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And here we go again...

Posted on Saturday, 21 August 2021 - 5:37pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: XO's Office off the Bridge | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: Shortly after: Rescue Plan | Part III


Soral headed to his office. He needed to get a few Vulcan bits of technology that may be of help here. He also needed a moment to collect his thoughts and perhaps plan on how to force Stillwater's hand so that he could take Alex's place. What he hadn't planned on was that his little tornado of a wife would follow him.

“Best served on sensors?” Lieutenant Kingsley quoted as she entered before his office door could close. She had to meet the others in a few minutes to suit up. Hopefully this would still be a rescue mission and they could get their people out safely. She chose to believe it was still possible because otherwise they were going in to retrieve bodies - including T’Lanna.

He turned. "Yes, I stand by my words. I would not have you anywhere near Trell D. I know what it can do, I have been exposed to it before."

“Yes and remind me how that worked out?” Alex retorted, recalling her conversation with their chief engineer. It was something he hadn’t shared, along with the link he and Hamura shared. “I know those labs, I know the systems and fail safes and since I am not Vulcan being near this stuff doesn’t put me at higher risk. I can help get our people out. I can’t do that on the Bridge staring at sensor readings.”

She sighed, trying to reign in her temper, “I need to go but whatever you are planning to be overprotective and make the Captain reconsider, please, don’t.”

He turned to face her and for the first time his eyes were filled with tears. "You do not know how harmful Trell D is. You have some telepathy...some ability more to your mind even in a Betazoid it can be deadly. I cannot, I will not lose you." He took her by the shoulders. "Do not go!"

She stared at him, shocked by the raw emotion not just on his face but through their bond. “I’m sorry,” she breathed, reaching up to cup the side of his face, “but I can’t leave T’Lanna and the others if I can help them. I’ll be fine, Soral, I promise.”

He cupped his hands over hers. "You can't promise that." He leaned his forehead against hers. "Please...don't go. Let me go instead."

“You can’t promise you would be safe either and if they come back, we need you and the Captain to keep us all safe,” she told him quietly, hating to see him like this. “I need to go and you need to let me do my job.”

He pulled her into his arms. "No I don't. I need to you keep you here, with me."

“Soral, I need to go,” Alex insisted, trying to pull back. “We have our orders.”

He let out a shuddered breath. "I know. Perhaps it is time to contemplate retirement."

“A little drastic, but we can discuss all of this overprotective craziness later,” she told him as she pulled back and headed for the door, “first, I’m going to help get our friend and our crew mates out of there. Then you can make dinner.”

He grabbed her arm swinging her around and kissing her soundly. "I have one favour to ask," he said when he ended the kiss.

“What?” She whispered, completely wrong footed by the changes in his mood. They had barely seen one another for two days, what with the probes and their mutual stubbornness.

He walked to his desk and pulled out a small device. "A gift from the Romulans to the V'shar." He handed her a bracelet like device. "If things go wrong this...will ensure I can transport you out no matter what levels of Trell D it will create a clean pocket for five minutes."

“How big a pocket?” she asked curiously.

"It will cover a good area but my concern is you first."

“I’ll keep it close, I promise.”

He gave a nod. For a moment he sat back on his desk perching on its edge. He felt old, he felt tired. The whole Trell D portion of all this was unsettling and he was tired of everything that had gone on. He needed this time at the healing centre more then he wanted to admit. It was then that he made up his mind about the vote on Vulcan that was going to be taken. In that instance he knew which way he would vote for sure.

Stepping forward she kissed him briefly, “I will see you later, I promise. Make sure those idiots don’t get another chance to blow up the ship.”

And with a parting thought of love you filtering through the bond towards him she was gone, running towards the armoury.

Soral hurried to get the information that he had wanted and headed to the bridge. He would be needed there. There would be time enough to worry about all that was in his mind later. Besides Hamura would be there and he and Hamura had an agreement...although the latest news of who else may be trapped down there could derail Soral's plan.



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