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Uhh... Not that kind of doctor

Posted on Sunday, 25 July 2021 - 4:30pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Lazarus

After seeing Soral, Adrianna knew who she needed to tell next. In one sense, it was down to two reasons: the first being that they were close friends, but the main one was that she didn't want to cause a domestic. She was convinced that Alex would get angry at Soral if Soral knew and didn't tell her.

Adrianna smiled at Alex, "You working too hard to stop for lunch and talk?"

Looking up from her desk, Alex smiled, "never too busy for you. Just let me file this and we can go find some food."

By filing she meant find a random pile of PADDs to add her latest work to. There was a system. It was just... unique. With that done she rounded her desk, "how are you?"

"I'm good," Adrianna replied, "hope you are too. Also-- I'm afraid this talk requires privacy, so lunch from the replicator and eat in here?"

Alex eyed her office, "you want to eat in here? Erm, okay... just give me a second..."

The only other seat in her office was covered in reports and journals. Gathering them up she dumped them on the floor in the corner and then did the same with the ones littering her desk. "There," she grinned as she gestured to the replicator, "what delights can I get you?"

Adrianna chuckled, "we need to get you a maid or a PA." She then looked to the replicator thinking, "chicken ceasar salad shall do. Just a glass of water too."

Ordering two salads but ordering a coke for herself, she served up the lunch. "PAs interfere too much, maid's move things," Alex shrugged as she sat down. "I have a system. It works. How are you settling back in?"

"Organised chaos," Adrianna commented before answering, "It's an adjustment. I've noticed old habits creeping in. I'm working on it though. Promise. Hell, I'm standing and I'm here, so, you know, I'll be OK." She paused, "How's life been whilst I've been on Ekos and stuff? What did I miss. Your husband seems... A little off when I've just seen him."

"Well, actually you missed a lot," Alex admitted. Of course managing to bond with Soral again was the main thing, but to speak of his Pon Farr was not her place. And, to most of the crew, they had never stopped being a bonded couple. "But most recently, it turned out the mother of his children is nowhere near as dead as we thought."

Adrianna looked a little surprised, "Oh? That's not something you hear every day. Not often do you hear of resurrection. Still, good news, right?"

"Not especially. She is Tal Shiar. Trouble with a capital T who abandoned her children and broke Soral in ways no Vulcan will ever admit to being broken and now there are just all these pieces of a jigsaw to piece back together. I have no idea what the right thing is to do. But... enough of that. I also graduated. You are now looking at Doctor Alex Kingsley thank you. Just erm, don't ask me to do things like neurosurgery. I mean I could probably muddle through," she lied with a mischevious grin.

"Sounds like something I'm sure he can deal with, well, you can deal with and smack him until he deals with it," Adrianna replied with a grin, "ok doctor, so no neuro surgery, but what about prenatal care and potential c section?"

“Erm had pass,” Alex replied as she pulled a face. “What you need in that situation is Dr Ryan Rose.”

Adrianna nodded and was silent a moment to see if Alex would get it, before trying a different tactic, "I agree he would be best. Still, as long as I have someone willing to do that role in a few months."

At this point just about to eat a mouthful of salad, Alex stared at her friend for a long moment before her fork fell back into the bowl. "You're not?!" she grinned, "it's amazing! Congratulations!"

She started to get up but then remembered how - even at the best of times - Ade valued her personal space. "Can I give you a hug? It feels like a hug moment..."

Adrianna chuckled. She was hesitant about the hug, but lately she had desired the need for physical contact that wasn't malicious. Adrianna stood up and held out her arms, "yes of course."

"Congratulations!" Alex said again as she hugged her friend, stepping back again she had so many questions. "When did you find out? When are you due? Wait... you guys aren't leaving the ship are you? I mean I know technically we aren't a ship meant to have families on board but still!"

"Whilst in our honeymoon, December, I hope not," she replied in turn before adding, "I've asked Soral to put in a good word for me with the next captain. As I'm enlisted, I'm sure the rules may be different that with T'Lanna. I'll fight to stay though."

"I'm sure they will let you stay. This is so exciting!" Alex grinned. "I am so happy for you both!"

Adrianna smiled, "it's about time luck started changing. We needed some positives to outweigh Ekos. It came as a shock, but I won't complain. I come from a big family, so this will be the start of ours."

"So December... I take it you are wanting to keep this quiet for now?" Alex guessed. Perhaps it was insanity given medical advances but she knew it was still considered bad luck to tell people your good news too soon.

Adrianna nodded, "we just have a few people we need to tell on our terms and then we're good to go." She sipped her drink and looked back to Alex, "You think I'll get my ass handed to me by Leopold's parents for stepping in the ring whilst pregnant?"

Alex's eyes widened, "you did what?!! Wait... did you already know?"

Adrianna nodded reluctantly, "one off, won't happen again. In my defence, it wasn't a fair fight and he didn't lay s finger on me. Leopold has already given me an earful."

"Can't say I blame him," Alex chided her, "I know people have been having babies forever but still, don't jinx your good luck by taking unnecessary risks. You have to think of your husband, your child and you."

Adrianna smiled a little, "I know. I just needed a momentary outlet. That and I agreed prior to knowing. Just after the wedding but before the honeymoon." She sighed, "we'll be OK. Just an adjustment."

"A pretty amazing one!" Alex enthused. "I cannot wait to go shopping!"

Adrianna grinned, "me either. All the cute baby grows. You just know that I want them to have a onsie that looks like a commanders uniform."

"Oh please, I could just shrink one of Soral's," Alex laughed.

"Gawd, do it!" Adrianna chuckled, trying to imagine it. She got the image of Soral looking at the baby, looking back to his uniform, then to the baby again and realising it was technically his uniform.

Alex laughed. "So, how does it feel? You realise I have three children without ever having to do the really hard part."

"At the rate Soral is finding children, I'm convinced it would put you off," Adrianna teased before replying, "right now, it feels a bit surreal. The morning sickness is a bitch, but it's not awful. It's dying down a little."

"Eww. I hate being sick," Alex replied, pulling a face.

Adrianna chucked, "doesn't last forever. My mother had a lit of us. She's either brave or an idiot."

"I'm sure there is some kind of neurochemical changes that largely make women forget the more... uncomfortable... aspects of childbirth," Alex commented. "I'm sure I read a paper on it a few years ago."

"If you say so," Adrianna chuckled, "until then, I shall enjoy being waited on and not thinking about pushing a watermelon out of my vagina."


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