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Problem Solving and Updates

Posted on Monday, 13 April 2020 - 2:59pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Yolen * & Commander DeVala Victrix Ph.D & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Overdrive
Location: USS Fontana | Ready Room
Timeline: 2393 On the way to USS Camelot


Soral had bridge duty. He was going to meet Victrix for lunch and he had a few ideas. He had summoned Yolen and Kingsley to the ready room and he would speak to them about their respective positions. He waited to see who would come in first.

Reaching the Ready Room, Alex Kingsley paused for a moment to tug on the sleeves of her uniform and compose herself. It wasn’t the First Officer’s fault that his summons had interrupted her already lengthy yet well structured letter arguing against the use of experimental terraforming technology on Mars. Nor was it his fault that she had taken up her favourite spot under a desk - as she was often prone to do - in order to write it. If she had been sitting like a regular person then she would not have hit her head when his summons almost made her jump out of her skin.

Pressing the door chime she waited for his reply before entering. “You wanted to see me, Sir?” She asked brightly as she walked up to his desk.

"Lieutenant, welcome. Please have a seat."

“Thank you,” she replied, obvious curiosity in her eyes as she sat. Guessing that, if she were here to be chewed out for something, she wouldn’t be getting offered a seat.

The door chimed again. Soral brought up the holo image on this table that allowed him to open the door. He watched as the door parted and a young Denobulan entered. "Lieutenant Yolen, it is agreeable to see you again. Please have a seat."

"Aye sir." He said smiling. He walked over and gave a small bow to the young lady with matching pips to his own. "Hello there. I'm Yolen. Helm."

“Alex Kingston, Science. Well, research mostly...” Kingston replied with a grin. The bow had caught her off guard, something she had only seen in old movies. “Nice to meet you.”

He smiled extending the smile slightly past what was considered normal. He turned to the XO. "Sir."

"Sit down, Please." He sat down himself. "I know it's almost lunch so I will not keep you long. Lieutenant Kingsley I know you are here on a Research Sabbatical however we are short handed. I would like to know if you would be interested in taking over the science department as Chief Science Officer."

“Chief?” She repeated, stunned. “Are... yes. Of course! I’d be honoured, sir.”

He turned to Yolen. "I know that you applied for the night shift and I was hoping that you would not mind switching to Alpha shift as you are our most experienced Helms Operator."

Yolen tilted his head. "Of course sir. If I am needed I will do so."

"Good I shall present what we talked about to the CO today and pending her final approval I shall have you both join us for lunch to discuss. Will that be alright?"

Yolen gave a nod.

“Yes sir,” Alex confirmed.

"Meet in the mess hall in one hour. Once I have spoken with the CO I shall motion for the two of you to join us. Dismissed."

Yolen stood and bowed again. "Thank you sir."

"See you then."

=/\= 1 Hour Later =/\=

Lieutenant Commander Victrix walked into the mess hall and already took a seat at the table waiting for him. The plus side of being in the command division was that red was easy to pick out among an ocean of teal and a desert of gold. Unfortunately, this was something that had plaid against Starfleet's favor in the early days of the conflict with the Dominion. Take aim at the red uniform and you probably took out the CO, XO, or someone who piloted something. Sadly, administrative support personnel also wore command division red uniforms and a disruptor blast had hit more than one of them in an attempt to take out someone who did more than help with the paperwork. This was something that contributed to the less flamboyant period of Starfleet uniform fashion, or as Victrix called them 'the grey years' which lasted too damn long for her liking.

Soral entered the Mess Hall. He looked around and found the CO at their agreed upon table. It was well enough away for discussion but close enough to the staff. He collected his tray and walked over to her. "Ma'am." He said inclining his head.

When she spotted him, she waited for his approach. "Commander," she said addressing him. "How are you today?" Victrix asked pleasantly. She and Soral had been getting along fine. They still had some time to 'bond' in a cohesive unit sense.

"I am well." He said. "My headache has abated and Chief Eyelaya has not tried to drown me, burn me, or in any way injure me."

"Glad to hear it" replied Victrix. "Yes, I dealt with her and had some fun. I teased that you had decided to leave the Fontana because of her. She freaked out over it, but I calmed her down after I told her I was joking. She's quite the handful."

"But none the less keeps things interesting. I have some staffing news that I wish to discuss with you." He said as he sat down.

"Who resigned?" countered Victrix somewhat jokingly. She stiffened in her seat and proceeded more seriously. "What do you have for me, Commander?"

"We have a helmsman. Lieutenant JG Yolen. He's Denobulan. Lots of flight time and one of the best. He was in his six day hibernation cycle and was getting over Rigelian Fever. With your permission I would like to move him to Alpha shift. If you are on Alpha then you will have a smooth ride and I can take Beta shift with a less experienced pilot this way I can assist and guide. Originally he was suppose to work overnight but if you do not mind he is willing to take lead until we get a chief helm officer."

Victrix knew the position was open still. She agreed the current shift rotation was not working out. "Don't give him the position officially, but reshuffle the shift rotations for the position. Give him more seat time and we can monitor his performance."

"Will do ma'am." He said making a note of it.

"Furthermore we may have found a Chief Science Officer." He handed her a PaDD. "She has excellent qualifications and she was on a one year research sabbatical. She would have been promoted to chief on her return. I have spoken with her and she is willing to take the post if you approve."

"We have a skeletal science Department being overseen by a lab technician right now. I'd take a fourth year Cadet over that" she explained. "Make it so," she added with her approval.

"Indeed." He said.

During the Conversation

Entering the mess hall, Alex paused as her blue eyes swept the room. Unable to see the helmsman, she opted for an empty table that was in Sorel's line of sight. For her part she wasn't especially hungry, ordering just a fruit juice from the replicator before she sat down to wait.

Yolen entered shortly on her heels and headed to the replicator. He got himself some chocolate cake and various scoops of what humans called iced cream. He walked over to the Chief Science Officer. "Hello again." He bowed slightly. "May I join you Lieutenant?"

Alex gestured to the seat opposite, “please.”

He plunked down in the seat and smiled. "Ahhhhh I believe this is what those on Earth call a Junk of food. Can't wait to dig in."

“Junk food,” she corrected with a grin. “And yes, it is a lot of junk food.”

He smiled, "Please help yourself." He motioned to his over flowing tray.

"I'm fine thanks," she assured him, glancing across at the table where their commanding officers sat. "What if she says no? That'd be kind of awkward..."

"Ohhh I wouldn't worry. My talking with crew tells me that they need a Chief Science Officer. You are qualified. As for me the need a good helms person since the last one almost crashed the ship getting out of docking." He chuckled. "I'm sure this is all a formality."

“I’m sure you are right,” she conceded. “How is the ice cream?”

"Delightful! What a wonderful taste!"

“You should try mint choc chip,” she suggested. “It’s amazing.”

Having ironed out the details with the CO Soral waved over the two new crew for them to meet the CO and to learn that their postings were approved.


Lieutenant Commander Victrix
Acting Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Commander Soral
Executive Officer


Lieutenant JG Alex Kingsley
Chief Science Officer


Lieutenant JG Yolen


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