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Mirror Mirror - Part 1

Posted on Monday, 7 March 2022 - 7:58pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley
Edited on on Monday, 7 March 2022 - 7:58pm

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope
Location: Mirror Universe
Timeline: 2396


Mirror mirror on the wall… splashing cold water on her face, wincing as the coldness hit the cuts and bruised skin on her cheek and lip, Alex Kingsley straightened up and studied her reflection. Not quite trusting it. And certainly not trusting the pair of eyes watching her every move. Since she woke, Hamura had been her constant shadow. It was disquieting and a constant reminder of everything that had gone so horribly, horribly wrong.

She wished the cold water would somehow wake her and it would all turn out to be some twisted nightmare. That she would wake up aboard the Standing Bear, in Soral’s arms, and he would tell her that everything would be alright. The thought almost made her laugh. Or scream.

Turning off the tap she reached for the towel, gingerly patting her face dry as she tried to cling to some kind of composure. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Concentrating on just that simple act she felt some of the fear and guilt ebb - yet that only gave time for her to really think about the situation and then she was back to square one. With nobody to trust but an Andorian who would probably stab her in the back for the right price and at best was borderline psychotic. Although that was tame in comparison to her babysitter.

Lowering the towel as she heard another set of footsteps, Alex met the gaze of the new arrival with a mix of uncertainty and defiance. Saying nothing she picked up the dermal regenerator and stayed stubbornly silent as she began tending to her various cuts and bruises with an unsteady hand. She had done nothing but pick fights with everyone sent to drag her from A to B and make it as difficult for them as she could.

“You don’t need to have someone watch my every move,” she pointed out bitterly as she saw Soral dismiss Hamura with a nod. “Where am I going to go?”

She knew where she hoped to go. Home. Wherever that was. Of course she didn’t voice it and she was profoundly grateful for the neural implant the Healer had insisted be kept in place until he considered her mind sufficiently healed for - Alex shuddered at the thought of what was to come when the time came. Regardless, she had time and for now her bond was muted and her mind relatively protected from any empaths and telepaths. She just had to find a way to escape before time ran out.

Assuming that was even possible. Despite what she had said, she had no idea if the Standing Bear or anyone would come after her. Maybe they couldn’t. Maybe it was just too dangerous for the sake of one person. So maybe a hidden signal was a pointless risk to take. Maybe they should have planned something more elaborate. More decisive.

She should have paid more attention to tactics at the Academy. Although she was sure being abducted by an alternate version of your husband while an alternate deceased version of yourself was implanted in your mind was a somewhat niche area of study.

Hamura, even though Soral had dismissed them stayed put just leaning against the door.

Soral sighed. "Perhaps it is better if you stayed." He studied Alex. "It appears that your old crew is quiet determined to get you back."

Alex eyed his reflection curiously, “what do you mean?”

"They have crossed into this verse. A need to get you back, my understanding. I have...a friend on the ship, a new crew transfer that is quite loyal to me. I have received several coded messages. It appears that my counterpart is quite ill and in a bid to save him they have coming looking for you."

“He’s still alive?” Alex whispered, although she quickly chided herself for feeling hopeful. So perhaps it wasn’t a dream when she had seen him… yet it changed nothing. She had failed him and if her dream had somehow been a real connection with him - he had willingly let go of their bond. Something she could understand and could never hold against him.

"For the moment." He said. "I must confess the loyalty of that Hamura is as impressive as my own." He turned to Hamura who smiled.

"Which is why I don't trust her." He pointed to Alex.

"Hmm..." Was all Soral said. "Nevertheless perhaps that Hamura will slip up and Soral will be unguarded."

Hamura sighed. "I doubt it but...perhaps we can do something...with the Bear Crew being there and all."

Soral gave a nod. "We shall talk of this later."

“The other Hamura won’t fail him,” Alex said simply. “What now?”

"Now, a call has been arranged for you to see our children." He motioned to the screen. "They eagerly await their mother."

Alex turned to face him, her expression incredulous. “Their mother,” she reminded him, “isn’t me. You want me to lie to them?”

She had intended her words to hurt him. She had felt through their bond how much it had hurt him to almost lose Lexi again. His efforts to preserve her life - or her Katra at least - had eventually succeeded but it had been painful and traumatic for them both. A small part of her hoped it had given him enough doubt to pause his plan and to keep Lexi out of her head. For she knew she didn’t have as much real fight left in her despite how many fights she had tried to start.

"You are their mother. Perhaps not in the sense that Lexi was, but you are Lexi, once Alexandra has served her purpose with the scientific knowledge Lexi's Katra will be yours. The integration will work this time..." He studied her. "Is it not a dream of yours to wonder what your children with Soral would look like? You long for it do you not?"

He had so expertly found the words to hurt right back. Children with Soral, the Soral she was married to and had once shared a bond with … with him there was no prospect of them having children of their own. They had his children with Evesta of course, yet not their own children.

“I won’t pretend to be their mother, it’s cruel,” she said coldly.

"Our son's … they are broken. You would deny them peace?"

To be continued....


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