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Final Answer

Posted on Sunday, 5 February 2023 - 6:53pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: USS Standing Bear | Crew Quarters
Timeline: 2396


Mac arrived at Ops in record time. He smiled as he exited the turbo lift and saw Soral standing and talking with Hamura.

“Hey you two.”

Soral turned. “Just in time. I could use your security eye on something. Hamura wishes to investigate but I like to be cautious.”

“Sure thing,” Mac walked over to the display and tapped a few keys. He looked for a long while and then shrugged. “I…honestly don’t know what to think.”

“Indeed. Best guess.”

Mac grinned and turned around. “You, a Vulcan, are asking me to guess.”

“I will, take your guess over anyone else.”

Mac shrugged and started back at the screen. “It looks like the tube is completely plugged here. I don’t know what to think. It’s like someone stuffed cotton in the J Tube.”

“Because it’s this particular location It’s more shielded than others to prevent smells from um…getting out.”

“So, someone plugged the shitter tube, what’s new.”

Mac snorted. “You have a way with words Ham.”

“Yes, and now I have to find someone to go clean it out and it won’t be me.”

“So, one of the ops people.”

“Oh no,” Hamura shook their head. “Not my people.” An evil Cheshire grin spread on their face.

“Oh no. You’re thinking of something aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I am. Time to bring the royalty to the poop shoot.”

Mac saw Soral raise an amused eyebrow and shook his head. “Not I or Haru.”

Soral looked over at him. “No. You two must pack.”

Hamura sighed. “Oh boy. I forgot you’re leaving. Are you sure you two want to go?”

Mac sighed. He had heard the question over and over again from everyone. “I’m sure.”

“Final Answer?”

Mac smiled. “Final Answer, why Ham. Going to miss me?”

There was a pregnant silence in the room. Each person staring at their feet as if they were the most interesting think I the world.

“Yeah. I am.”

Soral opened his mouth and Mac held up his hand. “Don’t say you’ll miss me as well cause then I’ll cry, and you’ll cry…”

“Not Likely,” Both Soral and Hamura spoke.

Mac laughed. “Yeah well anyway Haru and I are having a quiet dinner when we get to the station. I hope that you can join us.”

“Indeed, we shall,” Soral spoke for both. “We are having a get together a wine and cheese for those leaving.”

Mac smiled. “Then we’ll attend that later but I mean just the old team. We need to discuss Romulus and Haru has been dying to hear about our orb experience.”

Hamura looked up. “Orb?”

“A lengthy story that I will regale you with when we dine. Until then I am required in counseling, Starfleet wishes to ensure that I am of the right mind.”

Hamura snorted. “Question is, are they?”

Soral shrugged ever so lightly, “That is something we have all questioned at one point.” He sighed. “We shall have dinner tonight?”

Mac gave a nod. “Haru is cooking.”

“In that case I won’t eat the rest of the day.” Hamura hummed happily. When both sets of eyes turned on them, they shrugged. “What your husband is one of the best cooks ever and he’ll make something from scratch.”

Mac grinned, “Haru lives to cook. He can’t wait to get to New Romulus. He’ll be cooking up a storm.”

Soral gave a nod. “Indeed. The Sisters will await your arrival and place you there. I still owe you both for taking Bones.”

“And the new pup you got Alex.”

“Ah...she does not wish to keep her.”

Mac rubbed the bridge of his nose. “It will take her some time Soral.”

“A luxury that grows short for me.”

Hamura was about to ask but Soral raised his hand. “Later. I must go to keep my appointment with the counselor. With a final nod he turned and headed out.

Hamura sighed. “I smell divorce.”

Mac shook his head. “You always smell divorce.”

“Yeah but there is only so much a relationship can take and they’ve both been through the ringer. I’m surprised it lasted this long.”

“Alexandra is a wonderful woman. Soral is luck to have her.”

“Yes, but they are so different. In this case Opposites repel.” Hamura stood stretching and then sighed. “Well, I better go find an officer to check the poop shoot.”

Mac snorted. “You have to stop calling it that.”

Hamura raised their hand in a dramatic fashion, “Never!”

“Yeah, okay, you go do that and I need to go finish packing. We’re both raring to go and start our new life.

Hamura stopped and placed a hand on Mac’s shoulder. “I truly wish you both the best. I hope that you find the happiness that you have been seeking.

Mac laid his hand on Hamura’s. “Thank you, my friend. You know that you are always welcome on New Romulus.”

“If Soral leaves Starfleet so will I. We’ll see one another again, I guarantee it.”

“You think he’ll leave?”

“A Starfleet commander and philosopher or a Senator…what would you choose.”

Mac sighed. “I’m sure he’ll weigh his options.”

Hamura sighed. “Yeah. It will be a logical decision.” They turned back to Mac. “So, leaving the ship. Final Answer?”

Mac smiled, “Absolutely final answer.”



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