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Personnel Changes

Posted on Saturday, 29 January 2022 - 4:07pm by Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Ensign Liánhuā Bai & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope
Location: USS Standing Bear | Deck 01 | Observation Lounge
Timeline: 2395


With the arrival of a Federation shuttle transport carrying new personnel, one of whom was Ensign Bai, Captain Whitley's new aide-de-camp. The Standing Bear's Commanding Officer felt the transition would be best if the ensign met with the command officers as well as the officer that they would be taking over from. It was not the most conventional means of meeting with a new crewmember, but as Pippa was learning to adjust to the Standing Bear, they were also learning to embrace that their new command was anything but conventional.

The Captain had come to the observation lounge, their briefing room, and prepared for the meeting with their soon-to-be former aide-de-camp, Ensign Oriana Sety. "Ori, they should be arriving shortly. I'll take the head of the table, Soral would typically sit here, and Kingsley usually there" stated Pippa as they pointed out the seating arrangement. "Disperse the PaDDs, your preference of seating, and then a spot for the ensign."

Oriana gave a nod. "Yes ma'am."

The door hissed open and Soral walked in. He was still getting his bearings but glad to be up and about. "Captain," He was frankly glad that they trusted him back in the role. "Apologies I was just getting caught up on the reports."

"That's alright, Commander. After what you have been though, it is going to take some time to readjust and get back into the swing of things," Pippa replied as they gestured to the seat. Pippa had no reason not to trust Soral. It had been made extremely clear with recent revelations that the man whom would be seated at the table with them was not to same man who had tried to drive a wedge between the Vulcans and the Federation.

Soral sat down with a nod grateful that the new CO didn't seem to hold the actions of his mirror self against him.

T’Lanna entered the room, offering a polite smile and nod to all present as she took her seat.

Lianhua walked in almost silently and watched the room quietly. The Padd's being placed on the table and people milling around for a few moments before speaking. "Excuse me ma'am I am Ensign Bai Liánhuā, where would you like me to sit?" She asked softly.

Pippa gestured to a seat at the table. "Yes, ensign, I was expecting you," the Captain replied and waited for everyone to be seated. "Ensign Bai Liánhuā is the reason that I have called this meeting. Typically, a personnel change would not require such an elaborate meeting, but given recent situations I felt it necessary. Commander Soral has not been aboard for sometime, Lieutenant Vali is taking on Second Officer duties, and the ensign has been assigned to us as the new Aide-de-camp." Lianhua gave a slight polite nod as she sat down

The Captain gave a nod in Oriana's direction. "Ensign Sety will be remaining aboard in a different capacity. She will be our new logistics officer as we have been without one for several months now, and I do not wish to place any more weight on Lieutenant Kolani's shoulders."

Soral made a few notes. "It is a position that needed to be filled, a most logical choice Captain."

T’Lanna wasn’t surprised when her name was mentioned as Second Officer, she hadn’t even given the fact a thought until Soral had told her when they’d spoken.

Soral studied the new crew member Ensign Lianhua Bai. He'd read the file but in his experience the file was not always the person. "Ensign," He said directing his comments to her. "Will you be able to handle both assisting the Captain and myself?"

"Yes sir. That will not be a problem." Lianhua said calmly. "I can manage it." she added softly as she watched the table.

"Thank you, Ensign," the Captain replied. "So long as you feel that you are able to handle the workload, you'll cater to the command staff. Myself of course included."

Pippa gestured to Oriana. "Ensign Sety as Logistics Officer will be your direct superior." The Captain wanted to emphasize Oriana's new position. "Ori will be handling any materials requests from the departments and ensuring that we have what we need for our missions."

Oriana gave a nod. “Yes, ma’am.”

"Lieutenant Vali will be Acting Second Officer until further notice."

T’Lanna looked towards Pippa. “Understood Captain.” She had to admit she was nervous, but she wouldn’t let anyone down.

Captain Whitley nodded. "Thank you. These personnel changes could not have come at a worse time, no offense to you Ensign."

"None taken Ma'am." Bai smiled

"I don't have time right now to study the new personnel, and Commander Soral will need to concentrate on more pressing matters. That means I am going to be tasking Lieutenant Vali and Ensign Bai Liánhuā with reviewing the new personnel. Usually this would be done by either the First or Second Officer with the Ship's Counsellor, but given T'Lanna is Acting Second Officer as well as Ship's Psychologist, I want to avoid any conflict of interest. The Ensign will help balance out matters."

Pippa smiled at T'Lanna "Too many hats these days, Lieutenant."

“Captain Stillwater felt I could handle the extra responsibilities at the time Captain. I’m not going to let him, or you down.” She smiled warmly.

The Captain looked at T'Lanna and nodded. "I know that you can handle the extra responsibilities, Lieutenant." Switching their attention to the others, Whitley locked eyes on Bai and then Ori. "Both of you will do well in your respective positions. I believe we all have a clear understanding of duties and responsibilities going forward. I'll adjourn this meeting here."



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