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It's Just Silhouette

Posted on Wednesday, 8 June 2022 - 9:15pm by Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Ethan Connelly
Edited on on Tuesday, 5 July 2022 - 10:47am

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Chief Medical Officer's Quarters


Though Captain Pippa Whitley did not know Doctor Selin very well, in fact, nobody aboard did. The woman had only served aboard the previous starship about a month's time as Interim Chief Medical Officer before the destruction of the starship; however, one thing Pippa did know was that Selin kept impeccable timing and meticulous notes. She was always prompt to meetings, never missed an appointment, and there was no escaping her if you were late. So when Selin wasn't in Sickbay for their scheduled appointment, Captain Whitley consulted the computer as to Selin's whereabouts.

When Pippa arrived outside the woman's new quarters aboard the starship, Pippa rang the chime several times before forcing entry by using their command codes to do so. Everything was sterile, orderly, sparse, and perfectly Vulcan. There was not a thing out of order upon initial inspection, but as the Captain ventured further she saw a mug of tea abandoned.

Whitley called out to the ship's Chief Physician. "Doctor Selin," Pippa said hearing the whirring of the sonic shower. Perhaps the Vulcan had unfortunately lost track of time or was running uncharacteristically late. "Doctor, it's Captain Whitley. It is...a little past Zero nine hundred hours. We had an appointment. "

Nothing. Pippa touched the mug of tea, it was still warm, but had likely been sitting for several minutes. Excellent, I'm going to walk in on my Chief Medical Officer thought Pippa as they approached the bedroom, entered it and neared the washroom. "Doctor," Pippa called out again still hearing the sonic pulsations of the shower.

"Computer, turn off the sonic shower," Pippa ordered swiftly. They noticed the flesh colored silhouette, not in an upright position, but rather slumped down against the sonic showers interior in a fetal position. The Captain immediately opened the shower and discovered the naked Vulcan. There was no blood, no signs of injury, no reason for what Pippa discovered.

The Captain didn't have a tricorder on them, but they knew enough basic first aid to check a pulse. The woman's eyes were open but pupils were fixated forward. Don't be dead. Don't be dead and fortunately there was a pulse, extremely faint, but there.

Pippa tapped their communications badge. "Whitley to Sickbay, Medical situation in Doctor Selin's quarters. Lock onto to my signal and transport to Sickbay immediately!" The Captain took the comm badge and placed it in Selin's hand, closing her fingers around it.

Whitley watched as the woman's body was encased in light, a shimmering glow that quickly fadded along with the naked woman. The Captain retreated gingerly back to the woman's living quarters and accessed the ship's intercommunications system. "Whitley to Lieutenants Connelly, Vali, K'Var and MacKenzie. Report to Doctor Selin's Quarters. Connelly, bring a forensics kit."

Mac rubbed the bridge of his nose, another argument with Haru, this time he'd headed to the tact/sec office to work and just as he'd entered the call came in. Hurrying he headed to the lockers and then hurried to the doctor's quarters. It had to be serious for the Captain to call.

He gave a small knock before he entered. "Captain?" He asked as he entered phaser up as a precaution.

K'Var was next into the quarters, it wasn't often she was summoned to the CMO's quarters. She had a phaser on her, but it wasn't in her hand. "You summoned, Captain?" she asked a curious tone to her voice.

"Mac, K'Var," Pippa said with a nod greeting the security officers. "I found Doctor Selin in her sonic shower unresponsive...catatonic is the best way to describe it. She had a pulse, but it was very faint" explained Pippa.

The Captain looked at K'Var "I don't know what to think, but I want answers. Something happened to our Chief Medical Officer, and this has just become a potential crime scene."

The Lieutenant was already taking in the scene "we will seal off the quarters limiting access to the three of us until an investigation is complete" she looked over at Mac and the Captain.

"Connlley and Vali are also on their way," Pippa said reminding the Security Chief. "I want Ethan to be here to take some scans and collect samples. There may be some forensic evidence. T'Lanna may be beneficial to sense if there's anything here or if this was perhaps some sort of telepathic attack."

"Agreed" K'Var said with a nod.

"Yes, my inner scientist wouldn't have it any other way."

Mac half listened half prowled taking in everything. Every detail. It made him mad that this could happen. His mind turned to the CMO, he was pretty sure he knew what has happening to her, Vulcans tended to go into a meditative state when they were injured, Soral had done it...he also knew of Soral's past with Saline. "Sir, I know that the Commander is … resting but he's still on the station since the CMO and he know one another I would like permission to bring him in on this. He may know of someone from her past …"

As he finished speaking the doors opened to admit Lieutenant Connelly, the science officer raising an eyebrow at the gathered officers. “You called, Captain? I brought my kit as requested?” there was undeniable curiosity from the acting science chief.

Moments later the door opened to reveal T’Lanna, “Apologies Captain, I was detained.” She looked around. “Has something happened?”

"It's Doctor Selin," Pippa said to the two recent entrants. "I found her in a very catatonic state in her sonic shower. Her pulse was incredibly weak, but she was fairly non-responsive" explained Pippa.

The Captain locked eyes on Ethan. "First and foremost, I want a scan of these quarters to make sure there's nothing airborne before any of us leave these quarters. From there, proceed with collecting anything that may be evidence."

“Of course,” the scientist nodded, propping open his equipment case on the nearby table and retrieving his tricorder to begin scanning the room.

"T'Lanna, I asked you here because of your abilities. If this was something psionic, I thought that you may be able to sense an imprint or something residual."

T’Lanna nodded. “I can try and see if I can sense something.” She turned to take a walk around letting her mental barriers down enough to get a sense of the environment around her. She needed to take her time to get a sense.

Pippa followed T'Lanna around, but gave the woman space to do what she needed to. The Captain saw an item in the living quarters on a table and approached it and held their hand over it for a moment. It was still giving off slight warmth. "Vulcan meditation lamp?" Pippa said looking at T'Lanna.

T’Lanna turned her attention back to Pippa. “I’m not sensing anything out of the ordinary here. The lamp is often used to focus on during meditation, but generally more so when trying to deeply focus on something. Maybe there was something she was trying to purge?”

“Scans aren’t showing any contamination in the air,” Connelly announced. “I will take samples of the tea here and from the surfaces, just to rule out any other contagion.”

Pippa nodded at Ethan before redirecting their attention to Lieutenant MacKenzie. "Commander Soral unfortunately is being kept on leave by Starfleet at the moment, but I have no issue with you getting this information to him. Perhaps he can be of some use in an unofficial capacity."

Mac, who'd been carefully moving about the scene, making notes and recording images that were needed stopped and gave a nod. "Aye Captain." He headed to the bathroom to look over the sonic shower. There was so much to do his mind already started making a list. He'd have all the info to his boss by the end of day, or at least as much as he could. He knew the Tac-Sec CO was into details so he'd get as much as he could.

Pippa looked at K'Var. "This investigation is yours, Lieutenant. You have any and all personnel at your disposal. Pursue every lead and keep me apprised on any developments" stated the Captain.

The Captain glanced over at T'Lanna. "Lieutenant, if you haven't sensed anything here, perhaps we should make our way to Sickbay and see how Doctor Selin is doing."

T’Lanna nodded as she looked towards Pippa. “Sounds good to me Captain. Perhaps I’ll sense something when I’m in close quarters with Selin that’ll give us something to go on.”

With T'Lanna in tow, Captain Whitley lead the way. These quarters would be thoroughly explored, every inch of it. Captain Whitley had complete confidence in Lieutenant K'Var's investigative skills and of Lieutenant Connelly's ability to collect any piece of evidence.



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