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New arrival - Ensign Bai

Posted on Friday, 14 January 2022 - 4:50pm by Lieutenant K'Var & Ensign Liánhuā Bai

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope

Liánhuā opened her eyes as the shuttle approached the USS Standing Bear, she had for the most part ignored those on the shuttle with her and slept for the majority of the journey. Their chitter-chatter was of no interest to her. She didn’t care who was seeing who or who had a one-night stand unless it impacted her work, then she may be interested in it but only maybe.

As the shuttle docked she waited patiently for the door to open and allowed the others to disembark before she did. Picking up her duffle bag she quietly followed the others out of the shuttle and was herded towards security where she knew to show her identification and orders.
She spotted the CTSO, a Caitian female as they approached and held out her orders and ID to the woman.

"Welcome aboard" K'Var said to a Lieutenant she had just checked in, handing him back his credentials. "Hello" K'Var said looking up from the information she had been handed and giving a soft smile with her greeting.

Liánhuā took her credentials back with a soft “Nihao. Xie Xie ni.” In return then tapped her mouth realising that she had responded in her native Mandarin. “Duìbùqǐ. Sorry. Thank you Ma’am how do you do?” Liánhuā remembered to use the common tongue mentally berating herself for forgetting to use English. “Is the XO on board ma’am?” she asked.

"I'm well and yourself" K'Var gave a toothy grin "if you are looking for the XO see Lieutenant Kingsly."

"I am well, thank you ma'am." Liánhuā smiled politely. "Um I don't know what Lieutenant Kingsly looks like or where i may find the Lieutenant. Would you know ma'am?" she asked softly, hoping that the CTSO would not have an issue with her traditional pin.

"I'd say the Lieutenant was probably in the ships mess enjoying her lunch about now" she paused and gave another grin "although I'm not sure I'd interrupt the Lieutenant's lunch."

Liánhuā thought for a moment. Lieutenant Kingsly is the chief science officer and second officer Shì de?” she asked her head tilted slightly. “I think I may be better heading to the bridge least I anger the senior staff this early.” She remarked softly. “Thank you for your help ma’am.” Liánhuā gave a slight bow as she spoke.

K'Var thought for a second 'was this one of those know it all Ensigns' that she should just let think they know everything and be on their way. Should she scold them now and save them the trouble of bothering someone on lunch. Finally she held up a hand "perhaps you should just let me take you to lunch" she gestured for the young woman to join her as she took a few steps. An officer taking her place "and we can talk to Lieutenant Kingsly afterwards."

"I do not wish to be a bother ma'am." she said politely "Was my information incorrect?" she asked.

"I'm afraid so" K'Var let out a slight giggle. "I was getting hungry anyway" she continued down the corridor "I would suggest you wait until after the acting First Officer has had her lunch" she turned and faced the young woman "it's just a show of respect."

Liánhuā nodded. “Wǒ lǐjiě nǚshì” she smiled as she fell into step with her superior officer. “I mean I understand.” She smiled. “I will make sure to have my information correct from now on so as to not bother you ma’am.” She offered by way of an apology. She disliked not having correct information and resolved to make sure she would not be remembered as an incompetent ADC.

K'Var was almost certain that the Ensign would indeed have her information correct the next time and the only response that was needed was "indeed." K'Var was enjoying the multi language communication although the Ensign would eventually come across someone who wouldn't be a fan of it. As the two came to the lift "would you like to put your things away and meet me in the mess hall" she paused "say in half an hour?"

Liánhuā nodded her appreciation and looked at her information. “Please ma’am. I know where I am headed.” She agreed as she bowed and hurried away.

"Very well" see you soon, K'Var smiled and started onto the lift.

Liánhuā hated being late. She always had and quickly placed her duffle bag in the cabin looking about her as she did so. Her uniform was immaculate, as always and her hairpin had not budged “Bai Liánhuā you should have double-checked your data.” She mentally scolded herself as she picked up her ID and the PADD containing her orders and hurried back to meet the CTSO. She got the feeling it was one crew member she did not want to anger.

K'Var was standing outside the mess hall, hands folded behind her back. She gave a nod here and there to a few of her staff as they entered for their breaks.

Liánhuā approached her calmly. “Sorry if I kept you waiting ma’am.” She said in a soft tone. She made sure to stay in English to make it easier for people to understand her. “Is it terribly busy in there?” she asked.

"Non-sense, you are right on time" K'Var offered a polite response. "Not really" she answered the second question, it was after the lunch rush so there should be a lot fewer people in the mess hall.

"That is good." she smiled brightly. "I am not terribly fond of crowds." she admitted.

"Some things get better with experience" K'Var said and started through the doors. There were probably about fifteen people in the mess hall enjoying their lunch breaks.

"I am told that often." She smiled as she followed the CTSO into the canteen taking into account what everyone was doing

It didn't take them long to reach the replicator, the Lieutenant let out a noise that sounded like a low purr and the replicator beeped. Just after the beep a plate of food appeared with the beverage of K'Var's choice "it's almost as good as my mothers, but not quite" she smiled at Liánhuā, took her tray and went off to find them a table with two chairs off in a corner alone.

"Qǐng lái hóngshāo jī bāo hézhèng shān xiǎo zhǒng chá" Liánhuā asked and collecting her tray followed the senior officer.

K'Var took a seat and placed her napkin on her lap. "See not too many people in here" she smiled at the young woman before sipping her beverage. "So Qǐng lái hóngshāo jī ji ja" she struggled with it and quickly collected her thoughts "it looks much like a chicken dish one of the Ensigns orders quite often" it wasn't really a question, but she was trying to break the ice for the new officer.

"Qing is please. the dish itself is Teriyaki chicken boa buns. here try one." Liánhuā offered her companion one of the bao buns. "I confess i do like the cuisine i am used to. The tea is lapsang souchong, its a bit of an acquired taste i am told." she grinned.

The Caitian did try one of the offered bao buns "that's rather tasty" she smiled at the Ensign across the table.

"I like them. Aunt Allope makes them pretty good for a non-Chinese." Lianhua added with a grin.

K'Var returned the grin and took a bite from her plate. "Give it time and you will settle in with the crew" the Lieutenant was trying to assure the younger officer that everything was going to be okay.

"I know." She agreed quietly sipping her tea. "It is different to home but everywhere is." Lianhua added with a grin.

"Yes, you just have to make the best of it" the Lieutenant agreed with a grin on her face "and it get's much easier with time and experience" at least it had for most people she knew.

Lunch passed quietly and Lianhua bade her lunch companion goodbye as she looked at her PADD. "Hmm I think that the XO contacted me."


Nihao - Hello
Xie xie ni - Thank you
Duìbùqǐ. -Sorry
Shì de - Yes
Wǒ lǐjiě nǚshì - I understand ma'am
Qǐng lái hóngshāo jī bāo hézhèng shān xiǎo zhǒng chá - teriyaki chicken bao buns and lapsang souchong tea please


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