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Asking for Help

Posted on Saturday, 30 October 2021 - 10:54am by Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness
Location: Couselor's Office | Deck 4 | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2394


Hamura knew that it was busy. The ship was ready to depart and Hamura should be in Engineering but Vali's office was where they were. They stood outside and chimed for entrance.

T’Lanna looked towards the door, with it being quiet she’d brought Jayce to her office with her. Right now he was sleeping peacefully, luckily he tended to sleep through just about anything. Walking to the door she smiled as the door opened. “Hi Hamura, come on in.”

"If this is a bad time I can come back," Hamura said.

T’Lanna offered a warm smile. “It’s not a bad time, Jayce is asleep, please come on in and make yourself at home. What can I do for you?”

"I'm in trouble. I don't have anyone to talk to this about."

“Well you do now” T’Lanna motioned to the seats, checking Jayce was still fast asleep she walked over and took a seat opposite. “So tell me what’s going on.”

"You mean other than the Soral thing...I feel like my personal life is hanging by a thread and I feel like I'm getting weaker everyday. Medically nothing is wrong..."

T’Lanna frowned. “Physically weaker? But nothing is wrong with you?” She looked at Hamura curiously. “Is there anything you can think of that could be causing it?”

"Yeah and that's what scares me."

“Oh?” T’Lanna looked at Hamura concernedly. “Soral?”

Humura looked up. "Yeah. It's hard to explain but our Katra's are connected and...if I'm weak so is he. Maybe whatever is wrong with him is a condition...a medical one."

T’Lanna nodded. “Possibly, but when I walked him to the shuttle bay he seemed in good health, if a little odd.” She frowned. “I don’t know Hamura, something feels wrong where Soral is concerned. He referred to Humans as Terrans, but was quick to correct himself when I queried it.”

Hamura looked up, "Terrans?" Hamura's eyes narrowed. "We have to get to Vulcan, figure this all out."

T’Lanna nodded. “Agreed, is there anything I can do for you in the meantime?”

"No...maybe...I don't know." Hamura sat back. "How are you at relationship advice?"

T’Lanna grinned. “I’m the ship’s Counsellor as well as Psychologist Hamura, I’m here to advise on anything. What is it you need to know, or talk about?”

Hamura sat back. "Love is a waste of time, it was an illness I never really wanted....I think I caught it."

“An illness?” T’Lanna shook her head. “It’s not an illness Hamura, love is something to be treasured. What makes you call it an illness?”

A quirky smile formed on Hamura's lips. "I've seen the devastation it can cause. Nevertheless I have it...I think. I'm not quite sure...maybe it's too soon."

T’Lanna smiled warmly. “Love entity in itself. Sometimes it takes a long time to happen, and other times it just hits you straight away.

"It's so hard to explain. I was fine being on my own, being Hamura. I had decided long ago not to share my life with anyone. I mean strings of one night stands, sure, that's all in fun but then she happened. I can't even begin how to describe what I feel when I'm around her, or when she's away, or what I felt when she was in sickbay and I was helpless. It's unnerving and frightening that I could feel so much and feel so many things that I cannot even name."

“Trust me I understand completely.” T’Lanna smiled. “I feel the same about Raith. It’s not something that you can adequately put into words, it’s totally unnerving but at the same time it’s rewarding. It’s time to make the most of what you have, don’t let it slip through your fingers.”

"Yeah but... that's just the problem. I seem paralyzed by it all." Hamura admitted.

T’Lanna nodded. “Don’t let your fear take over you Hamura. Don’t let it control you. Be strong.”

"It's not that easy. We have... a lot that we have to talk about and we can never find the time or place." Hamura said honestly. "There are times that I think we'll be okay, others when I think we won't be, and then there are the things that we can't seem to say." Hamura shook their head. "I'm not making any sense am I?"

T’Lanna smiled. “Trust me you’re making perfect sense!” She paused. “How’s about the two of you come and see together? You can talk out what you need to talk out in an environment where you can feel at ease. I can always wait outside and let you talk if you want privacy.”

"I think the together thing is a good idea. We'll need help communicating." Hamura touched their rank pips. "I'm a Lieutenant JG now, we haven't really talked about that. I'm moving to senior officer's quarters...and I want her with me but..."

“But you’re afraid to ask her?” T’Lanna looked at Hamura curiously.

“Yeah, what if she says no, or what if it’s too soon to ask? What if she says yes and I get cold feet or I don’t react the way she expects…What if we fail?”

T’Lanna offered an understanding smile. “Let’s just take it a problem at a time shall we?”

Hamura signed taking in all that she’d said. “Okay, so baby steps then, I’ll talk to Oriana about the promotion and the my moving. Maybe we can come here and talk to you about everything else?”

“Sounds good to me” T’Lanna nodded. “Just let me know when you’re ready.”

Hamura stood. "Thanks...I appreciate this. Now there is one huge problem I forgot about."

T’Lanna looked at Hamura curiously. “Which huge problem would that be?”

"She's not big on counselors," Hamura said. Hamura smiled, “But we’ll deal with that when we get to it.” Hamura gave one last nod, “Thanks, Lieutenant.”



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