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Not Much of a Honeymoon

Posted on Tuesday, 26 October 2021 - 7:25pm by Lieutenant Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness
Location: Crew Quarters | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2394 MD 02 - Just prior to leaving dock


Forty-eight hours is a long time yet the day had passed quickly. In the morning they would welcome the last of the staff that was able to come back and do some final checks but for tonight there would be rest.

Haru had been the first back so he’d prepared dinner, showered and did some unpacking. To say he was disappointed about not going to Risa would be an understatement. It wasn’t Risa, it was the fact that they could finally just exist as a real couple no uniforms, no duty, no ship.

In an attempt to still his mind over the almost honeymoon and his worries over his friend, Soral, Haru tried to get lost in a book. It worked for a while and then Mac came home. They ate and Mac showered and they settled in for the night, each with his own book.

About an hour in Haru shut the book in frustration.

Mac, who’d been totally lost in a fantasy world that included a beast called a dragon jumped. He looked over to the other side of the sofa. “Bad book?”

Haru grimaced, “Sorry Mac.”

Mac studied him, followed that little sliver of connection. “Frustrated and…sad.”

Haru smiled, “You’re getting better at reading me.”

“It’s still weird but I am able to tap into this … bond.”

Haru smiled and reached out his hand taking Mac’s into his own. “Yeah. Frustrated because I hit a dead in with Soral. I can’t figure things out.”

“I get it,” Mac said. “I talked to the two crewmen that you told me to talk to today. Nothing. They can’t shed any light. They said that to them he was the same old Soral.”

Haru sighed. “Yeah. I wish I knew what was going on. Starfleet wants his head on a silver platter and I’m fighting damned hard not to give it to them. Alex…is of no help. She seems to have shut down.”

Mac smiled, “Can you blame her. She’s worried, even if she noticed anything odd she won’t say it, she wouldn’t serve up the man she loves to Starfleet.”

“I know,” Haru said. “I know.”

Mac studied his husband. “Sad, why?”

Haru looked up, they had promised one another to be more open about their emotions, more honest about their thoughts and reasons. “Look,” he began. “I know that you don’t like Risa and it was the best I could do but honestly it wasn’t about the planet. It was about finally, for the first time being … a couple, a real couple.” He pulled his hand back and waved around the ship. “Without this, without the rank, without work.”

Mac was silent a moment, thinking, processing. “I get that. We are a real couple despite all that and despite the failed honeymoon.”

Haru said nothing.

Mac smiled, “After this is over, when we are back, we’ll go somewhere, do something. It doesn’t have to be Risa; we can go to Vulcan. You haven’t been back so long.” He knew it was a sore spot for Haru, but also knew that it was time that he faced his demons.

“I just don’t know if I belong there.”

Mac smiled. “I would like to see your world.”

Haru again took his hand. “Part of my world, my world is Earth, my grandmother’s home…I don’t even have that.”

Mac knew that Haru was still holding a grudge about the fact that his mother and sister had sold his grandmother’s land and property.

Mac looked around. “Still haven’t set up the shrine properly in the new quarters, maybe we can do that tomorrow evening.”

Haru looked at the silver box. “Yeah.”

Mac studied Haru a moment. “How about some tea?” Before Haru could even answer Mac stood and walked towards the replicator. He ordered two steaming cups of Camomile tea, knowing that Haru preferred it in the evening, and watched as the shimmering dust turned and formed into the cups. He picked them up, instantly feeling the warmth of the tea run through his hands. He turned and in that instant nearly dropped the cups. Haru was standing there, cane in hand.

Haru smiled at the expression on Mac’s face. He slowly made his way over to Mac. As he was about to reach for the mugs Mac did drop them. He took Haru by the shoulders, the spilled tea forgotten. “You…You’re walking.”

Haru chuckled, “Thought I’d surprise you…guess I should have waited till the tea was safely on the table.”

“Forget the tea! You’re walking!” Mac pulled Haru into a tight embrace.

Haru smiled holding onto Mac. “I’ve still got to take it slow, but it’s a lot better.”

Mac pulled back and Haru was startled to see the tears that tracked down his cheeks. “Mac…You never cry.”

Mac turned away swiping at his cheeks. “I’m not crying…the tea spilled on me and it was hot….”

Haru threw his head back and laughed. “Yeah, okay then.” He took Mac’s hand. “Forget the tea, why don’t we head to bed. I’m sure we can find lots to talk about there.”

Mac snorted, “Talk huh?”

With a mischievous grin Haru made his way towards their bedroom gingerly with Mac following. At least they could have part of a honeymoon. There was much to celebrate even with all that was going on.



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