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A Catian Physical

Posted on Wednesday, 12 January 2022 - 12:26am by Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness

Lieutenant Junior Grade Korin Andrews hadn't been back on the USS Standing Bear long after his stent on Vulcan, but he was already back in charge of the second shift. He really appreciated that Captain Stillwater talked to Captain Whitley and got him the position as Assistant Chief Medical Officer again. He was ready to work with Doctor Rose and learn from the man who had been at it longer. So far his shift had been rather boring, a sprained ankle and a case of gas that a young Ensign mistook for a parasite. Jarin had taken it upon him self to restock some of the supply cabinets of stuff they needed quickly and often didn't have time to replicate.

K'Var had been slightly busy since she transferred aboard the Standing Bear and hadn't had time to visit sickbay for her physical. Something she always did as soon as possible, when you got shot at as much as she had in her career you didn't want to piss off the Doctors. The Caitian stepped inside the med bay, the lights were at about twenty five percent power and there was no one to be found. "Excuse me" she called out, almost certain there should be at least a nurse on duty as it was only twenty one hundred.

He heard a voice and made his way out of the closet, he had learned not to guess what might be standing in his sickbay, medical wise and just let it be a surprise. He worked best under pressure anyway probably a skill most physicians had. To his surprise there was a Caitian wearing the rank pips of Lieutenant standing in the middle of the med bay. "Yes ma'am, how may I help you?" Jarin asked as he approched the officer wearing the gold uniform of several departments on the ship.

"Yes Doctor" K'Var said taking a few steps toward the Doctor "Lieutenant K'Var, reporting for a physical."

The Lieutenant got right to the point, which was okay with Jarin. Besides it may be late for this officer or she may have other obligations. Jarin gave a nod and gestured toward the first biobed with a soft smile "Just give me one second, Lieutenant" he said glancing at the Caitian and at a PADD he had picked up.

K'Var gave a nod, but remained silent and waited for the young Lieutenant to pull up her file.

"Here we are" Jarin said, flashing her a smile and pulling a tricorder from his pocket. "Doctor Jarin Alexander, by the way" he had forgot to introduce himself and didn't want the Lieutenant to think he was rude.

"Pleasure to meet you, Doctor Alexander" Lieutenant K'Var said with a grin.

"You are the new Security Chief" Jarin said as he started to scan the Lieutenant "I heard there was a new Security Chief aboard" he offered a smile and looked back down at the device in his hand.

"Yes" K'Var smiled "word travels fast on a ship this small."

Not looking up at the Lieutenant "yes ma'am, unfortunately it dose" was all Jarin said. He was still scanning and it was a good excuse to not have to look up at her.

"It's okay Doctor" the Lieutenant reassured Jarin with a grin and a nod. "You'll find no major health concern in my record and I usually pass my physicals as I try hard to stay physically fit" K'Var was making an attempt to make conversation.

The Lieutenant wasn't lying, she was in perfect health "Aye, you are cleared for duty Lieutenant" Jarin gave a nod and shut his tricorder. He made a few notes on the PADD that would go into her file, clearing her for duty and offered the Caitian a hand to help her off the biobed.

Taking the hand K'Var hopped off the bed and gave a smile "thank you, Doctor" she said before making her exit she turned added "see you around."


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