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Hot Pursuit

Posted on Sunday, 28 June 2020 - 3:32pm by Captain Barret Stillwater & Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Surev & Lieutenant JG T'Amar & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Yolen *
Edited on on Sunday, 28 June 2020 - 5:47pm

Mission: Operation: Iktomi
Location: USS Standing Bear | Deck 01 | Bridge
Timeline: MD 6

The USS Standing Bear had been left under the command of its Chief Engineer, junior grade Lieutenant Surev and Chief Science Officer, Kingsley. Though it was an unconventional pairing, both were Starfleet officers and weird and unconventional was just part of their jobs. Commander Stillwater and Lieutenant Commander Soral had been aboard the luxury cruiser doing some sort of sting operation which was something straight out of old Earth detective fiction which was right up Lieutenant Laviana Vadoma's alley. The USS Standing Bear had taken a position by a nearby nebula and holding for additional orders.

Suddenly, the tactical console came to life. Science station as well, and the flight control console shortly thereafter. "Sensors just detected a vessel traveling at warp" reported the tactical officer. She no sooner had made that report did the communications sub-console within the larger tactical console come to life. She wasted no time opening the channel. It was Commander Stillwater. "Sirs," she said to Surev and Kingsley "Commander Stillwater is requesting the immediate transport of a Ferengi to Sickbay...and pursuit of the marauder's vessel, Lieutenant Vali is aboard," reported Vadoma.

"Very well. Notify Sickbay and beam the Ferengi directly there," Surev said. The matter of how he found himself on the Bridge was something to consider at a later time. As was the path that was leading him farther and farther away from what he knew best. "When transport is complete, shields up. Lay in a pursuit course and begin scanning the vessel."

"Acknowledged, Sir." T'Amar voiced in response. She opened a channel directly to the medical teams, "Sickbay, prepare for immediate transport and reception of an injured Ferengi." She paused, allowing the medical teams to clear the site and signal the all ready on her console. The light illuminated and T'Amar responded accordingly, "Transporting the Ferengi to Sickbay now Sir." Transport complete, she awaited the clear and received signal, "Sickbay confirms transport complete."

Lieutenant Vadoma spoke up. "We need to increase speed and get closer to that vessel for a better scan" she announced. "Though the basic configuration matches a vessel known to Federation and Starfleet database. We need to get closer for confirmation, but I believe the vessel is a Ferengi D'Kora class."

Yolen gave a nod. "Loud and clear." His hands danced over the console as if it were a grand piano. He increased the speed and the ship jolted forward. They still had a lot of ground to cover to bridge the gap.

"Best possible speed," Surev said. He said in the Captain's seat and while not a muscle moved, his mind was active. Calculating the distance, what the Standing Bear could do, what he knew of the Ferengi vessel. The D'Kora class was fast but the Merian Class was just a bit faster and that could make all the difference. "We need to be in sensor range."

"Aye sir." Yolen said.

The tactical officer was keeping a eye on everything she needed to whilst quickly consulting the with Lieutenant Kingsley. "Kingsley, get me the star charts for this region and send them to my console" said lieutenant Vadoma. She wanted to think like a criminal, like this Ferengi vessel. Where was it leading them she thought to herself.

With barely a pause from her analysis of the sensor readings, Alex transferred the data. "Done, Lieutenant," she called over her shoulder.

"Briar Patch!" shouted Lieutenant Vadoma. "Those bastards are going to lead us into the briar patch," she announced. "We need to overtake them. A D'Kora class has a better chance in there than we do. If we overtake them, we may be able to disable them before they get there."

Alex frowned as she glanced at Surev, "we are not equipped to enter the Briar Patch, we could sustain heavy damage. And we will be limited to one third impulse."

"Then we shall not enter," Surev said. "Helm, overtake that vessel. Maximum speed."

"Aye sir." Yolen increased the speed full on.

"Tactical," Surev said, "as soon as we're in range, disable their engines."

"Aye" replied Lieutenant Vadoma.

"Operations," Surev said, "Be ready for a transporter lock."

"Transporter controls at the ready, Sir." T'Amar announced indicating acknowledgement of the order. She monitored the flow of power across systems carefully, the Standing Bear maximizing engines in addition to shields and weapons.

As soon as they were withing range, Lieutenant Vadoma wasted no time. She targeted the most vulnerable are of the D'Kora's shielding with several phaser blasts until they buckled. It was a brief window of opportunity. "Shields are down! Transport her out of there"

"Engaging transporters," T'Amar replied, quickly shifting the manual transporter controls on the bridge console. "Transport complete, Security confirming they have taken the D'Kora' crew into custody."

As soon as Vadoma got confirmation of the transport process, she launched a volley of torpedoes ahead of the D'Kora class vessel. It adjusted course, turning, yet caught the blast of the torpedoes on its starboard side...wounded the vessel had lost speed and an increased risk should it enter the briar patch.

The tactical officer was readying herself; however, before any further orders could be given sensors were detecting trouble. Two starships incoming...warp signatures do not Federation. Sir, they are Chel Grett class Been battlecruisers!" reported Vadoma. "Commander Stillwater and the Risian Luxury cruiser are ten minutes away. Neither of us would be a match for those Breen vessels."

"Set course for the liner," Surev ordered. Information flowed through the orderly corridors of his mind; speed versus power output versus a number of other factors. The ship would be no match for the Breen vessels. To him, the logical conclusion would be to evade those vessels and reconnect with the Captain of the Standing Bear. "Give the Breen vessels a wide berth."

Lieutenant Vadoma took note. "I am informing the Captain to drop out of warp and hold their position, Sir" she reported. "Sending their coordinates to helm."

"Got it!", said Yolen. "On your mark sir."

With the command given, the USS Standing Bear effectively made a run for it as the Breen vessels dropped out of warp. They got a shot off before the Standing Bear could warp away, but it only grazed the shields and gave the starship a good shaking. Lieutenant Vadoma received confirmation Lieutenant Vali was aboard and unharmed; however, security reported she came with a Ferengi they had taken into custody. "Lieutenant Vali is reported aboard and unharmed. We also have taken another Ferengi into custody" she said pleased. Looks like we have two in our Brig she thought to herself.


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