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Romulan Expert and Flyboy

Posted on Saturday, 10 April 2021 - 9:55pm by Captain Barret Stillwater & Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Harley

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Location: Observation Lounge 4 Starbase 12


Lieutenant JG Harley had been in Observation Lounge four for hours now. He was feeling anxious about his new posting and anxious wasn’t normal for him. He couldn’t quite decide if it was pleasurable or not, making his heart thump. He had seen the USS Standing Bear when it had arrived to Starbase 12 and since he’d laid eyes on her he hadn’t been able to breathe. He knew he was to meet Standing Bear’s captain soon. It was a new experience for Harley. The ship was beautiful to him.

Captain Stillwater and Commander Soral were en route to the Observation Lounge on the Starbase where the 'finalist' of several candidates and applicants that Starfleet Command had presented them was awaiting them.

It was the one that Soral had not been given their personnel file on, a last minute offering that went directly to Stillwater, and whom Stillwater knew was the right individual for the position.

"After you, number one," Stillwater said when they reached the doorway to the observation lounge. Captain Stillwater stepping aside and gesturing the Vulcan through.

Soral had been troubled by his latest conversation with his half brother. Steps were solidified and his family was no safe. There was a helplessness that he felt that he was upset about but it could not be helped. He had a duty here, on the ship. As they came to the observation lounge Stillwaters comments filtered through. "Yes sir." He said going in ahead of Stillwater. This person they were going to meet was a mystery. He didn't like mysteries.

Once he cleared the threshold, Stillwater saw the lieutenant, his focus not on the doorway, but on the starship. The Helmsman was eyeing his new home with the look of curiosity. "She's small, but don't let her size fool you. Looks... can be deceiving."

Harley jumped and turned away from the window quickly. “Oh! Uh... Sirs!” He snapped his heels together and saluted.

"At ease, Lieutenant," Captain Stillwater said. He wasn't used to that sort of quick almost militant response, it was protocol, but aside from Commander Soral, the majority of his Senior staff had gotten a bit comfortable with Stillwater.

The Captain reached out an extended his hand. "Lieutenant Harley, this my First Officer aboard the Standing Bear, Commander Soral."

Soral simply nodded. "Lieutenant. Welcome to the Font... Standing Bear." He corrected. It was still difficult for him to get used to it. He still had the dedication plaque of the Fontana in his quarters.

"We will see to it that they have all your belongings brought over to the Standing Bear," Stillwater said. He made note that Soral was acting a bit strange even for Soral. Perhaps their recent conversation had stirred something up.

Nevertheless, Captain Stillwater focused on the task at hand. "You came highly recommend, significant notation that you are a bit of a expert on Romulans. Born and raised in the empire?"

Harley lowered the salute, beaming. “Oh yes, Sir. I know most of the way they do things. They deemed me mentally sound to continue my studies. I speak both dialects, Vulcan, Galactic Common and several others. I completed Starfleet’s Officer Program and my studies are navigation, helm, propulsion and astrometric. I am very excited to join your crew. I will strive for excellence.” He grinned, sounding like an infomercial. “Remus, all my life, Sir!”

Stillwater was impressed with Harley. Good, he knows what he's doing. "Remus is a tough world to grow up on. You sound like quite the renaissance man, Lieutenant."

If Harley could have inflated in his current shape he was in, he would have, instead he did what he could, straightening smartly. “Oh yes, Sir. Very tough. I like to reeead...” he drew out the word to make it clear that he really loved reading. “I am afraid that this will be my first post... on a starship, I mean.” He bowed a little, embarrassed that he didn’t have more experience.

Soral had the urge to rub the bridge of his nose. The man reminded him of Eyelaya's exuberance.

Likewise, Captain Stillwater found Harley's excitement and scattering intellect fascinating and even a bit intimidating. "First starship posting and yet you clearly blew them away at the academy when you went through officer training." Stillwater speculated in his mind that the man clearly had to have experience piloting and being at the flight controls of Romulan vessels at some point in his life. The transition to Federation technology much has been rather seamless for an individual of Harley's intellect and versatility.

"Have you studied the Picard maneuver?" inquired Captain Stillwater. Though it was a rather moot inquiry. If Harley had already been pushed forward and presented to him as the Standing Bear's foremost helmsman, it was reasonable to decide the man had not only learned maneuvers such as the Picard, Crazy Ivan, and a Bravo-six maneuver but could likely pull them off in a pinch.

Soral observed the back and forth between the two. He found it fascinating that this man had so much knowledge and survived on Remus. He studied the man closely.

Harley was looking at the captain and nodding. “Oh yes, Sir. I did log a lot of time on Romulan ships. It was just a matter of learning the system. This is my first Starfleet ship.” He grinned, it was the kind of grin that belongs on an advertisement for coffee or toothpaste. “I know the maneuvers.” He pulled at the bottom of his uniform tunic.

Barret stifled a small chuckle and held back a smirk. "Excellent, that shall come in handy. As a Federation patrol ship, we are often along the border and from time to time dealing with smugglers, bandits, raiders, pirates, and that lot of scum and villainy." Stillwater did not mince his adjectives. "They will from time to time fire upon us, and though we aren't the most heavily armed starship out there, our size and speed make us ideal for maneuverability."

Soral stepped in. "When will you be available to start duties." He picked up a PaDD.

Harley shivered all over in excitement. “I am here to join the crew. So...” He looked out at the starship again and the back to Soral. “Now? Sir?” He held out a PaDD. “My orders, Sirs...” He paused for a moment. “I really can’t express how excited I am to get to work. I’ve felt very cramped up on the ground. It is nice to be in space again. So yes, now. Very very ready to work!” He looked at the captain. “Bandits, you say?” He grins. “I’m your man, Sir!” He was so excited he saluted them again.

Soral stifled a groan. "How about you settle into your quarters first. I think you and our acting chief engineer will be good friends." He didn't add that they were both tied for exuberance.

"I concur, Number One," Stillwater said. "Lieutenant Harley, head aboard the USS Standing Bear and get yourself settled in. We will be disembarking in a few hours as soon as we are ready."

“Okay! Now, Sirs?” Harley looked at both of them, realizing that that meant yes. “Oh! Yes, Sirs! I’ll... get my things!” He started to run away to get his things, but skidded to a stop and turned back to them. “Dismissed, Sirs?” he asked, standing at the door.

Stillwater nodded. "Dismissed, Lieutenant Harley."

Harley skipped and turned out of the doors. “Thaaaak yooooouuu!” They could probably hear down the hall.

Soral then did let out a groan. "Oh my Gods of Vulcan. Eyelaya two point O."

Stillwater placed his hand on Soral's shoulder. "Fortunately number one, personnel evaluations and general personnel issues rest in your capable hands. God speed," added Barret Stillwater as he exited the observation lounge.



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