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Part I -- Murder Mystery Night

Posted on Wednesday, 27 October 2021 - 8:29pm by Lieutenant Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness
Location: Holodeck | Deck 4 | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: MD 02 1900 hours


During the past hour, the house had been transformed. Lights from each window spilled out into the night, illuminating the overgrown gardens as the candles burned brightly. Each guest found the door opened to them by a cheerful butler who welcomed them and ushered them into the main room where a large dinning table was weighed down with food and drink for them to enjoy while music played in the background. Loud, but not quite loud enough to hide all the creaks and groans of an old derelict house.

In the old kitchen a chef was cursing at the antiquated stove as he served up plate after plate of delights while three identical waitresses made sure the food and drink just kept on coming.

"... like someone was watching us," Edwards whispered as she followed Siana downstairs, carefully keeping to the edge so she had something to grab if the step gave way. "didn't you?"

"You have an overactive imagination," Siana teased lightly as she picked her way down the stairs. She had changed out of her civilian clothing and was now in her chosen outfit and had transformed into a wicked witch. "Old houses, old creepy houses especially, play tricks on you."

The holodeck doors whooshed open to reveal two visitors. Hamura, who'd been there earlier, and another young woman. The Captain's Yeoman. While Hamura dawned the Dracula tux Oriana had a definite Morticia Adams look. They strolled onto the holodeck with Hamura smiling. "Hey Siana! We have arrived!"

"Hi Chief," Siana smiled as she moved to greet the new arrivals, "love the costumes! You know where the food and drinks are, help yourself and welcome!"

Hamura grinned, "I sure do! This should be an interesting night."

The door hissed open again and Mackenzie came in. Haru was running late, due to his investigation, but Mac who had been unsure of what to wear picked out a detective costume. He had always been partial to Sherlock Holmes and for tonight he'd dawned his cape and hat.

"Come on in," Siana called out in welcome, appraising his attire and coming up blank. "I feel like I should know this but...?"

"Sherlock Holmes," a voice behind them offered helpfully. "Or a really old fashioned superhero..."

"Sherlock Holmes, of course!" the Trill grinned, "I need to brush up on my Earth fiction, clearly, thanks Lieu -"

Glancing around Mackenzie to thank the newest arrival, the operations officer's eyes widened a little in surprise to find the ship's Science Officer standing just under the porch in a skin tight black jumpsuit and pair of boots with killer heels. Her red hair looked darker and longer, with two small black cat ears protruding from the mass of curls on either side of her head while a delicate lace mask covered her eyes. "You came!" their host grinned as she recovered her surprise.

"You asked often enough," Alex reminded her, "and it seemed like a good distraction."

Mac turned and smiled at Alex. "Hey, glad you're here." He offered her his arm.

“I’m hoping there is lots of alcohol,” Alex replied as she took his arm.

"With Hamura I'm sure there would be. Did Soral ever tell you about the hooch incident?" Mac asked leaning the way deeper into the room.

“Hooch incident?”

Mac laughed, "Your husband was the king of hooch. In Engineering they make some great engine room scotch. It's a tradition. He and Hamura were the Hooch barons."

“Soral making hooch?” Alex repeated incredulously. “No way!”

He laughed, "Yup. It was... a little wild but it was the best Engine room hooch in all of Starfleet."

Scarlet soon entered and smiled, "sorry I'm late. I bumped into petty officer Eberhardt and she wanted to send her apologies - - she said something about waddling and done with being pregnant already?"

Mac laughed, "She says that now but when the baby is here..."

Scarlet chuckled, "I would have said the same thing, but frankly, that woman scares me."

Mac grinned, "She scares us all but she has good hooch."

"Good to know," she nodded, "I'm not a big drinker, but I did hear from-- I don't remember who-- that her bottles were lethal."

“You better believe it,” Alex confirmed. “I wish she came but she’d figure out who done it in a heartbeat. We should make intel and security people wear blindfolds to even the odds.”

Mac smiled, he was glad to see Alex relaxing. He wondered if the CMO would join them or the counselor for that matter.

