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Checking in ...

Posted on Sunday, 12 December 2021 - 12:35pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness
Location: Various | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2394


Hamura looked up from the data PaDD and saw the counselor coming. No doubt she had some questions after that headed staff meeting. "Hello counselor...I am wearily asking, how can I help you?"

T’Lanna looked at Hamura curiously. “I think it’s more of a case, of how I can help you? There’s something wrong isn’t there?”

Hamura sighed. "Depends on how you look at it but...yeah." Suddenly they looked tired and worn.

T’Lanna looked concerned. “What is it? What’s going on?”

Hamura tossed the PaDD at one of the ensigns who caught it. They motioned for Vali to follow them to the chief Engineer's office. They entered first and waited for Vali to come in.

Walking inside T’Lanna took a seat in front of Hamura’s desk. “It’s Soral isn’t it? I know the two of you have a connection.

Hamura sighed dropping into a seat. "Yeah. Something is wrong. Very wrong. I'm scared Stillwater got to him..."

T’Lanna shook her head. “Barrett Stillwater maybe many things, but he wouldn’t harm Soral, at least not seriously.” She offered a momentary grin. “How connected are you to Soral? I mean...if I melded with you would I be able to connect to Soral?”

"Very connected has a part of my Katra inside him and I a part of his. It doesn't work that way in terms of connection." As if on cue Hamura's nose started to bleed again." They took some tissue from the desk drawer. "Damn it!"

“Have you been to see Ryan?” T’Lanna looked concerned. “This is happening to you because of Soral? What happens to you if Soral...dies?”

"Yeah, he's injured...badly." Hamura stood rolling up their sleeve to show the bruises blossoming. "If he dies I'm down and out too."

T’Lanna gently reached out to touch Hamura’s arm. “Then we HAVE to find him Hamura. In the meantime we need to get you some medical help. If we can stabilise you, will it work both ways? Will it help Soral?”

"It may." Hamura looked around. "I need to get the QSD ready to go and the engines prepped for Vulcan. How about we meet in sickbay in a few hours?"

T’Lanna nodded. “That’s an excellent idea Hamura, any extra time we can give Soral will help until we can find him. I can’t, and won’t let him die!”

"Trust me I agree with you on that."

=/\= Hamura’s Quarters =/\=

After making sure the ship would run as it should Hamura headed to their quarters. Being in new senior quarters was … disconcerting and partly because Oriana wasn’t there. Things were still early in the relationship and neither wanted to rush it.

As Hamura changed uniforms so they could at least look decent for the medical check up they stood in the mirror still not used to the extra pip. They sighed.

Just as they were turning away from the mirror a sharp pain rocketed through their head.

Grabbing their head the spun around only to realize that the room was shimmering. They looked up and then saw an image, a familiar one. Badly bruised. Hamura gasped. “Senpai?”

“Hamura….I…. require your assistance.”

Hamura walked over and was about to reach out but Soral held out a hand. “You must not reach for me it could damage us both. Our Katra’s are communicating….I need you to find where I am. I need you to know that the Soral that was aboard the ship after our away mission was not I.”

Hamura’s eyes winded. “W…where are you?”

“There is little time,” Soral said, his gaze intensified holding eyes with Hamura.

Hamura’s mind filled with images and thoughts the pain of Soral’s body, he was dying.

Just like that Soral was gone and Hamura collapsed to the floor their nose bleeding their head throbbing.

=/\= Some time Later =/\=

T’Lanna was worried as she made her way along the corridor to Hamura’s quarters. They had an appointment that Hamura had missed, having tried to call her T’Lanna hadn’t received a response. Arriving outside the door she tried the chime, not getting any answer T’Lanna keyed in her unlock code and stepped inside.

“Hamura?” She walked a little further finding Hamura unconscious on the floor. “Hamura!” She moved quickly to Hamura’s side. “Hamura...can you hear me?”

Hamura let out a groan and with the counselor's help they sat up. They looked up at Vali their eyes red and blood dripping from their nose. "He's alive..."

T’Lanna helped Hamura lean back against the sofa. “Sit there, don’t move.” She dashed into the bathroom returning with a whole roll of paper pulling a wad she passed it neatly folded to Hamura. “Stem the bleed with that as best as you can, then tell you know where Soral is?”

Hamura accepted the paper gratefully. "Thanks. He initiated communication...he's hurt bad, dying. I need a few hours to narrow the search but I think I can find him." Hamura sighed. "I … don't think we should go to Vulcan. We need to find him."

T’Lanna looked at Hamura concernedly. “Are you sure he has a few hours? Looking at the state of you now it looks as though neither of you has much time. First things first we need to get you to medical, get you treated and seen if that helps Soral too in some way.” She looked at a Hamura curiously. “May I...” If her near death experience had taught T’Lanna anything it was to grasp the moment, and not to waste a single second. She placed her hand gently on Hamura’s arm focussing on a surface scan of Hamura’s memories, of what she’d seen. She gasped as she touched on part of Soral, a momentary connection formed then lost again. Withdrawing her hand she wiped away a trickle of blood from her own nose. “You’re right...we have to get to him! The sooner the better!!”

"We have to tell the Captain..."

“Indeed we do” T’Lanna nodded. “I’ll call a meeting, that way we can hash it out. Tell me something...if you’re sensing Soral so strongly, shouldn’t his wife be feeling it too?”

Hamura shook their head. "No...We share a Katra he...communicated with me through that."

T’Lanna nodded, though she was still surprised Alex hadn’t sensed anything from Soral.

Hamura looked up at Vali. "Can I ask you a stupid question?"

T’Lanna smiled. “In my book there’s no such thing as a stupid question” she nodded. “Go ahead and ask.”

Hamura sighed. "Why are you nice to me? Not many people are, not many people would believe me about Soral."

T’Lanna smiled. “Why am I nice to you? Because I like you, and because you shouldn’t have to prove yourself to anyone Hamura. Trust me I know what it’s like to feel like you’re out of place. After my mental outburst when I lost my father, I felt I wouldn’t be wanted here. Not after hurting so many people, but the crew have accepted me again. Sometimes it just takes time. As for Soral, I know the two of you are close I trust him and I trust you.”

Hamura gave a nod, "One more thing..."

T’Lanna gave Hamura a curious look. “What’s that?”

"Can we not tell Oriana about this?"

T’Lanna nodded. “What’s happened here is strictly between us, okay?”

Hamura sighed. "I guess we better get going." Hamura hated to admit it but..."I'm going to need your help getting up."

T’Lanna laughed as she bent down to give Hamura a helping hand to get up. “I suggest you take it slow.”

After a few moments they managed to find a good way to get Hamura up. "Alright. I to medical and you to arrange the 'I don't believe Hamura group.' "They sighed.



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