, "I didn't think we'd get out-- I knew the risks. I'd prepared to end. They didn't let us see eachother after Leopold tried to help me. I could only assume a fate similar to mine for him upon being discovered as a liar," She paused, "I've been trained for it - - since we were kids, not that it made it any easier, mind. Since being reunited, I've barely had a moment to just sit and talk with him. There is no doubt in my mind that whether or not he was subjected to the same hell, he must have changed. I don't think he'd admit it either way. I just know that I couldn't live without him in Ekos and I sure as hell won't try to live without him now we're out."

"When people like us find people like Leopold or Talarn, we need to do whatever we can to keep, but also to just keep them," Barret replied with a small smile. "Yours is probably out there sweating up a storm. Mine is probably anxious from being in a room with so many people and getting ready to submit a report for codes violation on maximum capacity exceedance."

Adrianna chuckled, "I know how he feels. At least I'm in a dress. He's got his formals on and I know they're a sauna to wear."

Stillwater cleared his throat. "I'm afraid I have made some changes to your wedding," he said as the music began to play for the bride to make her entrance down the aisle. "Pachelbel's Canon in D done by the computer's audio files wasn't going to cut it on your special day," he explained as the song began to play with a slightly different tempo and on an instrument that sounded divinely unearthly. "I opted for Pachelbel's Canon on the Vulcan lyre compliments of Commander Soral with piano accompaniment by Dr. Ryan Rose."

Adrianna smiled and looked to the doors ahead, "it could have been played on bagpipes, I'm just glad to be home, cap-ee-tan. Adding more crew to the wedding-- that just helps make this more special and also adds to the homecoming." She took his arm gently, "thank you."

"You're welcome," Stillwater said as he led the bride out and through the doorway. It was time for the bride to make her way down to the alter where Leopold stood. Members of the crew and Leopold's family were gathered.

Adrianna smiled to key people but her focus was on Leopold. She beamed at Leopold, whispering to him, "hi." She turned around and handed her bouquet to her cheif bridesmaid, Alex.

Soral had played the bride down the isle his mind on his own wedding on Earth. Once the bride was where she needed to be he took his seat amongst the crew watching is wife who was a bridesmaid. He had to fight hard not to smile. She looked so beautiful as did the bride.

Taking the bouquet, Alex flashed her friend a reassuring smile. Not only was Adrianna stunning in her wedding dress, but she was showing the entire universe that nothing was going to stop her from marrying the man she loved. She felt eyes on her, knowing it was Soral without having to look. This moment was about their friends.

Ryan had been both pleased and disappointed that his dress whites still fit. He sat with the rest of the guest, pleased that Baciami and Eberhardt could finally have their day.

Scarlet put her hand softly on Ryan's and smiled. She loved weddings. She'd heard about the pair, but didn't know them really, she was just a plus one.

T’Lanna sat with Raith and a very well behaved Jayce, she couldn’t help but think about when the day would come when she and Raith would marry. There was plenty of time for that yet though. She smiled as she looked at Adrianna, she was happy that after all that had happened she and Leopold were getting married. She hoped they’d have a wonderful life together.

Rear Admiral Veruka Kitan had taken Stillwater's place as officiant of the wedding, stepping in so that he could do the fatherly duties of walking the bride down the aisle. Veruka was stricken with a wave of emotion. Seeing the young woman walking the aisle reminded her of her own wedding day. She noticed the groom was looking a little nervous, a bit pale. She placed a reassuring hand on the man's forearm "It's going to be alright. You can do this," she said to Leopold.

The Admiral's presence and kind words were unexpected, but Leopold's focus was on Adrianna. His bride, his soon to be wife. As she neared Leopold felt the Admiral's touch, her words were tender yet firm. He was glad that Doctor Rose was in attendance because he felt like he was going to keel over at any moment.

With the bride's arrival, Admiral Kitan addressed all in attendance. "One of our most sacred traditions, the union of individuals coming together to be wedded, mated, or bonded together. That is what brings us here today. It doesn't matter the species nor culture, the galaxy is full of acts such as the one you bear witness to today. Love. Love is what unites us all, and today I am honored to be here to unite Petty Officer 2nd Clasd Adrianna Baciami and Crewman Leopold Eberhardt."

Adrianna smiled at the admiral's words but turned to Leopold and took his hands. She was grateful that the captain had stepped in for her father, and she would thank him properly later. Right now though, her brown eyes were on Leopold's eyes, as if no one else was watching. Right now, it was him and her.

