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A Piece of My Mind...

Posted on Tuesday, 18 January 2022 - 7:38pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope
Location: Unknown
Timeline: 2395 ** Just prior to Connections


The Vulcan studied Vali. It was clear that the woman before him wanted to help. He moved from Soral to Hamura stopping at where their hands were joined and not separable. The Katric connection was strong with them. It was surprising but then Hamura was Betazoid and they had abilities as strong as Vulcans. He ran his hand over Soral's head and then Hamura's.

V'Nor turned. "They are deep within their minds. I sense neither is willing to cling to life."

T’Lanna sighed. “It’s because of Soral’s broken bond, he loves his wife with all his heart, but without Soral I don’t think there’s a chance of getting Alexandra back!” She looked at the healer. “We have to do something, I’m not willing to loose Soral or Hamura!”

He inclined his head. "I understand." He studied her. "I have tried to enter their minds and have met with a block. They do not know me but perhaps, if you are willing to try... you can assist. Call their Katra's back."

T’Lanna nodded looking towards Soral and Hamura. “I’d like to try, they’re both my friends, and Soral has been a mentor ever since I arrived aboard this ship.” She looked back at the Vulcan healer. “Just tell me what I have to do.”

The healer gave a nod. He seemed to be lost in thought a moment and then said, "I can create a temporary link. It will take both you and me to the door of their minds and then you will have to convince them to let you in. Then the work begins, you must convince them to come back to themselves."

T’Lanna nodded. “Alright, I’m give it everything I have. I’m not leaving their minds until they return.”

"It may not be an option, you must, as a Vulcan, respect their choices." He walked over bringing a chair in between Soral and Hamura. "Please, sit."

T’Lanna nodded. “Thank you, and I know you’re right. If they decide not to return, I will respect their wishes.” She just hoped that she’d be able to convince them to return.

The Vulcan gave a nod. He touched Soral's mind briefly and then Hamura's finally he placed a hand on Vali's forehead. It took but a moment but she was pulled out of the present and into a world of mist and darkness. Like something straight out of a fairy tale she and the Vulcan were surrounded by a dark forest and a stone path that lead deep into the forest.

The Vulcan sighed. "And so our journey begins."

“Now this I wasn’t expecting” T’Lanna looked around. “So will we face having to defend ourselves against their own defences?”

He raised an amused eyebrow. "No. You do not know this place?" He motioned around.

T’Lanna shook her head. “Not unless you want me to refer to a fairy tale the Humans tell their children. Why? Should I?”

"It is a place on Vulcan. Down in the Lake Yuron region...The forest of Shariel the Vulcan God of Death."

T’Lanna raised her eyebrows in typical Vulcan fashion. “To coin a phrase, Fascinating.” She looked around. “So this is what walking in the valley of death is like.”

"Indeed. Not many travel these forests but Soral has, many times, he is a priest of Shariel and bares his mark."

“I never knew that” T’Lanna sighed. “I’ve no doubt there’s plenty about Soral that I don’t know. Why would I? I’m not the one who holds his heart, Alexandra does.”

"Indeed." He said leading her down the path. There were no obstacles just darkness. The walk seemed long and winding but eventually they saw a structure, an old temple that resembled the old Greek temples of Earth but with columns of solid black with old Vulcan script. "The temple of Shariel," Said the Vulcan healer. "It seems to be where he feels most at home."

T’Lanna nodded. “He’ll be waiting here?” She was surprised this was where Soral would be. “It’s not where I expected to find Soral.”

"Indeed. I dare not go further. At the temple you will find a large door, knock if it opens then you'll have gotten farther then I."

T’Lanna nodded respectfully. Taking a deep breath she moved towards the temple, as she eventually reached the door she knocked. “Soral, please let me in.”

There was no response for a long while and then the doors slowly opened into a large hall way lit by dark torches. The dark columns and gold writing continued as if leading the way into the main chamber.

T’Lanna entered, walking slowly along she looked around at the large columns with their writing. It was like no other place she’d ever seen before.

The hall lead to a main chamber with a fire pit in the middle blazing with a green and lavender fire. Incents filled the room with a heavy sandalwood sent curling around the columns. There in a black robe stood Soral looking out from the temple over the dark forest and beside him, in a dark suit stood Hamura leaning against the column as if just on vacation.

“Soral, Hamura” T’Lanna was surprised by just how unphased they both seemed. “Why are you both here? We risked everything to save you Soral” she looked towards her friend and Mentor. “Hamura you’ve given everything to get this far! Don’t give up now! Either of you!!”

The silence stretched and it was Hamura who spoke up. "It's...peaceful here." They looked at Soral who turned from his position looking out at the forest. "Indeed. This," he motioned, "Is familiar. Safe."

“Since when do you play safe?” T’Lanna looked at Soral surprised by his lack of emotion given his love for Alex. “So you’re planning on staying here, where it’s safe? While the other You makes good his escape with Alex! There I was thinking you loved her, and would do anything for her!”

T’Lanna shook her head anger building up inside. “Is that what you do to a woman who loves you Soral? You run away and hide!? I guess I should be glad that I never told you how I feel about you, how I’ve always felt about you. I love you Soral but I’ve always been content to be your friend, and student.” She fought back her anger getting a grip on her emotions. “And you were supposed to be helping, now you’re running away too!”

Hamura shrugged. "Where he goes I go."

Soral studied one then the other. He turned back to the woods. "Indeed. I had suspected your affection yet...I could not reciprocate. As for Alex...she will live. Her bond is with my other self."

“Right” T’Lanna nodded. “So that’s that then? You die, and you take Hamura with you, leaving Oriana to grieve, and Alex forever in the other universe in the arms of the man who tried to kill you! You also leave your children with no father, and no mother either!” She shook her head her anger building again. “You selfish bastard!!! How dare you only think of yourself!” She looked to Hamura. “What about you Hamura? Are you willing to abandon Oriana?”

There was a silence as Hamura looked down at their hands. "She...she'll be fine...I guess."

Soral turned and Studied Vali. "Is this all you came to say?"

“Do I need to say anything else?” T’Lanna offered a brief smile. “You obviously don’t care that the other you will most likely have the family you always wanted with Alex. I guess you’re no better a parent than the woman who abandoned them in the first place. I won’t lie to Severine when she asks me about what happened Soral, I’ll just tell her you didn’t want to come back to be with her.” She looked to Hamura. “Oriana will be far from fine! Not that it matters to you, if it did you’d be trying to get back to her!!” She turned to leave. “Is this what I almost died for? This dark hollow existence? This isn’t peace in death, it’s torture in never ending limbo!”

"Perhaps for you." Soral said turning away. Hamura looked at Vali, really looked at her. They stepped closer. "Counselor you must leave soon. You risk getting trapped here with us...I shall speak with him," Hamura whispered to her as he turned her away.

T’Lanna nodded respectfully. “I will...respect your wishes.” She took one last look at Soral before turning and walking out.

Hamura gave a nod. They walked Vali out and within a moment the temple faded and the Vulcan healer stood there. "I take it an audience was granted?"

Returning to the side of her Vulcan guide T’Lanna nodded. “It was, I’ve done all I can. I just hope it’s enough.”

"We shall hope." Slowly the surroundings faded. The Vulcan healer blinked feeling himself back in the medical bay. He sighed. "Now we wait."

T’Lanna nodded. “That’s the part I hate” she sat back to rest, the whole experience had been a draining one.



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