T'Lanna arrived at the holodeck, she wasn't sure whether she was really ready for holodeck shenanigans, she hadn't socialised since before her mental 'explosion' but she couldn't hide away forever. Dressed in some civvies with her hair down for a change she walked inside and offered a polite smile.

On her heels was Haru. "Hey Counselor!" He said.

"Hello Haru" T'Lanna offered a polite smile.

He grinned. "Wasn't going to come but I can't hermit, you know."

"That makes two of us" T'Lanna grinned as she tucked her hair behind her ear making her Borg implant glint in the artificial light of the holodeck.

"Alright then, let's go enjoy our de-hermiting"

T'Lanna grinned. "Why not."

As the guests continued to arrive waitresses moved around with silver trays of food and drink. The noise levels increased as conversations were struck up amongst those gathered. Siana drank it all in, trying to remember the last time so many people had been near her since… she became her current self. There was laughter, there were deep discussions and even some friendly debate. She heard Soral’s name once or twice as she navigated the room but that stopped when people realised his wife and other senior staff were now around. She didn’t blame them, it was big news for a small ship.

Eventually it was time and downing a shot of something (she did not ask) she climbed up onto a chair so she could be seen and tapped the side of her glass to capture attention. Eventually a silence descended and she felt her mouth go dry as all eyes seemed to look to her. Oh no….

“Hi!” She called out, trying to hide her nerves. Clearing her throat she raised her voice to be heard better, “welcome to our first murder mystery night! Thank you for coming and I promise the murder will commence soon. Before that, the organisers wanted to thank Ensign Hamura for her help in finalising the programme and to let you all know that bribes are welcome but not even your hosts know who is the victim and who is the killer.

The rules are simple. When we begin there is a murder to solve. Clues will be found around the house, you must find them and use them to identify the killer. But beware! This house is old and very likely haunted. And our killer may not be content with just one victim…

You can work alone or in groups of up to four people. When you think you know the killer, you come back to this room and write down your guess and team name and drop it in the coffin by the window.

So… Trust no one, enjoy the food and enjoy the night. Happy hunting! We begin in ten minutes!”

Turning, Siana flashed a grateful smile as someone helped her down. The chatter had picked up and she hoped this worked out just as Hamura hoped.

Oriana grinned as she helped Siana down. "This should be fun. To be honest I am not a big party person and have mad anxiety with all the people here but I don't mind this."

Another entrant to the fun was Captain Pippa Whitley, dressed in a handsome dulled brown mustard colored pantsuit, tailored fit to her body. Her pale silvery hair short and what best would be described as masculine by Human standards. She held a slim cigarette to her mouth; it itself contained in a very retro cigarette holder. She looked like a woman of business from a bygone era.

"I was in the neighborhood and thought I shall see what was going on," Pippa said trying to keep herself somewhat 'in character' as she proceeded in. "Charming place that we have here."

Oriana smiled, "Welcome! This should, indeed be an interesting evening."

Hamura, playing up their Dracula image sauntered over. "Hello Captain! Welcome to the fun house."

"Should I have worn my best garlic?"

Hamura laughed. "I'm a lover not a biter....although."

Oriana swatted Hamura. "Behave! That's the Captain. Have some respect."

Hamura stuck their tongue out at Oriana and flapped away.

Oriana then rolled her eyes. "Sorry Captain, They can be...a bit much."

With that everyone settled into the main room to mingle and chat. Soon the fun would be getting underway.

=/\=Some time later =/\=

Within the once luxurious confines of Raven Manor, the assembled guests were enjoying food, drink and good company. Some had even ventured off into adjoining rooms as the old grandfather clock dutifully kept track of time. The antique hands shifting until chimes marked the arrival of a new hour. It was time!

Outside, lightning lit up the sky, striking the ground just a few yards from the stately home. At the exact same moment the front door blew open and as wind wiped through the room all the candles were immediately extinguished, plunging the room into darkness. There were a few moments of silence before a piercing scream from somewhere among the group cut through the night.

In the middle of the crowd, Siana fumbled in the bag draped across her body for a flashlight and flipped it on, apologising as she realised she had just about blinded their new captain. Lowering it, she swept the beam around in a slow circle, stopping when the flashlight came to rest on the body slumped over the table with a carving knife protruding from the back.

It was the butler!



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