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Doctor's Orders

Posted on Sunday, 5 September 2021 - 3:20pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Sickbay | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2394 MD 10 end of day


Hamura entered the sickbay unsure what they would find. The away team had been stressful and Rose was tied up helping T'Lanna. Hamura, to be honest, was upset. Oriana had been tended to by the EMH but then the EMH knew more then a living doctor. So it was a double edged sword. "Hello!" Hamura called out.

Barney, the temporary EMH soon came to life. He was a spitting image of Patch Adams, though only had his own nose, not the clown nose. "How can I help?" He asked with a broad smile.

Hamura was a bit startled at the sudden appearance. "Oh...Hello...Doctor. I … I am here to see a ask about her condition."

"Doctor Rose is with a patient at the moment," Barney replied, "to which patient do you refer?"

"Oriana Sety, Ensign Oriana Sety."

"Oh, I worked on her," the EMH replied with a smile and gestured for Hamura to follow him, "she's actually doing really well, all things considered. She's a very lucky person. I fixed all the internal bleeding, but for her own recovery, we've put her in an induced coma. Rest is what will cure her. You know, they say a presence nearby helps in the recovery process of coma patients. Studies have shown that they can even hear and have dreams relative to the sounds and conversations around."

Hamura gave a nod. "Yeah...I had heard that. What about the radiation... Trell D is dangerous she would have been exposed although a little less then Vali."

"As I said," Barney shrugged, "she's very, very lucky. I've managed to help where modern medicine allows. Time will tell, and certainly when she wakes up, the picture will be clearer as to what kind of recovery she'll make. It's safe to say that between being lucky and all round a strong being, she's got a greater chance than most would have in her situation."

Hamura relaxed a little even managing a smile. "I must say I like your bedside manner."

"Mother did my personality trait-- Scarlet Rogers. She based me off of some character from a movie: Patch Adams. Apparently smiles and being lighthearted help cure a patient better than medicine. According to the film, that is."

"Never saw that one...mother?" This was interesting.

"The team that created me in the London Starfleet base," he clarified, "as s joke, they all named themselves by family member depending on input levels and seniority on the project. I am still a prototype, so she hasn't taken out all of the bugs yet. She thought she'd removed all the code for the joke, but the jokes on her as it's a self repairing code."

Hamura actually chuckled feeling some of the stress ebb. "Well it's a good code." Sighing Hamura said, "Can I see her?"

"Thank you," Barney grinned before nodding, gesturing to Oriana's room, "of course you can. Any radiation is contained, but regardless, I'd be a fool not to recommend that you only remain there for an hour at most at a time."

"How long until I can stay longer?"

"A day or two," he replied, "there's a screen to her left that's monitoring radiation. When it turns green, you can stay all week if you wanted."

"I will ensure I pack my bag." He said following the doctor. "Doctor...I know I'm not family or anything but....can I make a request?"

"You can make a request, but depending on what it is, I may only be able to listen and not act upon it," the EMH replied honestly with a shrug, "but go on."

"Can you take over her care until she's better?"

"That's not my call," he replied, "Doctor Rose has the same knowledge as I, when it comes to the radiation. Whether it's myself or step father to be, I know that her recovery is now up to her, not us. Even an EMH can only do so much."

"I'd still feel better if you took over her care. You have more knowledge then a human doctor."

Barney nodded, "I'll agree to your request, but don't expect action. It's out of my hands, but I'll do what I can."

"Thanks." Hamura said. Hamura crossed to Oriana and took her hand bringing it to their lips. "Hey Princess, You need to heal quick okay, I want you to open those beautiful eyes." Hamura looked at the doctor. "How long will you keep her medically out?" They weren't sure if the doctor had said that already but being tired, hungry, and worried didn't help the mental process.

"Not long," he replied, "few days at most, promise."

Hamura gave a nod. “I…I wish it was me there instead of her. I wish…she wasn’t there.” There was a flash of anger in Hamura. “What the hell was she doing down there?”

Barney put a hand on Hamura's shoulder, "if we debated the universes what ifs, we'd all go mad. What has happened, happened. What we need to do, is help in every way we can to ensure she recovers back to how she was before. I can't see that being an issue with time."

Hamura gave a nod and looked up at the doctor, tears swimming their eyes. "What can I do to make things go faster. There has to be something."

"Stay with her, talk to her. Pretend she's awake but has a sore throat so can't speak back," he offered, "I'll ping you when you've been in here an hour, ok?"

Hamura gave a nod. "Thanks...I mean it."

"Just an EMH," Barney smiled, "I'll leave you be. Shout me if you need me.



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