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A Historic Day - Part I

Posted on Sunday, 10 October 2021 - 6:13pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Captain Barret Stillwater

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness
Location: Various


=/\= Back on the Station =/\=

“… expecting them to start demoting me every time my labs get blown up,” Lieutenant Kingsley confessed as they emerged onto the promenade. “Hopefully our new CO will understand these things happen…”

Barret was hoping to cheer the Chief Science Officer up bit as he gave her a bit of a lecture. "I would not worry too much about it. To be honest a few probes and labs here and there is nothing. Starfleet has lost more explorers and science vessels than we care to think about. You know Jean-Luc Picard made into the ranks of admiralty, and he lost the Stargazer, Enterprise-D, and damn near lost the Enterprise-E as his time as Captain."

The screen on the promenade came to life the Volume raised as all around stopped to listen to the direct carry feed from Vulcan. The young Federation reporter, an outrageous Bolian man, said, "Breaking news from Vulcan. We are gathering in the hall of voices where a historic event is happening on Vulcan, one that has not been seen since the time of Captain Kirk. Vulcan is about to take a historic step that could have ramifications throughout the Federation. For more on this we go to Sovan Kavel our Bajoran correspondent on Vulcan."

Overhearing the commentary, Alex stopped in her tracks before managing to squeeze her way through the crowd so she could see and hear what was going on.

Stillwater shook his head. "I hate when there's breaking news and it involves Vulcans," he said anxious about what was about to unfold.

The scene shifted to a Bajoran woman who stood amongst a sea of Vulcans. “I’m standing here in the hall of voices where a historic vote will be taken. This vote consists of Academics, members of the Vulcan Governing body, the Vulcan military and defense teams and other various sects. A pre-vote is being taken here that will decide if a planet wide referendum will happen. Vulcan, historically, has gone through a similar vote during the time Ambassador Spock was still within the first few years of his first five year mission on the Enterprise. It was here in this hall that Ambassador Sarek and then Commander Spock convinced the room to vote against leaving the Federation, they voted against the referendum going planet wide to all the citizens of Vulcan. Today we stand here again, a historic day for sure no matter the outcome where Vulcan will once again vote weather or not to ask all Vulcan citizens to make the choice, will Vulcan remain in the Federation or leave it.”

Monastic style bells chimed melodically calling all assembled to their seats. In a very Vulcan like organized style all souls moved and found places of perch. A tall, older Vulcan stood and regally addressed the group assembled. “I welcome you all to this pre vote ceremony. Today we will decide if there is enough support to call a planetary referendum. Each side will present its view and in the end we will vote. If the aye’s carry it then all Vulcan citizens weather by birth or marriage who are of age will vote on weather or not Vulcan will leave the Federation. If the vote is nay then the proposition will die in the hallowed walls of this place. Here within the hall of voices all those years ago Sarek of Vulcan, Kirk of Earth, and Spock of Vulcan stood convinced the assembled members to vote to stay in the Federation. Back then it was decided to avoid the minority speaking for the majority the first vote will be taken here and if it passes then all Vulcan citizens will get the vote. Both sides will now speak. I invite Admiral MacKay to address the council.” He stepped back and took a seat with the other council members.

Alex glanced up at Stillwater, “I hope this Admiral knows how to deliver a good speech… Soral seemed to think there was enough support to avoid this going further but who really knows what they are thinking.”

"My anticipation is that they will eventually break from the Federation, but I don't know if that will be this soon," he said to Alex. "We saved their asses at P'Jem the best we could."

A tall, rather stiff looking grey man stood and spoke. He listed the importance of the Federation to Vulcan, the good works they all worked together, the long relationship and ended with a holo of the first contact. The speech lasted a good half an hour before he finally headed back to his seat. The stately council member came back to the podium. “Now we shall have one of our most respected authors speak. I call upon Shar of Vulcan.” There was a murmur of the crowd. “Silence! I Call for Silence. Shar of Vulcan come and speak to us as to why Vulcan should leave the Federation.”

Alex’s jaw nearly hit the floor as she watched her husband stand and prepare to speak. Going to vote he said … not speak on behalf of the other side. “What the hell is he doing?” she breathed.

"Going to get his ass kicked when he comes back to you undoubtedly," Stillwater fired back. When you say distract your wife because you have business to tend to, this was not what I had in mind thought Stillwater.

Back in the chambers wearing academic robes but being V'shar he had not wanted to draw attention to himself, it appeared that the council man had other views. He stood and walked to the podium. "This is...the first time that I have spoken in public." He said. "I am, indeed, Shar of Vulcan and today I will address you as a philosopher. Fitting that I should speak for the first time on a topic I write about." He still gave the council man a stink eye.

"Perhaps I will not speak but just ask questions for you all to make up your mind. When Vulcan stood here before, faced with the same question the people decided to stay within the Federation because there was so much potential to the Federation, they were built on peace, on helping others who needed it, on creating friendships rather then conquering. They adopted a philosophy of everyone is worth helping, even if they are enemies, we saw that this philosophy brought friendship with the Klingons and many others that were hostile once to the Terrans and the Federation. Can we, as a people, stand here and say that we would be saying yes to the same Federation? Did they not turn their backs on the Romulans when their ears were filled with the hateful cries of other Federation members? Did they put their interests ahead of Romulan lives?"

Soral walked a little farther. "Did Vulcan not send half the armada to help with Mars and half to help Romulans yet the Federation did nothing. Did they refuse to take Romulans to their home and in stead tossed them on worlds like Vashti to survive and fight on their own? Did they stop the travesty of Pa'jem? Did they stop Vulcans, innocent, from getting hurt on Earth and other Federation held planets in recent times? Did they lie and say that there was an attack on Romulans on Earth when in fact it was Vulcan who were injured in those raids by the Terran groups?" Perhaps the next move, somewhat dramatic but necessary. Soral took a dagger and cut his hand letting the green blood flow. "Is not this the same colour of blood as that of the Romulans? Are we to believe that they find the one vile and not the other? How long until the Federation turns on Vulcan and an we guarantee that they wont? Can we trust this Federation that is so different from what it once was?"

There was silence in the hall. Soral knew he'd struck a nerve. "But if we do take this vote we must be above the pettiness of the Terrans, we must not make our Vulcan brothers and sisters choose Starfleet or us. We must also focus on rebuilding Vulcan and that will include reunification talks. Are we ready for all this?"

There was a call from the crowed. "Tell us your vote!"

Soral was tired. "I vote for leaving the Federation, it is what is best for Vulcan and her people." With that he went back to his seat. There were murmurs from the crowd and then the reporter was back.

"We're being ushered out of the chambers as the vote gets underway. I'm being told that this was the first time that Shar of Vulcan has spoken publicly and I am told that there is rumour that he's even a Starfleet officer! Join us in the next hour where the vote will be announced."

Stillwater looked at Alex, feeling betrayed by his soon to be former First Officer. "He better keep his green blooded ass on Vulcan, because if he steps foot off that planet, he's going to be facing some serious trouble," Barret said shaking his head. "You want me to get you in contact with a good divorce lawyer?"

If she heard him she gave no answer, unable to believe her husband had just stood and delivered an almost impassioned speech about leaving the Federation and it’s failings - including P’Jem. She was beyond furious. How could he do that?! Did he hate Starfleet and the Federation that much? And where was his line in the sand? Of all the stubborn, irrational things he had done since she met him, this easily came top of the list.

“Soral, what have you done?”

To Be Continued...


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