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Mirror Mirror - Part 2

Posted on Monday, 7 March 2022 - 7:58pm by Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope
Location: Mirror Universe
Timeline: 2395


“Lying to them will accomplish nothing,” Alex countered, a defiant almost petulant tone to her voice. “When Lexi is in control that is different but for now, I’m still just me.”

Soral studied her. "Very well." He handed her a data chip. "I will soon provide you with Nano tech from your Vali. I will require you to complete the cure."

“How are you getting anything from T’Lanna?” Alex demanded as she looked at the data chip in the palm of her hand, concerned for her friend more than the implications of what completing the cure would mean for herself. When it came to these people, especially Hamura, she knew there was no limits to what they would or would not do to get what they wanted. And if there attentions had turned to T'Lanna then she dreaded to think what that would mean. Not just for T'Lanna but for her son. A sadness hit her, realising just how much danger her crewmates were in just for trying to rescue her.

She should have found a way to tell them to flee back to their own universe and never come back.

"Nothing to concern yourself with. I can give you my word that she will not be harmed." He said. "In fact I have it on good authority she may offer the nano tech herself."

Alex regarded him for a moment, considering the implications of that. “And the others on the ship?” she pressed, “you promise they will be safe too?”

"Not particularly no. After all your Soral will not be. I shall however put their fate in your hands."

Her eyes narrowed, biting back her temper at how he so easily spoke of his namesake. Of his death. “My hands… how so?”

"They will no doubt wish to speak to you. If that happens convince them to leave and they will be free to go."

“And if they don’t listen?” she suspected the answer would be something she did not want to hear. Or contemplate. But still, she wanted him to say it. To further distance himself from ‘her Soral’ as he called him.

"I think you know the answer."

“I need a minute…” she said quietly. “Alone.”

Soral gave a nod and motioned for Hamura to follow him outside.

When he was far enough away the door closed, blocking him and Hamura - the babysitter from hell - from her sight. And the moment she was free of their scrutiny she sank onto the edge of the bathtub and just stared at the little sliver of metal and circuitry in her hand, feeling herself coming apart at the seams.

Could she even finish her research here? Possibly or possibly not. Success was something she always strived for, usually with a stubborn determination that ensured failure wasn’t an option. But in this case, success would be the end of her. Not her body but herself. And maybe she deserved it. She should have known. Should have listened to Hamura. She should never had let her guard down and then once Lexi was in her head… it had been a constant battle. She aches in ways that went deeper than flesh and blood and there was so little of what she needed the most. Hope.

How could she live with herself if she didn’t do what this Soral wanted? If she didn’t plead with her Captain to leave her here and go back home. Anyone hurt or - heaven forbid - killed would be on her conscience and it had enough weight to crush a starship. Especially if anything happened to Jayce. Or Ade, who had been heavily pregnant the last time Alex had saw her. Hell by now maybe she had even had her baby.

“Stop it,” she chided herself. This… none of it was helping. She needed to think. To plan. She had - heaven forbid - be more like her namesake.

And the first thing she had to do was make a deal with the devil. Taking a deep breath she stood, staring down her own reflection in the mirror. Same mass of curls, different clothes and some hints of bruising she had missed with the dermal regenerator - it all looked very Lexi. Appropriate perhaps given Soral was counting the minutes until he could have his wife back once and for all.

“You can do this,” she whispered to an empty room as she turned and walked out with every ounce of confidence and determination she had left in her bones.

“I need equipment, supplies and time. I’ll do as you ask but there will be no cure until the Standing Bear and her crew, except me, gets back home. You get your cure, you get Lexi and I get to know my friends are safe. Deal?”

"Indeed." Soral said. "I have a lab prepared for you. Hamura will walk you down and then Mackenzie can stay with you. Hamura you will join me on the bridge. "

Hamura gave a nod. "Sure thing Senpai." They watched Soral leave and then Hamura motioned towards the turbo lift. "After you."

“Like I’m turning my back on you,” Alex said, shaking her head. “You first. Unless you’re scared.”

"We'll walk together." Hamura paused. "He's changed since Lexi died."

Alex eyed Hamura cautiously, not prepared to let her guard down around someone so dangerous. “I share a bond with him, I felt his grief. And hers. People die. I’m sure you’ve ended a few lives yourself. It isn’t justification for what he is doing.”

"In his mind it is." There as a sad tone to Hamura's words. "He lost a part of his heart."

“Why are you telling me this? As soon as my research is done I’m as good as dead, he’s quite happy to condemn Commander Soral to die.”

Hamura smiled. "Don't you see what he's doing and why?"

“Enlighten me,” Alex sighed, sure she would in any event. In that respect, both Hamura’s were alike.

Hamura sighed. They entered the lift and after a minute Hamura called a halt. "Lexi and you will be joined....but he plans on your mind being the dominant." Hamura sighed. "His guilt over her death has consumed him and he believes himself responsible for her entire path. He sees in you her potential what he feels he stopped her from becoming by giving her this life. He wants to fix that. By taking your Soral's Katra into him he hopes that he too can weave both himself and your Soral into something worthy, maybe change his life the life of the family he built with Lexi."

“He is insane,” Alex said in disbelief. “In every way. None of that makes sense and he can keep well away from Soral. As for Lexi, she has no intention of being a bystander.”

Hamura sighed for the first time looking hangered. "I know. Don't even ask how much convincing it took for that damned Vulcan to agree to ensure your bonding with Lexi wasn't going to take." Hamura rubbed their face.

“I don’t know what you want from me?” Alex admitted, “permission?”

"No. I want you off this ship and back with your people so I can make sure my friend heals."

“Something we can agree on,” Alex said slowly, “but if I leave, he will destroy the Standing Bear.”

To be Continued...


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