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Wedding Post - Part I

Posted on Tuesday, 5 October 2021 - 6:06pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Various | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: On the way to the station


Mac paced the holodeck. Stillwater and Kingsley were there. Soral was on his way and Adrianna was getting Haru into suite without telling him why. He hoped Biacami could keep a secret.

“Will you please relax,” Alex pleaded as she caught Mac’s arm, bringing him to a stop as she adjusted his tie, “you are going to make a hole in the floor. Everything will be fine.”

"I Soral coming?"

“Of course he is,” she assured him.

Just then the door opened and Soral walked in. "Apologies I had a call to make." He studied Mackenzie. "You should wear that suite often. I have always thought it looks good on you."

Mac studied him. "It's the first time I wore this suite." He smooth out the white suite with the blue tie.

Soral was taken aback. "Oh yes...that is correct."

“It does look good on you,” Alex interjected, “Haru is going to be so blown away by all of this.”

Mac shrugged. "I know this is important to him, on my world this is not important, once a partner is picked and a partnership agreed to it is done. We have honoured his Vulcan side but since Baciami he's been a bit wedding crazy."

“Maybe don’t say that in your speech,” Alex advised as she moved to stand with Soral.

"Crap!" Mac shouted.

“Crap?” Alex repeated, frowning. “Meaning?”

"I for got..."

Soral shoved a paper in front of Mac. "Your vows you forgot them and I am not sitting through that again."

Before Mac could respond the doors swung open.

Stillwater add anywhere you like we can split into two posts

=/\= Elsewhere=/\=

Adrianna had not enjoyed keeping the secret. Equally, she'd been reluctant to even be involved. As Intel, keeping secrets was not hard, hell she was even still keeping a few now and found it somewhat offensive that Mac questioned her ability to keep a secret. Regardless, she was here with Haru waiting for him.

Haru emerged form the bedroom he shared with Mac. "Why am I in a suit again?"

"You're in a suit because everyone should have an opportunity to dress up, for a night out, once in a while," she replied, "that, and I'm pregnant, so you'll do as I say." She half teased.

Haru smiled, "Alright...I guess." He turned around. "Is this alright?"

"Yes, you look fine," she replied with a smile, "handsome even."

"Why do I feel like there is sword hanging above my head and you said Mac would join us...I asked him he said he was busy."

"Haru, you know me," Adrianna sighed with a smile, "there is not a being in the know and unknown universes that I cannot persuade. Mac is no exception."

He laughed. "That's true."

"Then trust me," Adrianna replied, "he'll show."

"Alright, where are we going then? This is too fancy for the mess."

"Yes, like I'd waste a good dress in the mess. We're going to the holo," she replied, "come on. Let's go. I need you to drink for two."

He laughed. "That I can do." He smiled. "How are you feeling about the baby?"

"What do you mean?" Adrianna asked as she ushered Haru out the door, heading towards the holo.

"Are you getting excited?"

"I was anyway," she replied with a smile, "not about the prospect of pushing them out, but about having a family. Shock turned to excitement within minutes."

"That's good. It's important. Will the captain let you keep baby here?"

"Stillwater, yes," she nodded, "the new captain-- to be determined. I'm enlisted, so they have every right to revoke my position here in favour of me being on a base or a ship more equipped for family life. Either way, I won't go down without a fight."

Haru slung an arm around her shoulder. "We'll all help you."

Adrianna flinched at the unfamiliar contact, but allowed it. She smiled, "I know. The new captain-- I don't think they'll know what they're walking in on."

Haru laughed. "I think that best. Get them by surprise." Smiling Haru followed her to the lift and to the Holodeck.

"Why are you fidgeting and feeling paranoid?"

"Cause both you and Mac were acting strange and Soral has been avoiding me so...."

"I can't speak for them, but have I told you lately that I'm pregnant?" she teased, "everyone thinks I'm acting strange." She sighed, "can I have just one night where I am not accused of acting strange, or questioned if everything is OK or for people to try and get into my head and make assumptions about me? I just want a night of peace, with you, with both of us looking glamorous." Adrianna smiled and opened the doors of the holo.

=/\= Inside the Holodeck =/\=

Haru blinked. He looked around taken aback by what he saw. There, a beautiful garden filled with cherry blossom trees waited for him. Alex, Soral, Stillwater and Mac were there. Mac too was in a suite and looking more nervous then he'd ever seen him. "I...."

"I know," Adrianna replied to the rhetoric.

He looked at Adrianna, "I'm impressed that you were able to keep this from me."

"Why?" Adrianna asked trying not to appear as offended as she once again felt, "I'm Intel. There's tonnes I keep from people, inclusive of you."

Haru met Mac's eye as they walked up. "What did you do?"

Mac rubbed the back of his neck. "You wanted a wedding."

Haru sighed. "But you didn't."

Mac shrugged. "What is important to you is important to me." He cleared his throat. "On Capella we do not have weddings, we have joining ceremonies. And's complicated."

Haru gave a nod and looked around. "I...I don't know to say to you all." He was deeply touched by his friends' kindness.

To Be Continued...


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