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Returning Home - Part III

Posted on Friday, 20 May 2022 - 5:09am by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley
Edited on on Friday, 20 May 2022 - 12:19pm

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Soral’s estate, Vulcan
Timeline: 2396

Previously on TITLE

Shariel smiled, "I see you know Vulcan history."

"While many people consider me a little crazy on any given day," Laura began, "I repeat myself. What is going on? And what do you mean, Vulcan God of Death and rebirth? Why are we here?"

"To see you all." He motioned to the table a few comfortable chairs. "Please sit. If you will not join me in a feast then some tea?"

“Well, I do enjoy tea,” Laura said sociably, as if making the admission to a friend. She then stopped to look towards Severine, “or is that also forbidden?”

And Now, The Continuation.

"No...tea is fine." She headed to the seats while N'vek stood his ground. "How do we know he's real?"

Shariel laughed. "You saw me appear out of thin air."

He studied N'vek. "Just like your father. You are most like him out of all the children."

Severine looked slightly offended.

“All are his children, resemblance matters not,” Laura interjected. “He is their father and I consider them all my grandchildren.”

He ignored her question for now. "Well, there is time for all that. Laura I was most anxious to speak with you. I believe that Soral and his family will be going through much stress now. Your strength will be needed most. You must be their grounding."

“I have no intention of going anywhere,” Laura said simply.

"Good. While I don't generally do this Soral has been...a most interesting devotee so I offer my advice when you should need it."

Severine stood. "And why was it important for me to be here with Laura...that is I assume the point of the dream."

He smiled. "Indeed. I knew that if you were called N'vek, ever the project would be called here too. It is N'vek I needed to speak with."

The boy huffed and turned away, "I have nothing to say to you."

Shariel laughed. "You are your father's son. I shall let your father explain then. For now, let us all enjoy some tea." He turned to Laura. "You seem troubled," he said as he handed her the tea cup.

“Well, even for me, this is… a lot,” Laura quipped.

"Indeed, for most it is. However, as patron of all fall under my care." He turned to Severine. "Except for you. You are patroned by the Goddess of Fire."

Severine raised an eyebrow. "Indeed."

"Your father still won't let you study at the Monastery?"


"Hmmm." He turned to Laura. "Your son-in-law is stubborn, but nonetheless he has his reasons." He sighed. "Now, to tea."

“He can be,” Laura conceded, “both to his benefit and detriment at times. I believe he is always driven by what he believes is best for those around him, while not caring enough for himself.”

She glanced down at the tea cup, seemingly made from a delicate and fragile material which reminded her of the old teapot and cups her great grandmother had kept in a cupboard, made of Bone China with beautiful designs. Every cup, every plate like a mini work of art from a long-ago time. With a slight hesitation she raised the cup to her lips and took a sip, surprised to find it was a blend of Yorkshire tea, a perfect temperature with just the perfect amount of milk.

“At least you have good taste in tea,” she commented. “But really, what is the meaning of all this? People will start to worry if we are gone too long. I don’t pretend to know how this is even possible let alone why, but please say what it is you want to say so that we may go home.”

"In time," they spoke of nothing substantial while the tea was consumed. The wind seemed to be ever present but not a hindrance and after all was drunk, he stood signaling that it was time for them to leave. He smiled. "Well now, I shall bid you all farewell."

N'vek studied him. "You still didn't say what you wanted."

Shariel smiled. "You shall know by the time you leave the temple. It will be … what is it you humans say, an epiphany?"

“Come,” Laura said as she rose, keeping both children as close as possible.

As they walked through the golden temple N'vek cried out. He grabbed his arm. There on this forearm a black rose slowly appeared on his skin, one that matched his fathers.

Severine turned to where Shariel was but the God was gone and the temple, just moments ago golden and full of life, lay in ruins that were befitting its age.

“N’Vek!” Laura was at his side in an instant, her eyes full of concern as she eyed the black rose continuing to take shape. It was as impossible as everything else which happened here but her grandson’s pain and discomfort was all too real. “Quickly, both of you. We must find your father…”

The trip back was silent and strained and the moment that the door opened, Soral, who was walking thought the hall, knew something was wrong. "What has happened?"

Laura looked at him - for once at a complete loss for words. Instead, she allowed the evidence to speak for itself, holding out N'Vek's arm, the marking identical to his father’s still evident. "I don't know if I need a stiff drink or a priest," she admitted quietly after both children had retreated into the family room at her bidding.

He sighed. Soral, for the first time, looked older than his years. "How did this happen?"

“Severine wanted to go to the ruins,” Laura told him. “After that… well, I am doubting my own sanity right now.”

"Try me." He said using an unusually human phrase.

With a sigh Laura walked into the kitchen, pouring herself some water before sitting. After a long moment she cleared her throat and recounted everything she could recall, honestly doubting even her own words as they came out of her mouth. “… and then we left and I brought them straight here.”

"There is nothing wrong with your sanity. You met Shariel, the God of Death and Rebirth for Romulans and Vulcans." He sighed. "It appears that he will continue to be guardian of this family." He looked at Laura. "I am... sorry if this caused distress."

“Distress?!” Laura repeated incredulously. “It’s… I have never been especially religious, especially after… Well. I think I will take that drink and perhaps a nap- but I think both children need their father right now.”

"Indeed." He took her hands. "Vulcan gods of old are very real Laura. I know that first hand. Rest. I will go speak with the children."

Laura raised an eyebrow, keeping her doubt to herself before she nodded and retreated to her bedroom. “I’m definitely getting too old for this,” she said to no one as she closed the door and happily fell into a dreamless sleep.



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