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Past, present and future

Posted on Saturday, 9 October 2021 - 11:33am by Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers

Mission: Operation: Lazarus

Scarlet had finished installing Emerick. She knocked on Ryan's office's door frame and smiled, handing over a PaDD, "Barney is offline and Emerick has been installed. Just need a thumbprint."

Ryan stood from his desk and happily walked over to offer his thumbprint where needed.
“That is the best thing I’ve authorized in quite some time.” He smiled. “I say we get out of here and celebrate.”

Scarlet smiled, "I'm glad I could help. You seemed to look relieved when we said we fixed him."

“I am very relieved, and I can’t thank you enough.” He tugged gently on her hand, and waggled his brows. Something he couldn’t do well, so it looked ridiculous. “But I can try.”

Scarlet blushed and chuckled, stepped close to him, "it was nothing, really. And it wasn't just me. I couldn't have done it without everyone else. I only got so far."

Ryan shut her up with a kiss, right there in sickbay. He couldn’t help it. He realized somebody was bound to at least clear their throat at any moment, so he managed to pull away. “You spearheaded the whole thing, it wasn’t nothing. I am in love with a genius.” His smile was huge.

Scarlet was taken back by the public display of affection in Ryan's work place. She could feel her cheeks burning and her heart pounding. The woman was lost for words, but she quickly regained composure, albeit with a stammer, "I-I-umm-I love you too. Shall we go home?"

“Yes please, before sickbay gets more of an eyeful.” Ryan chuckled, then hurried her out and towards their quarters.

Scarlet tried to keep up, but their height difference made it look hilarious. "Can I ask, just out of curiosity, what made you so attached to the EMH? I know he was human like and had understanding of life, but you know."

They reached the door and Ryan tugged her inside before pulling her in close. “I do not want to think of Emerick right now.” He chuckled. “But I promise to answer your question.” He then kissed her with clear intent.

Scarlet chuckled a moment, but relaxed into the moment very quickly. After what felt like quite some time, Scarlet was breathless. Her hair was a mess, her clothes looking very all over the place and the sofa in tatters. "Remind me to do more projects for you," she said, running her fingers over a tear in the couch they'd just made.

“mmmm” Ryan replied sleepily. He smiled up at her. He wasn’t actually ready to go to sleep, but he was feeling lethargic after their adventures on the couch. Luckily his labcoat was on the floor, and just barely in reach. He grabbed it and covered Scarlet so she wouldn’t get cold.

“You wanted to know about Emerick.” He stated. “He was, is, a good friend. He really helped when things were bad with my x wife, which was pretty much always. He read me to sleep once.” Ryan chuckled at the memory. “And he’s the only male that doesn’t make me flinch with unexpected contact. I know that’s because he’s a hologram, but it’s nice. I never felt like I had to be ‘doctor’ with him. Most of the crew call me just that ,‘doctor’ as if I don’t have a name. I really missed the acceptance, and I’m so glad he’s back.”

Scarlet nodded her understanding. "I never thought an EMH could be more than an EMH. You were so saddened at his absence though. You have opened my mind--really. I mean, who knew an EMH could be more than a tool? I just design and build, I never see stuff through." She paused and looked to Ryan, and added with a chuckle," at least Emerick won't call me mother. Barney does and I've deleted that code four times."

Ryan chuckled. “Don’t tell him that story or he just might start calling you mother for fun.” He pet her hair. “Do you wish you were seeing things through?” He asked. “From design to completion, like in a real research facility?”

The woman chuckled and considered herself warned about the EMH 'family virus'. She did stop a moment to consider whether she'd left any of Barney behind by mistake. Clicking back in, the question Ryan had posed was an interesting one. Scarlet thought about it for a moment, "yes and no. Yes, because it would be fun to see, and also I could see stuff on real time use, with practical applications - - including the ones we don't think of - - like, did you know dermal regenerator can also be used as erasers for pencil and pen and even get rid of stains? - - anyway, I would also know where to tweak things, or even what I actually need to focus on as a new project instead of just making new things without guidance-- actually be guided by where there is a need." Scarlet paused before continuing her train of thought,"That said, no-- because blood, guts and gore and I feel that by working that way I'd get obsessive and wouldn't have the time or passion anymore for imagining new things. I'd prefer to be ignorant and continue to have passion for my job than to be handed an assignment or brief."

Ryan yawned. He was paying attention, but he was also sleepy. “Mmm. That’s a good point. You can always see what opens up for you once your PhD is done as well.” He smiled. “And no, I did not know you could use the dermal regenerator as an eraser, but that makes sense.”

Scarlet smiled over to him, kissing his hand, "what if I just want to stay here with you?"

It took Ryan’s sleepy mind a few seconds to parce what she was asking. But once he had he smiled. “And what if I want to follow you to ‘head of research, Starfleet.’? He answered with his own question.

"At least we're on the same page about the constant in both scenarios," Scarlet grinned.


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