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Posted on Monday, 17 January 2022 - 3:35pm by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope
Location: XO’s quarters

Minutes became hours … every passing second adding to a deep silence which had fallen. The quarters which had become home to the Standing Bear’s Executive Officer and his wife had rarely been described as quiet. Or of feeling quite so empty. Gone was the puppy, always bursting with limitless energy and wanting to play, while Commander Soral himself lay in the medical bay. While his wife was quite simply gone.

As an override code unlocked the door, light spilled into the empty room, light from the corridor illuminating a small section of the room before the computer automatically raised the lights. Not bright, yet enough to see.

Shattered glass littered the floor and just about every surface in the living area. Even the table top had shattered into a thousand pieces which had rained down on the floor. Every mirror, vase, glass - all broken. As if a mini tornado had tore through the room. Which was, of course, impossible.

T’Lanna looked around, she’d been in Soral & Alex’s Quarters before and they had never been untidy. She was shocked by the site that now lay before her, she would see to it the mess was cleaned up but first she needed to find out what had happened. Heading to the bedroom to find Soral some of his clothing, and a wash bag she saw a diary lying on the floor by Alex’s side of the bed. Curiosity got the better of her as she moved to pick it up.

The diary had fallen open, the old fashioned pen lying just a little ways away. As T’Lanna picked it up it was open to the centre pages, the words neatly inscribed in blue ink which had long since dried with the date in the top left hand corner and underlined. The date was over two months prior and as T’Lanna flicked through the pages it was evident the diary wasn’t used every day and by the last few entries, the writing more of a messy scrawl - as if written in haste. Snapshots of Alex’s life since she came aboard.

T’Lanna sat on the end of the bed, a diary was private but it could give her important information on what might have happened to Alex.

Dear diary,

Second day in new quarters and I almost break my ankle on a stuffed alligator! So embarrassing, right?! How they are trusting me with a whole department is anyone’s guess. Dr Rose was so nice about it though and I guess it is one way to break the ice…

Dear diary,

Last night was incredible. The whole day even. I can’t believe it really happened. Everyone has such preconceived notions about Vulcans but Soral is different. He has this whole other side to him and despite my plans to not get involved… I like him way more than I should. He’s going to be married to someone else. The sensible thing would be to walk away. But I can’t. I won’t. So I should come back and read this in a few months when I’m nursing my broken heart.

Dear diary,

I feel so… lost. Bonding with Soral, becoming his wife - it had all been so sudden and overwhelm yet perfect. We spent so much energy trying to fight how we felt that it was driving both of us crazy. And now… I can never forgive Sara for what she did to me. To us. For as long as I live I will never stop fighting to get back what she stole from us. I’ve never seen Soral like this. He tries to hide it, for me. But I can tell…

Dear diary,

The dreams are getting worse. Nightmares really. Soral said they will stop soon. It just takes time. I’ve died a thousand times over in those dreams. I shouldn’t be here. And our children - I wish he would come back soon. We leave for Vulcan shortly but I’m worried. Stillwater went after him and I’m afraid of what both might do. But I’m even more afraid of what I might do. She’s so strong, I’m losing who I am. I need Soral - my Soral - but I can’t feel him. And that’s good. Maybe it’s better. I gave T’Lanna the wedding ring. I’m not she understood why. Lexi would have killed her or done something I’m sure. But maybe it will be enough to help Soral for now. I love him. Both of them. I feel… like I’m torn in two and it is killing me. Please let Hamura find -

T’Lanna frowned, who was Lexi? It was obvious she knew that the Soral onboard wasn’t her Soral. Was Lexi the other Soral’s version of Alex? She did say that she was losing herself. She sighed, this was troubling, very, very troubling! Alex needed her Soral, she needed him to come back to her, to save her. She stood and went to get the things Soral needed, but also took the diary with her, Soral needed to see what was written. She paused as she entered the living area uncertain what had happened, was this Lexi? Did she purposely destroy everything special that Alex had?

A few steps from the door there was an energy, an echo. A remnant of an event which had brought such destruction. For a fleeting instant it seemed to take form, substance, with the presence of a telepath. Of begging, pleading to spare Soral the pain of a severed bond, knowing it would all but seal his fate. A futile plea for mercy while mirror Soral watched on, holding her as another expertly severed the connection between Alex and Soral before - nothing. Darkness, emptiness. And then it was gone.

T’Lanna gasped as she was caught in the lingering memory, the trauma Alex had suffered at the loss of her link to Soral was powerful, almost as powerful as Alex herself. The damage had all been caused by that traumatic break, a wave very similar to that T’Lanna herself had caused but it had been confined to the immediate area. She wasn’t sure whether Alex and Soral would even be able to bond a third time, but she hoped so...if they could get Alex back. Something told hr they needed to hurry!

Reviewing a list of repairs, including the various department requirements which were largely just incompatible, Petty Officer Ilian had been on her way to update the Captain. At least until she happened to be passing the XO’s quarters and someone came rushing out. They collided - hard - and both went down in a tangle of arms, legs and belongings. Including something which hit her on the face. Hard.

The Trill quickly untangled herself, apologising for not paying attention even before she knew who she was apologising to. “I’m so sorry, I should have been watching - oh! Lieutenant! Here, let me help -“

Even as she spoke she crouched down to collect the belongings since the psychologist was already back on her feet. She scooped up the bag and what at first she took for a book. As she lifted it, a slip of paper slid out, with the name Soral scrawled in flowing, elaborate handwriting. Thinking nothing of it she tucked it back into the book and handed everything over. “Sorry again. Are you okay? Do you need help taking these somewhere?”

T’Lanna offered a smile as she straightened herself out. “Oh no..I’m fine thank you. It wasn’t your fault. I should have been watching where I was going.” She gently took the things from Ilian. “I have to be getting back to Sickbay with these.”

“I know it isn’t really any of my business but… are you okay?” Siana asked quietly, her concern obvious in her voice.

“I err...I’m fine.” T’Lanna nodded, it wasn’t like she could go into detail about what she’d discovered. “Thank you for asking though. I appreciate it. Are you sure you’re okay? You have a bit of a mark on your face there.”

"I do?" Siana replied, reaching up to touch her face, gingerly inspecting what was likely to become a bruise on her cheekbone before waving it away, "it is a heavy book I guess. But it is fine, I'll grab a dermal regenerator and fix it right up. One of the benefits of being a doctor in a past life! But equally, I had a few hosts who were... shall we be nice and say clumsy. So it evens out."

T’Lanna nodded and smiled. “I can’t imagine what that must be like, the part of having joined minds...yes” She motioned to what was left of her Borg implants. “But not having all those years of experience in your mind. Anyway that’s a discussion for another time, I should be getting to Sickbay.”

“I won’t keep you. If he wakes up, please tell the Commander I asked after him. And the others to, of course,” she added.

T’Lanna nodded. “I’ll tell him, thank you.” She smiled and headed on her way. When Soral awoke there’d be much to tell him.



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