"It is the duty and privilege of a ship's Captain, dating back to maritime tradition, to officiate this union," said Stillwater briefly. "But I just had an even more prestigious honor...walking this beautiful bride down the aisle. Admiral Kitan, I yield to you."

Admiral Kitan smiled. "I love weddings," she said wiping her eye. "I haven't been a Captain for a while, but today will be a great honor to officiate this union. Do we have rings?" she inquired.

Adrianna quickly glanced to Stillwater and offered a grateful smile. She then looked back to Leopold and whispered, "who did you find as a best man, in the end?"

Leopold looked and smiled. "I haven't really gotten close to anyone aboard, but I thought it fitting that Ensign Hamura being my Department Head take on the role and duties."

Hamura opened the case and held out the rings. Humbled and fascinated at Leo's choice. Hamura looked around and noted that someone was missing.

Adrianna smiled at the rings, she'd let Leopold sort them since he'd done well with her engagement ring. She nodded a thanks to Hayashi and looked back to Leopold. It was happening, and she was so excited to be together properly after so long.

Hayashi stepped back a little after the rings were dealt out.

Rear Admiral Veruka Kitan smiled warmly at the couple. I love weddings she thought for a moment. It was Stillwater giving her a look and gentle nudge by clearing his throat that she continued. "Yes, rings!" she exclaimed. "Rings and other ornate pieces of jewelry are our emotions brought into the physical world. They are a symbolic of everlasting love, as well as a symbol to show the world that you have been fortunate enough to enter into this marriage commitment."

Veruka looked at the couple. "This happy couple will now exchange their vows of union. Adrianna, would you like to state your vows to Leopold?"

"Leopold, when we first met, I wasn't looking for anything other than myself. You helped bring me to being the person I am today. Vows are supposed to be promises to eachother. I cannot promise you that I will be obedient and provide you with a million children like traditional Vows dictate. What I can promise you is that I will continue loving you, look after you when you need it, be your partner on life's adventure, make you fat," she paused and chuckled, "most importantly though, I vow that I will always be honest with you and will fight to ensure that our love remains strong to withstand anything, because you taught me what love could be." Adrianna gently slipped Leopold's ring on his finger, smiling. She couldn't believe they were both there.

The Admiral nudged Leopold.

"I'll keep this short and to the point. I do not want to live my life, whatever is left of it, alone. I choose you because my heart chooses you. I would never want you to be any more than you already are. Be stubborn, do not obey me, keep me in line, hold my hand and journey with me through the stars for as long as our hearts yearn and burn for one another" Said Leopold as he then slipped the ring on Adrianna.

Adrianna smiled at his words. He knew her all too well. Adrianna didn't feel much like herself lately, but she knew Leopold would encourage it to health again soon. She squeezed his hand softly.

Veruka cleared her throat. "Alright then, you two kids ready?"

Adrianna nodded, "always."

Leopold nodded. "Yes," he said softly.

Veruka Kitan looked at the two. "I think we can cut to the point," she said with a smile. "The people came here for the food and the kiss," she added. "But that gown looks amazing on you, and you young man look handsome as ever I am certain."

The Admiral composed herself. "And now by the power vested in me by Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, it is my honor and delight to declare Adrianna Baciami and Leopold Eberhardt bonded in their union of marriage. Go forth and live each day to the fullest, boldy go where no one has gone before. You two may seal this declaration of love with the ceremonial kiss. Mr. Eberhardt, make it so!"

Leopold stepped forward, placed his hand around Adrianna's waist and pulled her towards him like a tractored beam to a derelict vessel. He pressed his lips to hers and passionately kissed her in front of all in attendance.

Adrianna was startled by the pull, just from experience on Ekos, but dammit it was Leopold. She rested her hands on Leopold's chest and couldn't help but grin. She felt like she could swoon and even felt her cheeks burn a little. "Wow," she finally said with a chuckle anmfter the kiss ended.

Leopold took Adrianna's hand as piano music began, they would leave now as husband and wife. The sond of the piano keys playing "Edelweiss" was unmistakable. He looked at Adrianna. "For my sister," he said as he pulled her close, scooped her up and began to carry her down the aisle.

Adrianna kissed his cheek and put and arm around him to help carry her, "same with my bouquet, for your sister." She kissed his cheek again, "I, Mrs Adrianna Eberhardt, love you."

T’Lanna dabbed her eyes as she watched the happy couple head down the aisle together. Weddings were just so beautiful. It was lovely to see them both so happy after what they’d been.


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