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Posted on Monday, 4 October 2021 - 8:42pm by Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant JG Kay’la

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Sickbay


The morning shift had arrived all too soon, Kay’la was waiting for Ryan when he arrived for his usual shift. “Good Morning” she smiled. “May I talk with you, in private?”

"of course." Ryan immediately agreed, and heading to his office.

Walking into Ryan’s Office Kay’la took a seat. “I am... concerned about T’Lanna. She was awake overnight complaining about having a nightmare. When I first approached her she was... well she practically bit my head off, but she did apologise.” Kay’la shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but I thought it best to mention it. I have no idea what the nightmare was about, she didn’t say.”

Ryan nodded. "She's been through a trauma. A nightmare is actually to be expected. But I'll take a look at the overnight scans, and see if I spot anything of concern."

Kay’la nodded and smiled. “In that case I’ll get out of your hair, and let you look over the readings.”

"Thank you for taking the overnight shift so I could get some sleep, and you're never in my hair." Ryan smiled. "Your turn to get some down time. I'll go check on T'Lanna."

“It was my pleasure, and if you need me just call.” Kay’la offered a warmer smile then headed off to her quarters.

Ryan half followed Kay'la out, but turned to check on T'Lanna. "Good Morning." He greeted.

“Good morning Ryan” T’Lanna offered the best smile she could muster. “I hope I didn’t offend Kay’la? I didn’t mean to shout at her.”

"I hardly think she'd be in the medical field if she couldn't take a little yelling." Ryan offered. "Do you want to talk about it?"

“I guess...” T’Lanna sighed. “I was sleeping then I heard a voice” she frowned. “It sounded like my mother, the same voice I heard on the shuttle the day we brought back my mother’s body.” She sighed feeling more than a little confused. “I was awake! I was sat up in bed, at least... it seemed like I was.” She shook her head.

"I bet that was disconcerting." Ryan sympathized. "How are you feeling otherwise?"

“Otherwise...” T’Lanna paused. “Okay I guess, my senses are somewhat foggy, but I guess after everything I’ve been through that’s to be expected.”

Ryan nodded. "Very much so. You just need to be patient with yourself. I know you aren't fond of it, but I'd like to leave the cortical monitor on, just for a bit. Your system has been through a huge shock, and there's only so much modern medicine can do. Sometimes you need to just give yourself time to heal. You have a wonderful excuse to go home and just relax for a bit."

T’Lanna nodded. “I guess you’re right there, so I take it my new organs have taken to my body okay? Will I need any regular medication?”

"For the first few weeks definitely. But once the adjustment stage is done, we'll start tapering them off, and hopefully wean you off completely. So far though, things look good organ wise."

T’Lanna smiled. “All thanks to you, and the rest of the Sickbay staff. I can’t thank you all enough for giving me back my life! I plan to live it to the full.”

Ryan smiled. "That's great to hear. I'm sure you are ready to get out of here though. I want you to eaze back into things. So stay home for 2 days, then we'll see about light duty."

“Really!?” T’Lanna looked at Ryan in surprise. “I wasn’t expecting to get back to my duties so quickly! Not that I’m complaining.” She smiled warmly. “I just hope I’ll have my senses working properly sometime soon.”

"LIGHT duty." Ryan reiterated with a smile. "If we see anything of concern from your monitor, or you get overtired, we'll re assess. But rest first." He smiled.

“Agreed” T’Lanna nodded and smiled. “I promise I’ll be the best patient you’ve ever had!”


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