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Midnight Madness

Posted on Monday, 27 June 2022 - 1:52pm by Captain Pippa Whitley & Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura
Edited on on Saturday, 2 July 2022 - 12:09pm

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Starbase
Timeline: 2396


Gypsy Midnight sat at the bar nursing a drink. The Destiny was putting in for repairs and then she was off to see her blue friend and that rather fascinating doctor. She grinned as her mind wandered to their previous interaction. She sighed. She'd lock away that for another day. She was here because Soral had called her and what Soral needed she'd help him get. She owed him. He'd saved her life several times over.

As she sipped her whisky her eyes wandered over the crowd as they always did. She was always on the look out for a bounty and she'd memorized every name and every face on the list. Her eyes widened as she spotted a familiar face. Smiling she stood and walked over to the table. "Pippa Whitley, fancy meeting you here."

Pippa thought for a moment that Efrosian eyesight was and stress was playing tricks on them, but sure enough, the voice was unmistakable. "Ms. Gypsy Midnight," the Starfleet Captain said shaking their head and clicking their tongue to the top of their mouth. "It is a Federation starbase, Gypsy. That sort of goes hand-in-hand with this whole uniform" the Standing Bear's Commanding Officer retorted.

"Though it is fancy seeing you here of all people," Captain Whitley commented amused, entertained by having another run in with the woman. "Shouldn't you be...I don't know, in a holding cell somewhere? I do believe you are wanted on more than a few planets. That is unless you have decided on being a legitimate business woman these days."

"Oh...there are a few planets like Ferenginar but hey they can be avoided." She grinned pulling out a chair and flopping down. "Actually I just delivered a bounty here a Federation contract...that and I'm here to meet a and old friend..well a couple but I like you better." She put on her most charming smile leaning in. "So miss me?"

Pippa crossed their arms and glowered at the woman. "Gypsy, need I remind you that the last time we encountered one another, you disabled my starship at the time and scurried away with several barrels of Romulan ale, and that stunt you pulled caused me to spend several hours in the office of a displeased Admiral who caused me to miss my kid's recital."

Captain Whitley scoffed and then smirked. "I'm glad you are not dead yet or serving time on some delightful penal colony. I enjoy when you make me chase you across several sectors."

"And I totally feel bad about the ale but... I needed it to get my fine ass out of some trouble." She grinned. "And you totally don't need to chase me across the galaxy." She grinned pulling her chair closer. "All you have to do is ask for my company."

Soral and Hamura walked into the bar and looked around. Soral spotted her first and then her companion. Hamura and he exchanged glances. "Crap." It was a simultaneous sentiment. They started moving towards the table. Soral shook his head. Everywhere they went Midnight was trying to pick someone up. The poor Captain. They didn't know what they were getting into.

"The only company I seek regarding you, Gypsy, is where I have you in my custody and hulled back to face consequences for whatever illegal actions you have been up to, but seeing as you are now playing it smart by staying well and clear of doing anything that the Federation can pursue you for, we do not necessary have caused to chase you...but don't think that I won't have you followed."

Soral and Hamura made it to the table in record time. "Captain!"

Gypsy looked up. "Hey Soral, Hamura. Nice to see you both again. You have horrible timing."

Soral sighed. "I doubt your efforts to pick up the Captain will be successful."

Gypsy stared at them. "Well obviously now that you're both here."

Soral studied the Captain. "You two know one another?" It seemed that the universe was quite a small place.

"I do," Pippa said curios as to how Soral did. "We have met on a few occasions. Usually, I am chasing her across several sectors for some criminal activity."

"An over exaggeration. I'm a bounty hunter Pip."

Soral signed. "Indeed but there is so much more to it. Nevertheless I think that bothering the captain is not wise."

Midnight flattened her mouth. "Sorry Senpai I know I was meeting you and Hammy here."

Hamura, who had been quiet until then said, "DO NOT CALL ME HAMMY!"

"Enough!" Soral raised his voice. Both seemed to sit up straight. "Captain I apologise for the interruption to your evening."

"That's alright, Commander. It is always a pleasure catching up with old acquaintances. I was not aware that you three had history, but it sounds like she was here to see you. I just was a nice bonus," Pippa stated.

Gypsy smiled. "A very nice bonus. Can I tempt you with dinner tomorrow captain?"

Soral stood "Gypsy!" He sighed, how did she always get him to loose his cool. "Yes but Hamura and she are proteges of sort...this one never took," he pointed to Gypsy.

"No thank you, Gypsy," Captain Whitley said. "I have business to attend to. Though I am sure Commander Soral and Lieutenant Hamura would be honored to keep you company."

Hamura grabbed Gypsy's arm pulling her away.

Soral looked over at the captain when they were out of earshot. "Captain...I apologies for your interrupted evening."

Pippa smiled. "It's alright, Commander. This is much better than having to handle an unexpected meeting with an admiral."

He gave a nod "Captain do you have a moment? I fully trust Hamura to keep Midnight busy. There is something I wish to speak with you about."

"What is it, Commander?" asked Pippa, curious as to what the man needed or wanted.

"Midnight is here at my request. She has a cloak on her ship. I am...not a trusting man when it comes to the Cardassians and Mac has filled me in on the doctor's predicament...I would not put it past the Cardassians to have done this."

Pippa looked at Soral curiously. "What does the cloak on her ship matter?" asked Pippa. "And yes, I agree with you about the Cardassians, though more so this Obsidian Guard that is on the rise. I already have nearly all departments investigating the matter of what happened to the Doctor."

"Indeed. Wise. As for the cloak should you require assistance you need only use that device I have given you. Midnight's ship will have a contingent of Vashar to aid if you need it."

"Thank you, Commander, but I prefer to take care of myself whenever possible. I'm also not in the business of causing a political mess, but as a last resort, I'll keep it up my sleeve."

"Indeed." He sighed. "Well I have a few things to tend to...I wish I was joining you on your trip."

As do I thought Pippa. "Soon, Commander. We will soon be back where we both belong at one another's side" replied Pippa.

He gave a nod. "Indeed. I best go before Midnight and Hamura end up in a fight."

"Enjoy," Pippa replied with a nod and a smirk.



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