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Returning Home - Part II

Posted on Friday, 20 May 2022 - 5:09am by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley
Edited on on Friday, 20 May 2022 - 12:19pm

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Soral’s estate, Vulcan
Timeline: 2396

Previously on Returning Home...

“A word of warning,” Laura offered. “Even if it is not what you wish for her, be careful. Forbidding something sometimes makes it all the more …. Desirable. Like my bottle of vodka when Alex was fifteen or that boy who listened to the most horrible music and wore nothing but black… perhaps forget i mentioned that one.”

He looked at her. "I am indeed surprised that you were not able to tame the rebel in her... but somehow pleased. As for Severine she will find a way if I do not relent." He sighed. "How did you survive the difficult task of being a parent. You make it look....easy."

“Ha! Easy it is not,” Laura corrected, “but the benefits outweigh the difficult parts. And over the years there have been times when I was more like the child than the parent. But I like to think I did a good job raising her.”

He allowed a little smile. "Indeed. You did an excellent job." He sighed. "I believe I shall go and meditate. Today has been a trying day."

And Now, The Continuation.

“Of course. I’ll watch over the children,” she assured him. “Are you sure there is nothing else I can do?”

He gave a nod. "I shall take us all for dinner later. There is a great Earth restaurant that just opened."

Just as Soral headed out Severine came out. She took her father's chair. "Grandmother...may I ask a favor?"

“You know you can always ask me anything,” Laura replied with an easy smile.

"Will you take me to the abandoned temple ruins?"

“The ruins?” Laura repeated in surprise. “Now? What brought on this request?”

She looked unsure, as if she wanted to tell Laura but was afraid of not being believed.

Laura held up her hand with her little finger extended, “I swear it stays between us and you know I never break a pinky promise. What’s troubling my favorite girl?”

She smiled, so like her father when she did. She hooked her pinky over Laura's. "I have had a...dream? Vision? During my told me that you and I must go to the ruins at Sunset. I do not know why but I know that it is so."

“It’s a sign from the universe,” Laura enthused with an almost childlike smile, “and as I’m sure I’ve probably said, never ever ignore those. It’s how I met my husband - but that’s another story. Sunset Hmm? The ruins are not far, I’m sure we could take a walk. And what do we have to lose? Except the few pounds I’ve put on sitting by the pool being a lazy bones!”

Severine raised an eyebrow much like her father did. "I do not see an issue with your weight. In fact, it is proportionate to your height and the build that you carry."

"Indeed," Laura sighed before brightening. "I definitely do not think we should go on an adventure on an empty stomach. Shall we make some cookies?"

Severine's eyes widened for a second. Laura's cookies were her kryptonite. She was not one for sugar but she could not resist. "If there is time," she said hoping the answer would be yes.

Laura laughed, patting Severine’s hand, “there is always time for cookies.”

The two worked side by side and soon the cookies were done. The smell brought all the children running and even Soral had to fight not to stop his meditation. The kitchen was cleaned up and Laura and Severine, and N'vek at his insistence were on their way to the ruins.

"You should not have come." She told her eldest brother.

"You are my sister and Laura is our...Grandmother," he said still not used to the word. "It was logical that I accompany you for both your safeties."

"That is what humans call a Crocodile." She looked up at Laura, "That is the correct phrase?"

“A crocodile?” Laura repeated, “not one I’m familiar with. Besides, N’Vek is welcome to join us, I am sure he will be a fine defender should we encounter any hazards.”

N'vek allowed himself a smile . "I believe the phrase you were looking for is that is a crock."

Severine huffed and walked ahead while N'vek fell into step beside Laura. "She is...a difficult personality."

“She is a confident intelligent young woman,” Laura countered, “you will learn how to adapt to it. What ultimately matters is that we are family, a somewhat unorthodox one, but still… and a family is loyal, full of love and forgiveness and all the stronger for our differences.”

N'vek looked at her. "Grandmother...I believe you have been, as humans say, sipping the same cool aid as father."

“Only if it is laced with vodka, dear,” Laura quipped.

Up ahead Severine called out, "There they are!" Vulcaness forgotten she hurried up to the ruins and disappeared within.

N'vek sighed. He hurried after her.

“Both of you wait!” Laura called as she set off after them, quickly managing to lose sight of them both. “Severine! N’Vek!”

The temple ruins stood there as if they were a place out of time. The columns were crumbling and sand had word the place done. A chill that was not customary on Vulcan swept through the place and wove around all three new arrivals. N'vek, had reached his sister and had a hold of her arm keeping her there until Laura joined them. He looked at Laura. "I do not like this."

"I agree," she nodded, feeling a shiver run down her spine. "Let’s go..."

Severine stubbornly pulled away and walked deeper into the structure. As she walked the surroundings seemed to come to life. Walls appearing, the pillars blazing to life in vibrant coloring and the air began to warm. It seemed that the structure was rebuilding itself around them.

"I do not like this at all," N'vek said.

There was a laugh that filled the temple. A swirl of wind and sand began to move like a twisting snake over the ground and up towards the sky and from the depths of it a tall figure walked out, a male Vulcan in black robes with gold writing. "So distrustful, like your father." The man said looking at N'vek.

As the otherworldly transformation was unfolding Laura had been transfixed by it while a small part of her wondered exactly what had been in her iced tea. Hearing the laugh, though, snapped her back to her senses and she hurried forward to ensure both N’Vek and Severine were behind her. “What in the heavens is going on?” She demanded.

"Ahhh guardian and protector Laura Kingsley." The man turned his eyes to the children, "N'vek the eldest son, and Severine the daughter. I see you deciphered my message. Clever, just like your father."

Severine stepped around Laura and bowed. "Shariel, Vulcan God of Death."

He smiled, "And rebirth at your service." He bowed in turn. "Welcome." He waved his hand and a table of food appeared.

Severine took Laura's hand and even N'vek's "Do not eat the food."

Shariel smiled, "I see you know Vulcan history."

"While many people consider me a little crazy on any given day," Laura began, "I repeat myself. What is going on? And what do you mean, Vulcan God of Death and rebirth? Why are we here?"

"To see you all." He motioned to the table a few comfortable chairs. "Please sit. If you will not join me in a feast then some tea?"

“Well, I do enjoy tea,” Laura said sociably, as if making the admission to a friend. She then stopped to look towards Severine, “or is that also forbidden?”

To Be Continued…


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