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Treasure Hunt - Away Team 1

Posted on Sunday, 5 September 2021 - 3:26pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Various
Timeline: 2394 | MD 10


Soral's blood was humming through his body. In a sense he lived for these away missions and this one was to be as exciting as any other. They had done a sweep of the ship with sensors and nobody was alive on the ship but there were interesting readings. Although the sensors could be wrong...that thought entered his mind as he mentally went over the away team. Biacami was pregnant and he did not want anything to happen.

Just as Soral was lost in thought the doors to the Transporter Room opened and Mac walked in. He gave a nod to Soral. "Ready to go."

Soral gave a nod. "Indeed," he said glad to see Mac was as early as he. A sense of awareness, a gloom and worry settled over Soral and he knew an instant before the door opened that Hamura would be walking through it. He studied Hamura and telepathically said, ~How is Ensign Sety?~

~In surgery...there was nothing I could do...~

~You must be calm. It will work out she is in sickbay and in good hands.~

Before the conversation could go further the door hissed open.

Adrianna stepped in, "Gift for everyone from the late Engineering chief." She handed out a few of the devices, "auto personal shields."

"Fascinating...I did not know she finished them." Soral looked at Hamura "You can take it apart later."

Hamura's lip twitched. "I don't have to I have her notes. Smart as a whistle that one was."


"One hell of an asset and friend," Adrianna added, clenching her jaw a little at an attempt of composure and cleared her throat. The woman had yet to grieve properly, having been too focused on re-establishing the semblance of normality and sanity after Ekos. After a moment she continued, without issue, "nonetheless, one for each of us."

Just at that, Lieutenant Kingsley arrived. “All set?”

"Indeed." Soral looked around. "This will be...a more precautioned mission. We are not splitting up and we pirates ourselves."

Adrianna handed Alex a person shield before smirking to Soral, "the uniforms kind of give us away, don't you think?"

“Maybe we should bring a parrot?” Alex quipped lightly.

"Dibs on not having a peg leg or eye patch," Adrianna muttered.

Soral raised an eyebrow.

Hamura spoke up. "I think he means take anything that's not nailed down and can be useful." They looked at Alex and Adrianna, "Can you two help with transport Emitters we can create a large transport are for all the booty."

"I used to work in these ships," Adrianna replied, trying to sound light hearted, but it coming across with a small sting, "I'm better off helping you look than just dealing with emitters. I'm pregnant, not disabled."

Hamura sighed, "I didn't mean it that way, you don't have to get pregnancy grump."

Soral stepped in. "Alright... enough, onto the platform, children."

"Perhaps ensigns aren't chiefs for a reason," Adrianna muttered, with a glare.

Soral raised an eyebrow looking between Mac and his wife silently conveying that that this was going to be a long mission. With that he stopped onto the platform and waited for the rest to join him.

Alex stepped up onto the platform, grinning at Adrianna as she touched her shoulder. “Come on, we can still cause mischief,” she offered brightly, trying to ease the tension.

Adrianna smiled to Alex, "I'll still be doing the job I was asked to do, by the captain. If you need help with the emitters, shout me."

Alex sighed, unable to hide her complete lack of enthusiasm for now being landed with transporter emitters. “Sure.”

"Either that, or Ensign Hamura can do it," Ade smiled looked to Alex with a small glint in her eye, "he seems to have knowledge. Plus, you have nimble fingers, so you can help me with some of the hiding spots for goods."

"Alright children, it's time." They all stood as the haze of the transporter took them disbursing their molecules and then reassembling them on the ship. Soral wondered, before he was disassembled, what they would find.

Inwardly Kingsley was wondering how many times it would take for the ‘children’ comment to push her into an all out mood, suspecting three perhaps. Four at a push. She pondered this throughout the transport cycle until the surroundings changed to an almost pitch black ship interior. Activating her flashlight she swept the room in a slow circle while scanning with her tricorder. “Seems my sensors were right, after all,” she commented, “no other life signs.”

Adrianna turned on her own light and looked around, "not a bad thing at this point."

"Ms. Baciami you know the layout what should our sweep pattern be?"

"The higher value stuff will be in easy reach, so front of the ship and any forms of escape. I suggest we start at the helm and work backwards. I know there's not much left of it, but any control panels should be pulled out, there's storage underneath, and floor panels to the right of seats."

He looked around. "Let us get to it, Hamura set up the transport emitters anything we scavenge goes there and gets pulled as will scavenge...just in case we need to get out quickly." He looked at Alex. "Lieutenant Kingsley pull their sensor data if you can."

Adrianna followed Soral, carefully avoiding any debris. Her hand knocked on some wall panels as they walked down, any with a hollow sound, or echo, she opened on the way. She'd inspect the contents later. It was more so that if, for whatever reason, they had to leave in a hurry, they could just grab the contents and run. One panel opened and Adrianna chuckled, "Gawd that's going in a personal stash for a few months time." A still corked, bottle of Baciami's finest grappa.

Alex followed in their wake, scanning around them while checking any terminals for any sign of life. So far, no joy. “Maybe we should split up,” she suggested to Soral, “these stations are dead, we won’t recover anything but the computer core may be an option.”

His lips flattened. "Hamura, Mac, Alex go to Engineering."

To Be Continued...


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